c4eva Spoke! (2011-12-25 #fw)

[2011-12-25 01:36AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> merry xmas!
[2011-12-25 01:48AM UTC] #fw <datrix> hey guys the xgd3s we burnt arnt proper right they have to be redone ???
[2011-12-25 01:48AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> datrix:yes needs patching
[2011-12-25 01:48AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> everything is on the way, patience
[2011-12-25 01:53AM UTC] #fw <Viper__> can we still play the xgd3 games offline without patches being available jus
t now and be safe?
[2011-12-25 01:54AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> viper:need patches or use originals
[2011-12-25 01:54AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> merry xmas again all!
[2011-12-25 02:05AM UTC] #fw <jcorm970_> can you patch an iso file with the data instead of ripping?
[2011-12-25 02:06AM UTC] #fw <coughee> any news besides fw pack?
[2011-12-25 02:06AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> jcorm:yes
[2011-12-25 02:06AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> xbc
[2011-12-25 02:33AM UTC] #fw <coreire> Flashed and good to go. Thanks c4eva :)
[2011-12-25 02:33AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> np
[2011-12-25 02:35AM UTC] #fw <mastr> c4eva if liteon are so good, why do i get so much DRE with liteons/verbs? all bad lasers?
[2011-12-25 02:36AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> mastr:reading topology data has nothing to do with verbatims :)
[2011-12-25 02:36AM UTC] #fw <Kennyash> ap25 failed to find dae.bin? still ok to rip ap25 sectors from disc?
[2011-12-25 02:36AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> kenny:not required
[2011-12-25 02:41AM UTC] #fw <SOL> there is no slim 3x yet
[2011-12-25 02:41AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> slim:new year :)
[2011-12-25 03:08AM UTC] #fw <ATARI> quick question… With the new XBC, we do not need to include a dae.bin file in the root directory, correct as it uses topology data?
[2011-12-25 03:08AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> atari:yes
[2011-12-25 03:45AM UTC] #fw <Manturd> sol: should i expect the new median in the next hour? or definitly not
[2011-12-25 03:46AM UTC] #fw <SOL> Manturd: why can’t you just play offline while you wait?
[2011-12-25 03:46AM UTC] #fw <Manturd> I’m at 3.0 witht the newest 14699 can’t play any xgd3 or ap25 offline even
[2011-12-25 03:46AM UTC] #fw <whowants> @SOL i think i missed something cause i still cant play offline
[2011-12-25 03:47AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> offline,online, its all the same with ap25
[2011-12-25 04:09AM UTC] #fw <Sikbeni> SOL, thanks for that, but does each individual game require an individual median file or is it a one for all?
[2011-12-25 04:11AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> sikbeni:correct
[2011-12-25 04:16AM UTC] #fw <|daver|> XBC complained about not finding a dae.bin
[2011-12-25 04:16AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> daver:ignore, not needed
[2011-12-25 04:25AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> ppfs doesnt need xbc
[2011-12-25 04:27AM UTC] #fw <Cornholio> explain what this median is for plz?
[2011-12-25 04:27AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> look up the word median dipshit
[2011-12-25 04:27AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> i suggest google "median" :)
[2011-12-25 04:31AM UTC] #fw <melb-fran> ok, dumped my own topology bin for gow3 and mw3 and bf3, all working good :)
[2011-12-25 04:31AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> melb-fran:well done!
[2011-12-25 04:31AM UTC] #fw <RoCK-4S> anybody here burn and test woth topology yet?
[2011-12-25 04:31AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> rock:<melb-fran> ok, dumped my own topology bin for gow3 and mw3 and bf3, all working good :)
[2011-12-25 04:36AM UTC] #fw <GhaleonX> I think MS chose not to ban because making games stop working was better
[2011-12-25 04:36AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> ghaleon:correct
[2011-12-25 06:15AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> merry xmas all
[2011-12-25 06:49AM UTC] #fw <tdude51> is it safe to play xgd3 originals on lt 3.0?
[2011-12-25 06:50AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> tdude:yes
[2011-12-25 09:22AM UTC] #fw <outcorpse> So not neccesary to patch dae.bin with xbc?
[2011-12-25 09:25AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> dae.bin not required
[2011-12-25 09:35AM UTC] #fw <Snaqejack> whats the word about a new JungleFlasher?
[2011-12-25 09:36AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> Jungleflasher will come soon enough, you do know its xmas?
[2011-12-25 10:15AM UTC] #fw <datrix> where c4 when you need him
[2011-12-25 10:15AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> here :)
[2011-12-25 10:27AM UTC] #fw <Mjcrooks> does halo anniversay need tapology data?
[2011-12-25 10:27AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> mj:yes
[2011-12-25 10:49AM UTC] #fw <mickDub> im not renwing my gold sus until abgx is released
[2011-12-25 10:49AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> abgx not needed

