c4eva Spoke! (2011-12-31 #maximuslizard)

[2011-12-31 10:00AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_2guwd> HI GUYS .I HAVE AN UPDATED BOX HERE (I4699) and tried to flash with LT3 but now CODW3 etc does not load ant idea and procedure?thanks
[2011-12-31 10:04AM UTC] #maximuslizard <c4eva> patch disc with topology data using xbc!

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3 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-12-31 #maximuslizard)

  1. avatar HeyItsME says:

    Happy new years Commodore4Eva and thanks for all your hard work

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  2. avatar renegade802 says:

    Hi guys. ive got lt 3.0 just letting u kno that ive had a 100% sucess rate patching xdg3 iso's with the universal patch u made using xbc. I have then burnt them with img on my laptop writer and even though it only burns 97% of game they have all worked fine including online. I also copied the iso's off my old games that no longer worked and patched them and re burnt and they work great also.

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  3. avatar smokeskunk781 says:

    happy new year c4 and the rest of the gang

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