c4eva Spoke! (2012-01-30 #c4e)

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[2012-01-29 09:54PM UTC] #c4e <turny> or its going to end in disaster
[2012-01-29 09:55PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> i readedi read
[2012-01-29 09:55PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> sorry
[2012-01-29 09:55PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> i read
[2012-01-29 09:55PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> i flash it with lt plus
[2012-01-29 09:55PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> but it always inject old key from hitachi
[2012-01-29 09:55PM UTC] #c4e <turny> then you would know that jungleflasher only uses its own hitachi firmware
[2012-01-29 09:56PM UTC] #c4e <turny> Leono key area remains untouched unless you manual spoof key
[2012-01-29 09:56PM UTC] #c4e <turny> key always stays the same
[2012-01-29 09:56PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> ok
[2012-01-29 09:57PM UTC] #c4e <turny> unless you manually change it
[2012-01-29 09:57PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> and i can't inject my key to the hitachis firmware?
[2012-01-29 09:57PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> ok
[2012-01-29 09:57PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> then i change it manually
[2012-01-29 09:58PM UTC] #c4e <turny> with hitachis ltplus must be done first, than key if you need to change key
[2012-01-29 09:58PM UTC] #c4e <turny> then*
[2012-01-29 09:59PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> what i must to choose in OSIG: spoofed as?
[2012-01-29 09:59PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> liteon (key from)
[2012-01-29 09:59PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> or hitachis?
[2012-01-29 10:00PM UTC] #c4e <turny> well if you want it to look like a hitachi then a hitachi
[2012-01-29 10:00PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> ok
[2012-01-29 10:00PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> i saved
[2012-01-29 10:00PM UTC] #c4e <turny> but spoofing drives isnt supported, ideally you want to put a liteon back in
[2012-01-29 10:01PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> now when i have ltplus firmware in my hitachi i must back to stock?
[2012-01-29 10:01PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> (sorry if i dont understand)
[2012-01-29 10:02PM UTC] #c4e <turny> Leono why do you want to go back to stock ?
[2012-01-29 10:02PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> because jungleflasher wont flash my hitachis
[2012-01-29 10:03PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> checksums …
[2012-01-29 10:03PM UTC] #c4e <GaryX360> lo turny
[2012-01-29 10:04PM UTC] #c4e <turny> hi GaryX360
[2012-01-29 10:04PM UTC] #c4e <turny> Leono you lost me off buddy
[2012-01-29 10:04PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> sorry
[2012-01-29 10:05PM UTC] #c4e <GaryX360> ok to pm you
[2012-01-29 10:06PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> turny: much sorry
[2012-01-29 10:06PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> now i get
[2012-01-29 10:07PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> manual spoof in flashing options
[2012-01-29 10:07PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> it works
[2012-01-29 10:07PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> i'm stupid ;)
[2012-01-29 10:07PM UTC] #c4e <turny> yes GaryX360
[2012-01-29 10:07PM UTC] #c4e <Leono> always use firmwaretool bookmark
[2012-01-30 12:32AM UTC] #c4e <CountNosn> If you have the latest dash/connected to live, and have an old AP2.5 game am I correct in thinking the replay data will now fail the challenge and the disk will no longer work because of the updated dae.bin? Or does it just flag your system and the game would still work?
[2012-01-30 12:36AM UTC] #c4e <chub> all ap2.5 games need updated
[2012-01-30 12:36AM UTC] #c4e <CountNosn> So it would not play anymore right?
[2012-01-30 12:36AM UTC] #c4e <chub> no
[2012-01-30 12:36AM UTC] #c4e <chub> right, i mean
[2012-01-30 12:37AM UTC] #c4e <chub> need to burn with topo data, using a iHAS burner
[2012-01-30 12:37AM UTC] #c4e <CountNosn> Ok, so therefore if it still works for an AP2.5 game with the old replay data then it means my 79 doesn't actually do AP2.5 I'm assuming?
[2012-01-30 12:38AM UTC] #c4e <chub> some drives dont do ap25
[2012-01-30 06:29AM UTC] #c4e <Danny35> Any progress on dumping the fw and unlocking of the 16D5S??