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132 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-12-25 #fw) (Including 34 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar theD0c says:

    c4eva & team you guys are awesome! Thanks for all your hard work in getting this ready before xmas, everyone on here is truly appreciative for your dedication to getting this out today!

    Merry Christmas!

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  2. avatar John..... says:

    LT+ 3.0 releases as scheduled, your the man c4eva. Merry xmas :)

    I hope M$ just simply give up, since your obviously smarter than they (all of them) are.

    I have a question though.

    You said "Activation of ap25 on older non-ap25 games although technically possible is highly unlikely."

    Okay, so if M$ started doing this, which would be a desperate attempt to blacklist more consoles, we would have to start getting topology data for all games, for xbl safty.

    Anyway, my question.

    With a LT 3.0 flashed drive, would I be able to boot a non AP25 title which I ripped with topology data then burned.

    The reason I ask, is because if this would work, then we should just rip ALL games with topology data ap25 or no.


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  3. dove posso trovare link per 3.0 lt??

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  4. avatar ivan says:

    hey guys why there is a lot of people saying that the new LT broke up his drives, please someone tell the truth, i dont think c4eva makes any jokes about this.

    some coments of the people.

    Love you !
    EDIT: Hate you.

    Argh… ^^ the same happened to me.

    now thats just not funny brah… -_____________-

    who give the shh..
    my drive is bricked

    Son of a ….. Hehe…Got all excited for a minute.

    c4eva rules

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  5. avatar Aboli3007 says:

    c4 can you stop saying merry xmas! ?!?

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  6. avatar farouk says:

    dear admin, i just booted LT3.0 on my X and when i tried my old not patched MW3 (not online) it said disc not supported, does this mean i am flagged?

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  7. avatar orlando says:

    C4eva thanks for your great job it´s simly awesome
    but i have a little question yet it´s better to update the dashborad before lt 3.0 or keep x360 offline until lt 3 its on?

    merry christmas!

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  8. avatar shiank says:


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  9. avatar TroyAP says:

    Even though this all happened and lt3 has came out, I feel like M$ has something smarter planned, as in they knew they can't stop people from keep hacking their system (c4eva's team). Because if this last update was their final plan then M$ would have release a ban wave before christmas so everyone would buy a new Xbox. I feel like they are going to hit another sort of ninja update really soon (M$ can see what c4eva post too, not just us so they know more about what c4eva does more than we do) and set a ban wave when really need it. This is all just assuming and C4eva and your team you all are doing a great job but consumers of his products be aware and listen to stay as safe as possible from getting banned. Merry Christmas Everyone! (Donations help motivation)

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    • avatar eltexmexalex says:

      They can't ban anymore not this late. If original games get flagged too we all get banned. No way M$ will risk that! Weak lasers do exist and that makes it fail to read topology data and it will be the same as if the topolagy data is missing from backup.

