c4eva Spoke! (2012-01-15 #fw)

[2012-01-15 08:26AM UTC] #fw <CHOO-CHOO> MomDad, C4 mentioned 24hours, but what if you have the 9504Lite-On?? That won't work then huh??
[Editor's note: There hasn't been a separate fw for 9504 since LT+ v1.91. From SystemUpdate 2.0.13599.0 and onward, any non-updated original 9504s have their stock firmware reflashed by MS to to version 0272 and the SPI gets locked. Putting it simply, if you're on 13599 or higher, you no longer have a 9504, you have a 0272.]
[2012-01-15 08:26AM UTC] #fw <HyperX> 9504 is probably 0272 xD
[2012-01-15 08:27AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> yes

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10 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2012-01-15 #fw) (Including One Discussion Thread)

  1. avatar Mohammed says:

    i want know how can i install new firmware ?? via USB or need another tools & technic ??

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  2. avatar Mohammed says:

    can you show us how you do it by Picture ??

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  3. avatar randle says:

    @mohammed u cant flash a xbox via usb u can update the dashboard by usb jus download off xbox website an unrar to the root of a mem stick
    @gazzg depending what model liteon u have if its compattible wiv the firmwares out or coming soon u the only way is the tx pcb or kamakazi drill hack or the sputnik hack on certain chipsets

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  4. avatar billy says:

    is the new jf just for the slims or is it for all types of drives keep up the gd work ppl

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  5. avatar djmrfok says:

    great job team jungle!!!
    it will be a new way to dump and write 1175 drive?
    extra hardware will be needed???

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  6. avatar seth says:

    seriously going to delete my questions! I'm just trying to help and hide the unlock can be done by usb is only delaying the inevitable.

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    • avatar admin says:

      Your comment was deleted because there is no "usb unlock". Whatever you think you saw, you're mistaken. The picture you tried to post is funny, considering that's not c4eva's real email address. Someone is trying to make a fool out of you. Also, your weak attempt at spamming didn't work since comments are moderated.

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  7. avatar Hans says:

    There is no DG-16D4S IX3.0 on XBINS yet.
    Any other Link?

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  8. avatar boonmodder says:

    C4 and Team X …U GUYZ ROCK SERIOUSLY thanx for all the hard Work

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  9. avatar MR.ZERO says:

    Hi everyone >>
    - I have hitachi drive 79 flashed with lt.2.0 and I flashed my new ihas 324B with MAX BURNER

    when I burn the XGD3 Games with verifing ..the burn done perfectly but in verifing there are Problems
    when I run any game it's playable but it stop in begining and error in reading the disc
    and when I try to install any XGD3 game …it almost stop in the middle of installing !!
    are there any special options can I use in imageBurn for run on hitachi 79 !!!??

    I use the same discs that someone I know use it and no problems with him
    not verbatim
    plz help me

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