c4eva Spoke! (2012-01-05 #c4e)

[2012-01-05 08:13PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> slim lt 3.0 0272 working fine, booting ap25/xgd3 games fine, almost done!
[2012-01-05 08:13PM UTC] #c4e <Sleepy> wow!
[2012-01-05 08:13PM UTC] #c4e <Sleepy> thx
[2012-01-05 08:14PM UTC] #c4e <GearOfWar> Contrats! :)
[2012-01-05 08:17PM UTC] #c4e <bh420> best news i have seen all day
[2012-01-05 08:20PM UTC] #c4e <logan`> topman!
[2012-01-05 08:42PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> slim liteon 0800 v3 also coming soon!

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19 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2012-01-05 #c4e) (Including 5 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Incredibl3dible says:

    Cannot wait! Thnx c4eva! Keep up the awesome work!

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  2. avatar Opt1cal says:

    Nice :D

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  3. avatar phrizz says:

    I like how instead of answering the Hitachi question he went straight to announcing slim 0800v3..hah Just what everyone needs, another ripping firmware. You can get a BenQ or a series one Lite-On drive for ripping for about $28. Creating a new ripping firmware for a slim Lite-On is really taking precedence over Lt+ 3.0 Hitachi firmware? Sad..sorry Hitachi owners, the trend continues =(

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      Why does it matter its all free.

      Pick up a used xbox for $60 with a samsung or benq.

      Same as what we pay for the pcbs in slim!

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      • avatar phrizz says:

        I love the generic "well it's free!" and "just buy another box!" retorts. We're not going to replace a console that works perfectly fine, the majority of us won't do that simply out of principle, others won't because they cannot afford to.

        You obviously have a drive that gets firmware ETA's and/or release dates and never end up waiting very long. I don't blame you for this, but please don't try to act as if you know what it's like for Hitachi owners. Pretend you have a slim 1175 drive and wanted info about it's firmware progress but all anyone tells you is to either just wait, go buy a different system, or shutup because the firmware is free; those ideas now all suck and sound sort of a**hole-like don't they? =P

        Again, I'm not trying to rip you, it's nothing personal; I'm just tired of seeing the same stupid suggestions to Hitachi comments, especially coming from unregistered and anonymous users.

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  4. avatar Neruu says:

    Lite On 0272,0225,0401,1071 uses the same firmware?

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  5. avatar Roystar says:

    Wicked Thanks C4eva, Wonder what Microsoft next step will be.you would have thought that someone would have given up by now lucky for us its not you.

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  6. avatar Vitor says:

    I can put the black ops disc with old ap 2.5 in the Pc then patch with abgx 1.6 then play again right?
    Thanks a lot :D

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  7. avatar crazykong23 says:

    can someone please send me a link that shows me how to revert to stock firmware, so i can then after flash with lt 3.0, thanks in advance.

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