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  10. avatar kossai قصي says:

    c4eva ur the best man i ever knwon over the internet u rock i just wanna come where ever u are and…. hell i just dont know what i might do :P its just the fact the u r doing all of this and without even a dollar waaaaaaw now thats a giving :D keep up the good work u might just take over microsoft one day :P lol and ya merry christmas to u and all

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  11. avatar Adrian says:

    Hi all,

    I have older dashboard, xbox connected to net, without Live subscription. So maybe the dae.bin was updated, but I newer played XGD3 on my box. With the new 3.0 firmware I am in safe, even with updated dae.bin?

    Should I flash back my drive to original firmware, then to 3.0?

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  12. avatar Harrold Teebweener says:

    Tebow Time

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  13. avatar Mykel says:

    I have a question is there any difference patching an ISO with rrods ppf files or the .bin topology with backup creator?

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    • avatar admin says:

      There's no difference. The RRoD patches were made from ISOs which were patched with the same median.bin that was released. Either way, you end up with the same result.

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  14. avatar John..... says:

    Thanks a ton c4eva, not much left that M$ can do now.

    I have a quick question, Since Samsung does not have AP25, would the topology rips work on Samsung drives flashed with LT+ 2.01, (also the non AP25 Hitachi drives)?

    I'm thinking yes, since the AP25 sector is missing, but not needed, topology data is in its place, but not needed also, so putting 2 and 2 together, I assume it could work, is this true?

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  15. avatar Potto says:

    What happen if I put a xgd3 game on lt 3.0 without patch?. Console can be flagged?.

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  16. avatar Maki says:

    truncated images are no longer supported by LT+ 3.0 and the topology trick?

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  17. avatar Potto says:

    I commit a fault. I put in lt 3.0, mw3 game not patched…A screen is come out, like:" try to clean d**k ect ect"…My console is now flagged?.

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  18. avatar Farouk says:

    Admin…admin…admin… Those of us who got their dae bin change or got disc unsupported message and failed ap25 challenge on xval, will lt3.0 protect them or no? Because i got an offline flag and didnt go online since then, i have a phat liteon, pleasee reply

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  19. avatar Zorro says:

    I dont understand why c4eva doesnt like Hitachi, i´m playing online with all xgd3 titles and not a single problem. No Topology ore other ap25 stuff needed, i even added extra fans to my precious xbox so it would last at least 5 more years :) So all of you who have problems ore dont want to wait, buy old xbox with Hitachi ore Samsung drive and start playing online :P

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  20. avatar Anonymous says:

    Hoho c4eva will make LT+ for atari too, rs!

    [2011-12-25 02:41AM UTC] #fw slim:new year :)
    [2011-12-25 03:08AM UTC] #fw atari:yes

    "Just Kiding"

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  21. avatar ray ray says:

    I was wondering is the lt 3.0 going to be able to play xbox 1 backup games as well without the dvd5 to dvd9 trick they say

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  22. avatar padard says:

    Hey, I just had a quick question and it's probably dumb, but can you rip an iso from a backup and patch that iso with topology data using xbc and burn it?

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  23. avatar ShaneOss says:

    Is XGD2.COD-BO.COD-MW2.Halo-Reach.top.data.v1.bin compatible for all the following or only COD-BO, COD-MW2 and Halo Reach? :)

    1. Fable 3
    2. Halo: Reach
    3. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood
    4. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
    5. CoD MW2
    6. CoD: Black Ops

    Thanks for the great Xmas present and wish you all the best for 2012. :)

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  24. avatar Alvin says:

    THanks C4eva for your hard work

    If i am understanding correctly we only have to reburn AP25 games with the new lt 3 firmware. For NON AP25 games we can use our previous burned discs Am I right ??

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  25. avatar Gregory says:

    Why does not Hitachi v2.0+ support truncated XGD3? Could it be change in lt 3.0?

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  26. avatar JCA90 says:

    Thank you C4eva! Merry christmas!

    I see alot of the same questions but different versions on here. I know they will never stop but I thought I'd clear things up a bit since I followed directions and everything is working on my end.

