c4eva Spoke! (2012-04-21 #fw)

[2012-04-21 06:06AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> www.team-xecuter.com/xecuter-x360usb-pro-v2-now-in-production
[2012-04-21 06:08AM UTC] #fw <boa> i saw that earlier today c4eva
[2012-04-21 06:08AM UTC] #fw <boa> looks interesting
[2012-04-21 06:08AM UTC] #fw <boa> tx makes qualty products
[2012-04-21 06:08AM UTC] #fw <boa> and it avoids sata issues
[2012-04-21 06:10AM UTC] #fw <boa> c4eva: any progress on the newer liteon / hiteach drives?
[2012-04-21 06:11AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> boa:yes, working on 1175, getting there!
[2012-04-21 06:11AM UTC] #fw <boa> nice
[2012-04-21 06:14AM UTC] #fw <Xellcorp> Cool
[2012-04-21 06:14AM UTC] #fw <Xellcorp> Any news for slim hitachi people?
[2012-04-21 06:16AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> xell:not yet, 1175 has focus
[2012-04-21 06:19AM UTC] #fw <Xellcorp> Will there be a new hardware method for flash/erase of 1175 ?
[2012-04-21 06:19AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> yes
[2012-04-21 06:19AM UTC] #fw <Xellcorp> Has a method been discovered as yet?
[2012-04-21 06:19AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> yes
[2012-04-21 06:19AM UTC] #fw <Xellcorp> Interesting
[2012-04-21 06:20AM UTC] #fw <kRypt0n> once it's released, they'll make a new drive :P
[2012-04-21 06:20AM UTC] #fw <Juvenal> im fairly sure thats *not* why they have new drive revisions
[2012-04-21 06:21AM UTC] #fw <boa> lol
[2012-04-21 06:22AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> fixes are incorporated in newer versions, both hardware and software
[2012-04-21 06:23AM UTC] #fw <Xellcorp> Whenever a new hardware revision is developed for whatever reason either better performance or cheaper production costs security is always added at the hardware and software levels
[2012-04-21 06:24AM UTC] #fw <Juvenal> Xellcorp, my point was that ms doesnt come out with new drive revisions in direct response to cfw
[2012-04-21 06:25AM UTC] #fw <Juvenal> its not like "oh shit, c4 came up with a new unlock method, time to make a new drive"
[2012-04-21 06:25AM UTC] #fw <boa> lol
[2012-04-21 06:25AM UTC] #fw <boa> maybe they can come out with lasers that done suck
[2012-04-21 06:26AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> they have done well with the 1175 security wise, but not good enough :)
[2012-04-21 06:31AM UTC] #fw <Kombat_ac> c4eva i have info what 1175 have no vendor mode, it is true? any method for reading keyarea 3F-area?
[2012-04-21 06:35AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> kombat:its there :)

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  1. avatar Unit68 says:

    Thanks for the update c4eva!! cant wait till its completed and released!!

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  2. avatar araaglas says:

    they have done well with the 1175 security wise, but not good enough
    oh man. u r gr8

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  3. avatar Rodrigo rabbit says:

    lt3.0 para 1175 , e possivel? saira ese ano?
    aguardo ansioso por iso faz tempo. compreendo q para vcs deve estar sendo um grande desafio, mais quando superado sera bem recompensado e todos tem grande respeito e adimiraçao pelo esforço de vcs . vlw c4 por fazer com que qualquer um possa ter um console com grande custo beneficio. pois com o desbloqueio os jogos piratas rodam e fica mais facil para todos compralo . tenho grande respeito pelo seu trabalho

    lt3.0 to 1175, it is possible? saira ese years?
    I look forward to iso a while. q to understand you guys should be a great challenge, especially when exceeded will be well rewarded and everyone has great respect and admiration for the effort of you. c4 vlw to do with that anyone can have a console with great cost benefit. Unlock it with the run pirated games, and is easier to all compralo. I have great respect for his work

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  4. avatar Master F says:

    i was worried with the lack of status updates but glad everything is working out & hope to see 1175 hacked real soon

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  5. avatar Epheriel says:

    Thank you c4eva! and thanks for the news

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  6. avatar VDaud says:

    Nao entendi muito o que eles disseram.. somente uma noticia de que esta quase ?
    Por favor, me expliquem.. nao sei muito ingles.

    Do not understand much what they said .. only one news that is almost?
    Please let me explain .. I do not know much English.

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  7. avatar novak2k6 says:

    Great job c4eva and thanks for the update. Looking forward to that Hitachi once 1175's released :D
    Hopefully should be much easier to tackle being an older drive

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  8. avatar Anon says:

    Brazilian guys, please stop using google translator, it produces a poor translation and sometimes is barely comprehensible.
    C4eva spokes that is is almost there, there will be a method for reading/writing 1175 flash and to get the drive key as well.

    Pessoal do Brasil, usar o tradutor do Google não ajuda muito, a qualidade da tradução é péssima, às vezes não dá nem para entender.
    C4eva disse que está quase terminando, que terá um novo método para ler/gravar a flash do 1175 e também será possível ler a chave do drive.

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  9. avatar david says:

    i have dash 1719 and lt+3.0 and i cant play with hdd (failed to outoriezd disk) what can i do???

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  10. avatar Anon says:

    get ihas drive and burn 100% with burner max

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