c4eva Spoke! (2011-12-22 #fw)

[2011-12-22 09:59AM UTC] #fw <sw0> hi c4eva
[2011-12-22 10:00AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello

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  1. avatar steve171 says:

    Happy Christmas c4eva the cards in the post.

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  2. avatar Bringer says:

    Hello, too!

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  3. avatar JR Xbox says:

    Quando será lançada a atualização do desbloqueio LT+ 3.0?
    Abraço e excelente trabalho.

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  4. avatar xboxgamer says:

    hi c4eva first i love your work

    next can you give some instructions how to install the LT+ 3.0 i got xbox liteon phat with LT + 2.0
    do i need to first update my dashboard and after that my xbox FW or else
    P.s do i need to restore the xbox to Stock Firmware

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  5. avatar itt says:

    why do ppl ask dumb questions? waste of finger strength typing that BS.

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  6. avatar jay says:

    if imalready updated to the new dash and have 2.0 can i just flash to 3.0?

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  7. avatar jeckel says:

    wahoo sitting here on stock fw right now cuz of the dash update just waiting for lt 3.0 to hit!!

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  8. avatar miphone says:

    Thank you everyone who contributes to our cfw. c4eva is the man. I do have one concern though, unless I am understanding this wrong. It seems that MS can update ap2.5 with TU, at that point we would need to repatch and reburn our iso file. Would this not make all older non ap2.5 games unsafe? I mean if it happens with a silent update you would not even know before you put the game in and if it is just through a TU that we can accept or decline then people like me with kids are screwed lol. Should we just toss all older games to be safest? Thanks again to the community, AWESOME christmas gift having it release day before.

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    • avatar Dave says:

      The idea with LT 3.0 is than the games with AP2.5 or XGD3 will be able to respond all AP25 challenges no matter how many times M$ changes the dae.bin.

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      • avatar Miphone says:

        yes I know that, but older games do not have ap2.5 or topography data. So if MS can add ap2.5, without the topography data the game would not pass checks even on lt3.0. I understand that all current ap2.5 games and xgd3 games will need to be reburned to be as "safe" as can be, what about the older games are we just going to have to abandon them? All it would take is MS selecting the most popular older games and adding ap2.5 silently that would catch a bunch, not every one would get flagged but enough. They could also release some newer games without ap2.5 then add it silently and catch many more people. c4eva destroyed their security so I think their options are limited but I don't think they will give up.

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        • avatar QuickMythril says:

          i'm surprised they haven't already activated more than just the 6 xgd2 games. you think they'd do at least a few during each dash update. newer games are mostly going to be xgd3 which already have ap2.5, but for the 13th wave titles, i'm sure people are going to start ripping topology data (which takes an hour from my understanding, plus another to double check it.) someone from abgx team told me they will accept people's uploads and start adding topology to the database for older games. just don't accept any system or title updates until someone has a chance to analyze them first. also i wonder if new xgd3 games with new dash are going to be called xgd3 wave 2 or what…

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        • avatar n3ls0n says:

          of course, if m$ adding "old games" to ap25 tables, then u need to patch and reburn that games, but, why would m$ wanted to add "old games" any further, they already got 6 xgd2 ap25, and all of xgd3…

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        • avatar frogmann says:

          i doubt they would even bother adding challengers to the older titles, very unlikely

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  9. avatar nightingale says:

    lol, best post ever

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  10. avatar suprsilentdave says:

    Admin…… admin…… admin…….. can we patch topography info with new xbc and without a original disk i.e a previoisly ripped iso stored on computer? or do u have to do it as fresh with 0800 v3? is there a new dae.bin to add to 0800 v3 firmware or is last 0800 v3 with benq dae added ok? (0800 v3 i have is benq with last updated dae file added)

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  11. avatar liteon says:

    Hey guys , there will be patch for all games XGD3 ?? or only for XGD3 in English Version ?? someone know it ?

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  12. avatar xcfnx says:

    hi i was woundering my xbox has never been online and i am running the old dash is it ok for me to play xgd3 or is the dae.bin being upated via tu

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  13. avatar KEITH says:

    HEY C4, You should change your name to C5. And you should suprise everyone and release it TODAY! That would be EPIC!

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  14. avatar ivan says:

    hi guys.. i have a doubt if i fell in the silent update, can i update to the lt v 3.0 normally, or i have to reflash to stock firmware and then to the lt v 3.0

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  15. avatar bohrs says:

    LT+ 3.0 Today or Tomorrow ? ow in the next year ?

    i love you C4eva !

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  16. avatar Peter Burstow says:

    thanks (c4eva) for all your fantastic efforts with out you we would all be lost keep up the good fight merry christmas thanks for your outstanding work keep up the good work!!!!

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  17. avatar help please says:

    I am confused about the new topology data. If I have a hitachi 47 do i need to use the new abgx and topology data for it to be live safe? Also if I rip my isos with an 0800 and burn them with an ihas do i need to verify with the new abgx to be live safe? I know it can't support ap2.5 but just need some clarity. Also I have a benq that got the silent dae.bin update. Will 3.0 fix having to use title updates to boot games?

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  18. avatar miphone says:

    And the google doole up right now should be of c4eva since he is the one bringing christmas to soooooo many.

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  19. avatar albuz93 says:

    Hi c4eva! for the new LT+ 3.0… we will need a new version of Jungle Flasher?

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  20. avatar cyberdream says:

    thx to c4eva for your job… from italian modder

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  21. avatar rddz says:

    Does anyone know if AP2.5 challenges can silently be added for older games(xgd2)? I know that MS can silently update the challenges for games currently in the DAE.bin, but can they silently add older games and their challenges without warning?

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  22. avatar jax teller says:

    Hello c4eva, i'm really sad this chrismass and i wanted to know if you can help me. Sorry for my bad english.
    I've send my xbox to SAV because she puts 40sec to start and that my guaranty was to the end.
    Then i've received a letter that said that they dont want to repair it because it was modded. And now i have an xbox who won't start because SAV put something, the same bug that in this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JEsNuuvCU8&feature=player_embedded
    This probleme date from 2009 and i can't find a solution…
    I wondering if there were a solution to this probleme or if i have to put my xbox into some cage with bad cats and craps. Because it's chrismass, please anwser me !
    Thanks for reading.

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  23. avatar DJtrixta says:

    Merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone! Let's just pray that the wait is nearly over!!!!
    I am so ready for the lt 3.0 and the new ABGX and XBC, christmas and the year 2012 can only get better and we will all be living the dream once they are all released. C4eva's and Admin's, Jungleflashers, ABGX's and XBC's teams, aswell as all the other teams out there who create these awesome programs and firmwares for all of us, Would just like to say a massive thankyou and your work, No, in fact, ALL Your work is so greatly appreciated and I know that we all get impatient at times, but, we are only human! unlike you (C4eva) you, my friend, are a GOD!

    Well Done and here is a pat on the back for you! (Pat! Pat!)

    Donation was sent 2 days ago, just to say sorry and thankyou.

    Peace out everyone and cannot wait for tomorrow! lt 3.0 and also Xmas eve! how bloody great is that?!!!!

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