    1. All previously burned XGD3 / AP 2.5 XGD2 backups are garbage. If you want to still use them, expect being flagged.
    2. Patch ISO backups with the latest Xbox Backup Creator. Click Image Tools, select Inject under Action, click AP 2.5 sector, select the ISO you're patching, then the patch itself (XGD2 or XGD3). You will know it works when you see "AP25 Sector file injected at LBA sector " etc.
    3. Burn with ImgBurn with Perform OPC checked. Calculate optimal for layer break. Speed 2.4x for MKM-001 and speed 4x for MKM-003 verbatims (It will tell you if you scroll down right side of ImgBurn what type of disk you're using).
    4. Make sure you're using an iHAS burner flashed with Burner Max! Stop being stubborn and buy it. 20 bucks isn't that much.

    That is all.

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    • avatar jshiff says:

      done all of that, tried downloading the new AP2.5 data again and redoing it in XBC just to make sure it took, get the message im supposed to get but whenever i try to write from the XBC i get a failed message. So i tried burning in Imageburn just to see if that would work and sure enough i put it in my 360 and get a disc is unsupported error. Flashed back to stock, udpate dash, flashed to 3.0 using x360usb and it will not work!

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  27. avatar El Lord says:

    thank you very much for your efforts .. Merry Christmas to you and your team!

    Muchas gracias a C4eva y su equipo!

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  28. avatar EDWARD says:

    Hi good afternoon. I explain below, purchase an xbox 360 slim in Miami, dated 16 / 09 / 11 and has reader lite-on and I've been to several places to chip and have not done so because I say it's a very new console, the have tried to chip lt 2.0 and earlier and been able to do anything, will you have a solution for chipping my xbox you please help, be that with the new version 3.0 LT aBLE TO mY XBOX WARBLER?

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  29. avatar Rrainbowsix says:

    I'm getting RROD with XBG3 Games on LT+3.0. Not sure why…
    All XBG2 and original discs work but as soon as I put in an XBG3 disc = RROD.

    My Xbox is a Benq spoofed as a Liteon (Yes I know you're not supposed to spoof on LT but it works!).
    I returned to stock, updated to the newest 699 dash, and flashed to 3.0 = RROD on XBG3s. XBG2s work fine.

    I then swapped out my Benq and put in an original Liteon (not spoofed) and immediately get "Open Tray" error message on the new dash. I've done pot tweaks etc but no joy…. I had yet another spare Liteon and that too didn't work…

    Anyone else having this issue?!

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    • avatar Rrainbowsix says:

      Please note that I was able to fix my issue.
      I flashed my Benq as a LT 3.0 Benq without spoofing and it worked!
      Even though a Liteon was the original drive, flashing as a Benq worked.
      Tested with Batman Arkham City XBG3 0800 ISO injected with Topology. Works!

      Great Job C4!!! LT 3.0 works like a charm!!!!
      Can't wait for Slim 3.0!!!!

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  30. avatar jshiff says:

    no matter what i do i cannot get these games to work! I have flashed to LT+3.0 on both my benq systems, ran the games through the XBC, injected the correct files thorugh it where it even says it did it and operation completed and yet when i burn the games i am still getting disc is unsupported! I even had a buddy of mine come over last night who has all of his stuff working correctly and looked over what i was doing/ have done and he couldnt figure out what the problem was?!? Anyone else having issues?

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  31. avatar TroyAP says:

    What about the 0225s! =O

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  32. avatar dfmfkdmkdfms says:

    slim – new year THATS AWESOME !!!!

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  33. avatar jonkow says:

    c4eva you the man great christmas present again thnx 2 you and all the teams

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  34. avatar Anonymous says:

    batman AC, Dark Souls? don't need patching and reburn?

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  35. avatar Sarosh says:

    I have LT 2.0, Why do I have to return to stock before Lt 3.0 and how do I return to stock because I think Lt 3.0 works without returning to stock.

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  36. avatar Supermans says:

    hi c4eva, you're the best and thank you for everything you do, so I hope that you will find a solution for the Hitachi 0500/0502, has been so long since I put the money aside for a xbox360 and I accidentally buy that model did not know there was that problem, thanks again

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  37. avatar Ian says:

    I have checked the ap25 list and i do not see saints row the third on there? Is it true that this universal topology data file for XGD3 games, can be used for all the games, or just the ones with the ID listed for that file?

