c4eva Spoke! (2011-12-22 #fw)

[2011-12-22 09:59AM UTC] #fw <sw0> hi c4eva
[2011-12-22 10:00AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello

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  1. avatar rddz says:

    Does anyone know if AP2.5 challenges can silently be added for older games(xgd2)? I know that MS can silently update the challenges for games currently in the DAE.bin, but can they silently add older games and their challenges without warning?

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  2. avatar jax teller says:

    Hello c4eva, i'm really sad this chrismass and i wanted to know if you can help me. Sorry for my bad english.
    I've send my xbox to SAV because she puts 40sec to start and that my guaranty was to the end.
    Then i've received a letter that said that they dont want to repair it because it was modded. And now i have an xbox who won't start because SAV put something, the same bug that in this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JEsNuuvCU8&feature=player_embedded
    This probleme date from 2009 and i can't find a solution…
    I wondering if there were a solution to this probleme or if i have to put my xbox into some cage with bad cats and craps. Because it's chrismass, please anwser me !
    Thanks for reading.

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  3. avatar DJtrixta says:

    Merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone! Let's just pray that the wait is nearly over!!!!
    I am so ready for the lt 3.0 and the new ABGX and XBC, christmas and the year 2012 can only get better and we will all be living the dream once they are all released. C4eva's and Admin's, Jungleflashers, ABGX's and XBC's teams, aswell as all the other teams out there who create these awesome programs and firmwares for all of us, Would just like to say a massive thankyou and your work, No, in fact, ALL Your work is so greatly appreciated and I know that we all get impatient at times, but, we are only human! unlike you (C4eva) you, my friend, are a GOD!

    Well Done and here is a pat on the back for you! (Pat! Pat!)

    Donation was sent 2 days ago, just to say sorry and thankyou.

    Peace out everyone and cannot wait for tomorrow! lt 3.0 and also Xmas eve! how bloody great is that?!!!!

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