c4eva Spoke! (2012-08-19 #fw)

[2012-08-19 07:09AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> [01:08.19] <@c4eva> http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=91348 :)
[2012-08-19 07:10AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> for those interested
[2012-08-19 07:11AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> :)
[2012-08-19 07:11AM UTC] #fw <kRypt0n> any news on the new b max burner fw?
[2012-08-19 07:11AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> sorry, sir… didn't mean to steal any thunder. nothing but respect
[2012-08-19 07:12AM UTC] #fw <kRypt0n> ix fw is kinda pointless if people can't burn their games :)
[2012-08-19 07:12AM UTC] #fw <kRypt0n> well, some games
[2012-08-19 07:42AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> <kRypt0n>get an ihas b burner, plenty around!
[Note: View our full list of iXtreme Burner MAX-compatible iHAS models and cross-flashable models here]
[2012-08-19 10:12AM UTC] #fw <PhoenixV> just saw the post on TX forums on 1175 drive board, great news!!
[2012-08-19 10:13AM UTC] #fw <PhoenixV> i am sure this has been answered before….but will RGH be needed, or just something like USB pro v2
[2012-08-19 10:36AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> RGH will NOT be needed! [Editor's note (2012-10-30): RGH is in fact required for DVD Key retrieval for Lite-On DG-16D5S 1175 & 1532, and Hitachi 0500/0502.]

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7 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2012-08-19 #fw) (Including One Discussion Thread)

  1. avatar ed harris says:

    Join the Xbox LIVE Beta‏, LOL

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  2. avatar John C. says:

    Just as C4EVA said, get a iHas Burner or one of the compatible ones, stop been cheap. Do things the right way.

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  3. avatar Anonymous says:

    Can backups burned with ixtreme burner max be installed to xbox360hard drive?

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