    I have originals and also some which were downloads, do i just need to patch the iso's with this topology data file (inject with XBC) and then they will work? I do not connect to live at all, and i have lt 3.0 benQ.

    It is just, that i tried to inject and burn saints row the third iso game with topology data using XBC350, and it came up with ap sector failed? but i still proceeded with burning and it did complete the burn at 100%, as i have burner max installed on iHAS drive, so does it matter that it said failed on the ap sector thing or does that mean that saints row the third game does not require a patch? i though it would as it is quite a new game and has to be an XGD3 protected game?

    Please help, i need to know the ins and outs of all this topology data injecting and which games need it or not? the lists and info out there already is not enough and not clear enough.

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  38. avatar ethanol says:

    now m$, what are u gonna do next, huh?

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  39. avatar JoNKoW says:

    now m$, what are u gonna do next, huh?

    Let me gues xbox 720 ?

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  40. avatar MadDemon says:

    i hope he means 1.1.2012 and not anytime in the new year. cant wait anymore have 2 slims. phattis are s**t :P .

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  41. avatar kennyboy2525 says:

    Hi, Is it safe to play online with a hitachi 78 lt+ 1.91 with original games (xgd3) Thanks and merry christmas….

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  42. avatar LuNNy says:

    Are the games patched with topology any good for Live?
    c4eva hope you had a good Christmas mate, I did lol.

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  43. avatar xboxlover says:

    admin can i ask you after lt+3.0 and isos with topology data after new update will i be fine or i will need to reburn? if i undrestand well they say that topology data will answer corect every ap2.5 chalenge now and in the future

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  44. avatar dryuk says:

    Hello c4eva thank you for lt 3.0 :) and merry christmas XD !!!!! ………. I have a problem….. I've downloaded Assassin's creed brotherhood…….. I've patched it with abgx……..I've burned it as xgd2…. but it don't start!!!! the xbox (phat) says that the game isn't supported. Why don't start it? :(

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  45. avatar daniel says:

    hey c4eva sorry to bother i want to know due i have to patch saints row 3 with topology patches with xbc to play with 3.0 .

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  46. avatar Kingpepee says:

    so I was over my guys house getting updated and he said everything went good but when he put in the skyrim he was just playing on his it wouldnt boot on my but older games would… any ideas

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  47. avatar tonymarco134 says:

    Ok so a few questions please someone try to understand me and help me What all do i need to have and do to be able to play older games ap25 and all new games like mw3 and newer ones coming out, Also what is topology data.
    I have someone flash my xbox 360 so right now it has lt2.0 and i don't even have his # yet and he has my dvd key does that matter. But anyways im so confused right now. Are we still waiting for some kind of firmware or something to be released so the games will be xbox live safe and if so what is lt 3.0 for, I just want to know what i all gotta do if i decide to buy a probe and connectivity kit and try to upgrade from lt 2.0 to lt 3.0 what i will need to do and what else i need to be able to get back in to this and download battlefield 3 and mw3 and any new games coming out to play online and be safe and not worry about some secret patch or whatever it is that will make your xbox games say unsupported disk, Someone please help me. My xbox is a lite on DG-16D2S and i do have a lite on iHAS124B pc burner with ixtreme burner max.

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    • avatar xbeen says:

      LT+ v2.0: This version adds support for XGD3 backups, including the LT-MAX feature which allows burning XGD3 ISOs on regular DVD+R DL media.

