c4eva Spoke! (2011-12-22 #fw)

[2011-12-22 09:59AM UTC] #fw <sw0> hi c4eva
[2011-12-22 10:00AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello

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  1. avatar liteon says:

    Hey guys , there will be patch for all games XGD3 ?? or only for XGD3 in English Version ?? someone know it ?

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  2. avatar xcfnx says:

    hi i was woundering my xbox has never been online and i am running the old dash is it ok for me to play xgd3 or is the dae.bin being upated via tu

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  3. avatar KEITH says:

    HEY C4, You should change your name to C5. And you should suprise everyone and release it TODAY! That would be EPIC!

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  4. avatar ivan says:

    hi guys.. i have a doubt if i fell in the silent update, can i update to the lt v 3.0 normally, or i have to reflash to stock firmware and then to the lt v 3.0

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  5. avatar bohrs says:

    LT+ 3.0 Today or Tomorrow ? ow in the next year ?

    i love you C4eva !

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  6. avatar Peter Burstow says:

    thanks (c4eva) for all your fantastic efforts with out you we would all be lost keep up the good fight merry christmas thanks for your outstanding work keep up the good work!!!!

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  7. avatar help please says:

    I am confused about the new topology data. If I have a hitachi 47 do i need to use the new abgx and topology data for it to be live safe? Also if I rip my isos with an 0800 and burn them with an ihas do i need to verify with the new abgx to be live safe? I know it can't support ap2.5 but just need some clarity. Also I have a benq that got the silent dae.bin update. Will 3.0 fix having to use title updates to boot games?

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  8. avatar miphone says:

    And the google doole up right now should be of c4eva since he is the one bringing christmas to soooooo many.

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  9. avatar albuz93 says:

    Hi c4eva! for the new LT+ 3.0… we will need a new version of Jungle Flasher?

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  10. avatar cyberdream says:

    thx to c4eva for your job… from italian modder

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