c4eva Spoke! (2011-12-24 #c4e)

[2011-12-24 03:01AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> creating nfo for 3.0, release within 24 hours, merry xmas everyone!
[2011-12-24 03:16AM UTC] #c4e <JFapp05> hey is c4e about i wanted to ask if lt+3.0 fro slims would be a 2011 or 2012 release as we only get benq and phats soon :(
[2011-12-24 03:27AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> slim will be done, takes extra time due to chip protection, working on it now!

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43 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-12-24 #c4e) (Including 4 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Locke says:


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  2. avatar Ivan says:

    Can't wait please put the web site where I can get the new firmware Thanks a Bunch and Merry Christmas.. Def… will donate for the good cause… :)

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  3. avatar jeckel says:

    silver bullet for xmas ha thanks c4eva cant wait to rip open by xbox like a pair of hooker lags

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  4. avatar Cueball1878 says:

    Great Job Guys Merry Christmas To All Involved

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  5. Gracias C4evas una vez mas por que no dan el regalito ahora no sean malos

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  6. avatar Another Chris says:

    Merry Christmas c4eva!

    Respect to you and your team.

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  7. avatar crisetbets says:

    Thank's dude :) merry christmas and happy news years … :)
    Where is the donate button ?

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  8. avatar chris1975 says:

    well done to all involved this release will be just the Christmas Present everyone is wanting :) Merry Christmas to all involved & All the Best for 2012

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  9. avatar XboxandUnicorns says:

    I bet hitachi wont be up for a really long time, that's how it works, oh well, Great job c4eva, merry christmas

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  10. avatar Trizzo says:

    Not gonna lie…you're kind of awesome :P Have a very merry christmas and an amazing new year :)

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  11. avatar Xpsych0 says:

    Merry Christmas guys!!! Thanks for all the hard work..

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  12. avatar m4ri4nox says:

    You're the best c4eva
    Thanks for doing the lt3.0
    I have a Lite-On 9504

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  13. avatar ModMan says:

    Thanks C4eva and team for all the hard work..Does anyone know if xbc will be released with the CFW????

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  14. avatar Laurentiu says:

    you made my day! merry x mas everyone! BF 3 servers get ready to be flooded:))

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  15. avatar Anonymous says:

    Can't wait for this.Great work c4eva and to your team

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  16. avatar mostoul says:

    hellllllllllllllo guys. merry christmas every one.
    thank u very much c4. we love u

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  17. avatar Niklas Falk says:

    Omg, my pants just got wet…

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  18. avatar Anonymous says:

    Thank You from me & my Family also…Merry Christmas

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  19. avatar Anonymous says:

    Merry Christmas C4eva, team jungle, team xecuter and the rest of the team/s involved you guys (and gals) do a great job all year round. Now is the time for you all to have a rest and spend these special few days with your family. Looking forward to what the new year brings :)

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  20. avatar worXX says:

    Thanxx on all of the Team. This the best Message to Christmas! Stay tuned!

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  21. avatar Vinicius says:

    LT+ 3.0 ja disponivel ? ou somente dia on xmas ?

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  22. avatar demi-lee says:

    Merry Christmas c4eva and a happy new year lets hope it a good one. Thanks for lt 3.0 and all of you other software and firmware. Thank you for future release. P.s great work

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  23. avatar Dry00r says:

    Awesome! Merry christmas guys!

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  24. avatar caped_crusader92 says:

    wow wow……you're one in billion…..thank you so so so much and merry christmas c4eva…..have extraordinary year

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  25. avatar lee says:

    Thanks C4EVA and the team merry xmas

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  26. Pingback: ریلیز فیرمور LT+v3 تا 24 ساعت دیگر

  27. avatar xpower says:

    hapy you too!thanks

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  28. avatar Xbox says:

    thank you!!!
    so much! :)

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  29. avatar Falken says:

    Many thanks c4eva…have a wonderful xmas!!!

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  30. avatar david suarez says:

    This is a translation of google
    I'm from Colombia and although I bought a xbox 360 slim, I want to thank c4eva and his team for all the work they do, besides being able to deliver lt +3 children this Christmas, may God enlighten them Vendig the mind and heart for all their lives.
    Mine is 0225 but I will wait.

    many thanks

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  31. avatar thestick882 says:

    Good work C4EVA and all users Merry X-mas !!!

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  32. avatar Phanuel says:

    Thanks a lot. Its best present. Marry Christmas.

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  33. avatar Grolschie says:

    merry xmas to you C4eva and all of you that contribute to this project!

    C64, that is the machine that learned me programming. I'm wondering if C4eva is using assembler or something like that to program the box!?

    Thanks again for all the effort!

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  34. avatar Ian says:

    Will benQ lt 3.0 be released after midnight or before C4eva? Really excited by the news.

    Anyone know, if i have to update to newest dash to play new games like NFS the run etc?
    I know i have to flash back to stock and then flash with benQ 3.0.


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  35. avatar Soufiane says:

    In two words, you ROCKKKK!!! Thanks a lot from Morocco :)

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  36. avatar Steph says:

    i dont know why you guys do it,but i'm glad you do…Thanks & Merry Christmas

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  37. avatar flitspuit says:

    I have a question regarding version 3.0. I have burned games for version 2.0 and i played them.
    When i'm going to burn them all over again is it possible to rip them from the burned dvd and burn again or must i download them all over and burn them again?

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  38. avatar me says:

    admin…. admin…!!!! admin..!! Can u please tell me a date for the slim liteon release or at least some info about it

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