      LT+ v3.0: RELEASED
      This version adds support for topology data in place of AP2.5 replay data for all XGD3 and AP2.5-active XGD2 backups. *NOTE: For drives that support AP2.5, all backups containing AP2.5 replay data will need to be patched or re-dumped and re-burned for compatibility with v3.0.

      u need lt3.0 to play ap2.5 games

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  48. avatar kamzi says:

    can some one please help me, basically i injected black ops with XBC and it worked on my xbox with LT+ 3.0. so when i injected topology data for MW3 and burned it but it doesnt work online it gives me unsupported disc error but i can play it offline but not online.

    black ops works fine online and offline
    MW3 doesnt work online but works offline by deleting the update

    so can you please help me out and tell me what i need to do to play it online?

    and by the way i dont have IHAS drive and i cant burn xgd3 games full, only 97% through IMG BURN. do you think that could be the reason MW3 isnt working?

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    • avatar xbeen says:

      u r using truncating burn, that's y ur game (MW3) not working.

      truncating burn r not safe on xboxlive, if u keep using them then ur baaaaand.
      and the message unsupported cause a flag.

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  49. avatar lux82 says:

    Hi but why if i want to copy mw3 on hard disk when i start to play few second late a message appear and say "disc not authorized" and the xbox shut down??

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  50. avatar gluca78 says:

    The dump has been done for readers Lite-On 1175 – DG-16D5S – some hope to have the 3.0 LT? I am desperate because I have a new Xbox with MB Crown and this damn player!
    C4EVA Help!

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  51. avatar Belias says:

    If i patch correctly, is iso stealth to go on live? or i need new abgx?

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  52. avatar Left4Dead says:

    Heyyy I have a question.
    Truncated seems not to be working for me.
    (for now I'm going with truncated games XD)

    BUT if I burn again them, truncated and WITH the topology data…. will it work?

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  53. avatar xboxlover says:

    the new update 2.0.14699 ad civ checks to more games is recomender to use ihas burner flashed with ixtreme max firmwareand the complete image 8.13 gd by clicking the dvd file with the correct layerbreak i dont remember the right number byt google it

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  54. avatar sparkie says:

    @left4dead. truncated discs are no longer compatible with lt3. I have just reripped mw3 and ac3 patched the topology and written with ihas 324 burner. All is good. Online and offline it doesnt matter.

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  55. avatar MadDemon says:


    Hey i have very bad results of kprobe2 with burning xgd2 games with ihas ltmax burner. is that normal. do civ checks are affected on xgd2 games?

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  56. avatar vitor says:

    Hello, can i run Black Ops on the current version of abgx? because i did that and it search for the same topology data that i got to black ops. Is it safe this way?
    Thanks mate :D

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  57. avatar xpower says:

    hello,i have hithachi 47 flashed to lt+ 2.0,dasboard 14…..,when insert xgd3 game disk (burned trouth img burn) receive error "unrecognized disk 1.clean disk 2.restart console "
    Problem is img burn?
    i need burn trouth ixtreme burner max?

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  58. avatar sackgewea says:

    this firmware is garbage sorry to say for me atleast ive waisted well over 100 discs would no good tutorials all old before the lt 3.0 came out ive tried burning with img burn clonecd leaving settings and not touching them then i tried chaging them a million times nothing this is pissing me off like give me a tutorial that is new and will help me and work like seriously bitch at me all u want idgaf… but i just waisted over 150 on this piece so someone please help me c4eva would be nice since he made the software im tired of playing hit or miss like give me a break. i have verb mkm-001 discs lt 3.0 ihas124b and an elite liteon 93450c

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    • avatar admin says:

      The firmware is fine. Nothing has changed in going from 2.x to 3.0 as far as the burning process is concerned, so the tutorials don't need to change. The only additional step is patching with the topology data, which is literally a 4-click process and only takes a few seconds. There's no way you burned 100 duds — nobody's that stupid. Do a simple process of elimination to figure out where you're going wrong, or whether it's your setup, hardware, and so on. There are many points where things can go wrong, and easy steps you can take to narrow-down where the problem lies before pointing fingers or whining and saying the fw is garbage.

