c4eva Spoke! (2012-04-21 [priv msg])

[2012-04-21 06:30AM UTC] <******> did you end up doing a LIVE log for 14719? the update appeared to just be some additional bugfixes over 717, but wasn't sure if anything had changed on the backend (I assume not)
[2012-04-21 06:33AM UTC] <c4eva> yes, all good
[2012-04-21 06:34PM UTC] <******> great!

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  1. avatar mista b says:

    Hi c4eva nice to see your still alive and kicking I thought ms had tracked you down and made you their slave.. keep up the good work bro… What's your thoughts on the xkey/wasabi !!

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  2. avatar Rodrigo says:

    Cuales son las ventajas de una JTAG en una Hitachi 0500? (¿o cualquier otra?)
    Ademas de no poder entrar en el Live, como se actualizara después la Xbox? Se podrá hacer de forma individual? o sera costosa la actualización mediante el técnico? Le quitara vida y habrá problemas a futuro con la consola?

    What are the advantages of JTAG on a Hitachi 0500? (Or any other?)
    Besides not being able to enter the Live, as updated after the Xbox? Can be done individually? or be costly to upgrade by the technician? It will take away life and future problems with the console?

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  3. avatar MadFeli says:

    Hi love and appreciate all the work you have done.

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  4. avatar Xbox360_Freak says:

    new Xbox360 Waves?
    Kinect Rush DVD 1 have XGD3, DVD have XGD2 with a new Video and PFI Wave – Wave 14
    Battleship and Sniper Elite V2 have XGD2 with a new Video Wave too – Wave 15 and PFI Wave 14

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  5. avatar gonczalez says:

    I'm still doubtful: is it LT2.0 safe ?? meaning, would I be able to play my XGD3 games burned truncated after updating with 14719 (no dae.bin silent update on the console of course)??

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  6. avatar galveitz says:

    Just to let you know that dashboard 14719 has a major bug when using kinect in offline mode.
    Microsft just now recognized the problem and will fix it in next release.
    see below links related to the bug:

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  7. avatar lobocobra says:

    Thanks C4EVA

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  8. avatar xcfnx says:

    hi does any1 know when new stealth patches will be coming out ie for sniper elite and other wave 14,15 games cheers

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    • avatar Yukk foo says:

      xcfnx: hi does any1 know when new stealth patches will be coming out ie for sniper elite and other wave 14,15 games cheers

      admin says:
      2012-05-08 at 04:19PM | 1 0
      The abgx360.dat has already been updated to support Wave 14 & 15.

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    • avatar admin says:

      Here's there canned response to this question (asked 1000000x a day) from the abgx360 channel on IRC:

      [2012-05-11 08:11PM] <Fw-Helper> (verify) games get verified by people buying/renting the game, ripping it (twice) and then uploading the files to the database. Until that happens, the game will NOT be verified. There is no 'timeframe' as to when a game will be verified.

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  9. avatar deano says:

    quick question i played max payne 3 on my mates xbox got a couple of achievments will it be now safe for me to go online at home??

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    • avatar Alex2012020 says:

      deano: quick question i played max payne 3 on my mates xbox got a couple of achievments will it be now safe for me to go online at home?? Thanks.

      Stop been a *** and go online if ur xbox getts banned get another ul never be safe get it into ur head !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or dont get flashed

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      • avatar jeckel says:

        re-read his question!

        yes you should be safe as long as your xbox at home is not flashed. also when did you get the achievments before the game came out or after because that could be a problem if you got the arhievment before.

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  10. avatar Arakul says:

    Все просто, вам нужно установить нужную игру на хард, затем скинуть только на флешку любую mp3 песню и включить песню в музыкальном плеере, затем запускаете игру, ошибка не выскакивает и игра работает, а песню можно поставить на паузу. Смысл чтобы на лт2 с даебином запускать игры не прошиваясь на лт 3, муз плеер помогает обойти ошибку при запуске.

    Quite simply, you need to set the desired game on hard, then throw the stick just any mp3 song and include a song in music player, and then start the game, no error pops up and the game works, but the song can be put on pause. Meaning that on lt2 dae bin om to run the game is not for Lt. proshivayas 3 music player helps to avoid errors during startup.

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