[2012-01-30 07:20AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> work on the 1175 continues, very interesting!
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[2012-01-30 07:20AM UTC] #c4e <Barmaley> any progress?

[2012-01-30 07:23AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> work continues :)

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79 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2012-01-30 #c4e) (Including 16 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar YASSINE 360 says:

    I love you C4EVA sooo much x).

    I wish you good luck :)

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  2. avatar japones gRnD says:

    It has managed to extract the firmware?? I'm anxious to change my machine!! THANKSSS c4eva

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    • avatar Stridz0r says:

      I'm pretty sure he has extracted the firmware, otherwise he could not be working on the CFW for 1175. What I'm curious about is if the procedure is simple, or there´s a hardware hack like the russian mod, or worse, it needs to drill an IC to be able to unlock the SPI.

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  3. avatar Master F says:

    well well well 1175 is interesting :)

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  4. avatar marco says:

    Go c4eva !

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  5. avatar gazzg says:

    Interesting in a good way or a bad way??????. What Eva m$ throws I'm sure c4 and the team will win the fight

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  6. avatar MR.ZERO says:

    C4eva you are our hero ..

    my hitachi 79 doesn't perform ap2.5 ..
    I use burner-max to copy my discs but it isn't checked by the new ABGX
    because if I checked it >> it could not be playable on lt 2.0 .. is that right ?

    so is the unchecked ISOs by Abgx not safe online ?? for my xbox????

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    • avatar jeckel says:

      i would still check your game with abgx because their are other checks that could be done. for example crc dmi/ss

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    • avatar QuickMythril says:

      if you check the box that says "disable writes" you can check the iso without changing it at all so it won't patch in the topology and will still work with 2.0

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      • avatar MR.ZERO says:

        just "disable write" at all
        rager that .. really thank you for help

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        • avatar jeckel says:

          i would still advise to patch the ss and dmi so your game is set to ssv2 because it is not recommended for live if you are using ssv:1 if you do not car about live then in your case it would be fine but for people with the hitachi 79 and do not know if their hitachi checks for ap2.5 then to be safe i would wait for lt 3.0

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          • avatar MR.ZERO says:

            okay jeckel ..really thanks
            you mean that i must use manual patch with dmi and ss

            the problem is C4eva doesn't care about hitachi firmware
            it always release after a long while since others firmware released

            I am so sad ..

          • avatar jeckel says:

            MR.ZERO what i mean is ssv1=not live safe for all wave above wave 2 so all wave 2 and under aka 1-2 are ok with ssv1 but it is still a good idea to patch them to ssv2.

            ssv2=live safe (for the most part) this helps stealth patch your games and the only way to do this is manual patch them.

            ssv2=dmi+ss (remember you cant be 100% live safe but patching to ssv2 will help)

            the only way to check to see if you xbox does ap2.5 then you would have to test it (at your own risk) with a non patched ap2.5 game if it boots then your dive does not do ap2.5. if you get a error then it does do ap2.5

  7. avatar MickJTAGger says:

    My real concern is that the RGH is the only way of getting the drive key for the 1175. I suck at soldering and I really dont want to mess up my 360 doing a RGH. I sure hope by "work on the 1175 continues, very interesting!" it means c4eva found a way to obtain a drive key without the RGH. Either way c4 your the man for putting so much work into this!!

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  8. avatar Petey Parker says:

    I don't think that we can do RGH on Corona,and most of the 1175 drives supposed to be with this mobo.Or am i wrong?Thank you C4Eva for all your hard work, you are really a Genius.Petey from Hungary

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  9. avatar Dashiba says:

    If i have lt+ 3.0 in my console and i want patch a game not in xgd3 game list, i can patch it with abgx 1.0.6 too?

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  10. avatar abdelrahman says:

    how can i connect liteon ihas to laptop as external driver to burn xgd3 games 100%?

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