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      • avatar Bloody says:

        I have read alot of post but yours seriously stands out…. first off the firmware for a million other people seem to work except for the few exceptions that seem to not wanna do a fundamental thing which is read… none the less hell watch a fuxking youtube video showing you how to do it there is a trillion… but mostly READ IT IS IN PLAIN FRIGGIN ENGLISH.. how simpler can this process get seriously? First off do you even know how to use a computer cause simply im not understanding if you can flash a drive ,, ihas or a xbox drive how can you not click a few buttons and just like admin said do a process of elimination sheesh 2.4x opc off Smart burn enabled.. online hypertuning enabled… Force hypertuning enabled.. has yet to fail me even with LT 3.0 with disc topology injected… still purring like a kitten when that bitch speed up so i dont know wdf u talking about bro neither with none of you guys thas having all these dumb ass issues … for you people using truncated copies online and is still complaining cry me a f**kin river ok.. this is a free service to the general public and for you to bash a firmware you know nothing about or because of your own blatant ignorance you dont know how to program, either the drive or know how to work on a few settings to get your trillion copies to work .. remember he dont owe you s**t so to bash other peoples work you look like a real sucker trying to use it…

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  59. avatar camel_60 says:

    Liton iHAS324B burner I bought.
    I then closed my case I installed the burner CD burner for the test did not
    I went to the training process (really simple)
    Unfortunately, I threw a CD, then restart the system did not run the CD burner
    All the above tests, but does not have any type of CD.
    I bought the CD burner was my mistake at the top Czech Nkrdmkh credentials or not?
    Summary away with EEPROM_Utility I had to restore my backup, but did not answer …
    Now what I want … I get comments?

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  60. avatar Fiao Ling says:

    Hey Admin, thanks for answering questions here.

    So , I want to play truncated games patched with new topology on FW 3.0 offline.
    I wonder if I manually download the latest TU (after november 16th) will my games work?

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  61. avatar xboxgamer says:

    look gus i read all the manuals see all the youtube clip

    ad did the test today

    - i download XBC
    - i download the XGD3.Profile.ID.F87A804E.top.data.v1.bin
    - bot new XBOX 360 DVD- LITEON iHas524 b IXTREME LT MAX
    - did the xbc inject procedure
    - and burn
    - guys it works like a dream tested (MW3,Rayman Origins)
    THANKS c4eva

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  62. avatar crive says:

    Hello I am a Italian user who has upgraded to 'LT +3.0 not knowing the necessity of topology data. From what I understand from Team Xecuter released these games only work in English. I have to wait for the release of ABGX360 1.0.6 or is there a solution for us Italians?
    Thank you for your attention


    ciao sono un utente italiano , che ha aggiornato all' LT+3.0 non sapendo della necessità del topology data. Da come ho capito questi ultimi rilasciati dal TEAM XECUTER funzionano solo per i giochi in lingua inglese. Io devo attendere l'uscita del ABGX360 1.0.6 oppure c'è una soluzione per noi italiani?
    Grazie della tua attenzione
    Distinti Saluti

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  63. avatar Oak says:

    So we don't need injection process for XDG@ nor we need ihas burner for it.And is it necessary to us vebrtiam for XDG3 burns for online use.
    Plz help

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  64. avatar Eruil says:

    Hello C4EVA , MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR¡¡¡¡ got a question, can i patch and reburn a truncate gears of war 3 game disc for LT 3.0 compatibility?

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  65. avatar miphone says:

    People have the dumbest questions here, generally speaking. The time it takes to read through all the posts here on the site might take an hour. Instead people struggle for hours then post an uneducated question and people flame them. The people answering the questions are not c4eva they just read what he had to say so why don't you! Also, idiots saying c4eva is a fake or the fw is crap well just go away and die. The firmware does work, perhaps the problem is on your end if it don't…ie duh why are truncated discs not working hmm well they may or may not play on 3.0 depending on what CIV checks MS added so stop being a dumb ass and buy an iHAS burner. We need and "are you just being an idiot" checklist so people can compare to that before stating the fw doesn't work or asking why is this not working. Let me start 1)lt 3.0 with proper dvd key 2) using Verbatim 3)using iHAS burner with burnermax fw 4) adding correct topography data for the game. 5)verifying with kprobe that the disc is good. Anything else people could add to the check list? Thanks c 4 evarything

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  66. avatar xboxlover says:

    latest dash ad civ checks my gears of war 3 truncaded says disc fail use complete image and ihas burning

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  67. avatar xboxlover says:

    the thing i dont know for sure is after lt+3.0 ap2.5 disc with topology data are gona be ok after new update? i will have to repatch and reburn?

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  68. avatar ralexgs93 says:


    Reply | Reply with Quote
    • avatar admin says:

      No, there won't be as it's not needed. Please read the note about it under Samsung in the Status Table on the main page. If something changes in a future system update that necessitates a new fw for Samsung, only then will it get a new version.

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  69. avatar gazzg says:

    Hi guys if I buy a new benq vad for ripping any ideas if I need the drive code or just flash it with the ripping firmware. It will not ever be in a Xbox

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  70. avatar apollo220 says:

    dvd key is only used for your 360. why would you need that for a drive thats never going to be in one ??? put the 0800 v3 firmware on there . what i did was took a HD dvd player for the xbox 360 , and put a liteon drive in it. I choose lite-on simply because C4eva said it is the most accurate on ripping the games. i took out the hd player and replaced it with the liteon drive . used the 0800 firmware and i can hook it to my pc using usb and the drive is well protected then just sold the hd drive aloneo to make back some of the money i spent

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  71. avatar natex says:

    I came here everyday hopefully just to see "0225 LT 3.0 In Testing"

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  72. avatar natex says:

    That is, why you not updated your system dash! The ISO patched with topology continue with the old ap25 file until abgx is out to properly construct the iso!

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  73. avatar Left4Dead says:

    Hi again! Well… I tried burning a truncated game with topology data injected(to play offline). But I keep getting a black screen when I try to load the game on my xbox360. What am I doing wrong?(didnt get caught by the silent update)

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  74. avatar TrillGates2k6 says:

    So I have a question, and It may have been answered sort of already, but I didn't see the exact answer I was looking for. So I'm wondering If I did a 0800 Rip of MW3 the day it came out, is this still a good rip, or does it need to be ripped again? As far as I know, the 0800 v 3.0 firmware on that day would've been the same 0800 v 3.0 firmware that I'm using now, which is the latest and possibly the only firmware if I'm not mistaken. I'm about to flash my BenQ with the LT v 3.0. I'm just trying to make sure I'm safe before I jump online. Anyone have any feedback on this?

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    • avatar admin says:

      No, your backup doesn't contain the new topology data required by LT+ v3.0. The 0800 v3.0 hasn't changed, but that's beside the point as it's XBC that actually does the extraction of the AP25 topology data, not the 0800 fw itself. Since you made your backup with the older version of XBC, it would have included an AP25 replay sector which is fine for LT+ v2.x, but not for v3.0. You'll either need to rip your burned backup back to ISO with imgburn and patch with the appropriate topology data .bin, or re-rip your original again with the latest v2.9.0.350 of XBC.

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  75. avatar eltexmexalex says:

    I have a question for c4eva, Is there a difference between laser failure and topology data missing for being flagged? Is there a way M$ will figure out the difference between a backup game and original game? Is it possible that M$ will risk the ban wave for all of us that are flagged including original games?

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  76. avatar eltexmexalex says:

    LT+ 2.0 can't read togology data so the game will boot but if you update it will not read the topology data only with LT+3.0

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  77. avatar bigonex24 says:

    I have heard that if i update to the latest update with a usb and the harddrive removed from the moddedxbox i will not get flagged, any of this true

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  78. avatar xboxgamer says:

    hi C4eva one simple question if i got Rage game is all 3 iso need to be pacth with the XBC Topology Files ???

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  79. avatar spaz says:

    I am trying to use xbc to get the games to burn right in v3, but after downloading and extracting xbc I gett a runtime error wen I try to run the program. Can I get a hand guys?

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