c4eva Spoke! (2012-10-05 [team channel])

[2012-10-05 08:45AM UTC] <c4eva> LT+ V3.0 for 1175 complete, rechecking code!

[Editor's note: now that c4eva's development work on the 1175 fw is complete, it will shortly move from the "in progress" to "in testing" stage. When testing begins, this change will be reflected in the Firmware Status table on c4evaSpeaks.com, and on the dedicated LiteOn1175.com page.]

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72 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2012-10-05 [team channel]) (Including 13 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Geoica says:

    You are the man…..let the testing begin :)

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  2. avatar Tomaz Turban (Brasil) says:

    Caro Adm. tem como saber como seria o desbloqueio. Tipo o que necessita (materiais)?

    Dear Adm. have to know how to unlock it. Type what you need (materials)?

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  3. avatar Rio says:

    c4eva is the best and f**k the rest

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  4. avatar Rio says:

    please admin. video to show us how to do the fw when it is complete
    you are the best admin

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  5. avatar donate for you promised says:

    c4eva da best f**k fenerbahce

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  6. avatar legaemc says:

    u're no longer a god dude, u hear god of war, god of pop, god of rap …. u are a god of genius

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  7. avatar vai logooooooooooooooo says:

    I hope they can unlock soon

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  8. avatar silver_h3 says:


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  9. avatar RaVe says:

    Надеюсь тест пройдёт хорошо. Хотелось бы ещё узнать когда палаты поставят в Россию?
    I hope the test goes well. I would like to know when the Chamber will deliver into Russia?

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  10. avatar Dauzka says:

    Спасибо , чева ,ждем доп.инфы о тесте.
    Thnx C4eva , waiting for more info about teste!

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  11. avatar Dartz says:

    thank you c4eva waiting fort testing

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  12. avatar Pedro says:

    alguém podem me dizer quando chegará esse drive chegará ao brasil Thank you very much c4eva you are my hero for console so c4eva and the $$$ so ???

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  13. avatar abnan says:

    another good news :

    Matrix Team Brasil : estamos aguardando o término do feriado na China. Como disse acima, as próximas semanas serão bem interessantes! :-)

    Matrix Team Brazil: we are awaiting the end of the holiday in China. As said above, the coming weeks will be very interesting! :-)

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  14. avatar abnan says:

    Matrix Team Brasil : o nosso CFW foi desenvolvido do zero, portanto acreditamos que seja mais seguro e que não requeira tantas atualizações. Sobre a data de lançamento, nosso objetivo é fornecer um ETA ainda nesta semana. Obrigado!

    Matrix Team Brazil: our CFW was developed from scratch, so we believe it is safer and does not require so many updates. About the release date, our goal is to provide an ETA this week. Thank you!

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    • avatar favio says:

      Hola, Matrix Team Brasil, esta bueno que uno eliga que CFW y forma de desbloqueo , le quiera poner a una xbox 360, pero estas haciendo mala competencia en el foro de C4eva, Tene mas respeto, muchos años husastes los CFW de C4eva, en tu xbox 360, pareciera que tenes envidia. larga el CFW y punto no des tantas vueltas, decis que es mas seguro , eso hay que probarlo, yo hace años que estou en LIVE y nunca me banearon. Tu producto hay que verlo. No seas arrogante.

      Hello, Matrix Team Brazil this good Choose one CFW and release form, I want to put a xbox 360 but are doing bad competition c4eva forum, Tene more respect, many years husastes the c4eva CFW in Xbox 360, it seems that you got envy. long the CFW and not give many laps point, you say it is safe, it must try, I estou on for years and I never banearon LIVE. Your product has to be seen. Do not be arrogant.

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  15. avatar thepram says:

    let the testing begins !!

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  16. avatar John C says:

    Will he go to work on the hitachi 0500/0502 or the 1532?

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  17. avatar mryondaime03 says:

    c4eva like a boss

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  18. avatar justjack says:


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  19. avatar king says:

    and now you can try hack PS3 as you said on your website o/

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  20. avatar beldy says:

    Thanks for the great and hard work, looking forward to that testing will be smooth and hassle free, thanks again :)

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  21. avatar anony says:

    once this is released, will the hitachi 78/79 drives be the next priority?

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  22. avatar Tomaz Turbano (Brasil) says:

    O Brasil está ancioso e torcendo em peso por nocias animadoras dos testes do
    Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S FW. Obrigado pelo trabalho duro. Tô doido pra jogar DARKSIDERS II!!!

    Brazil is eager and cheering weight by encouraging nocias of tests
    Lite-On DG-16D5S FW 1175. Thanks for the hard work. I'm dying to play Darksiders II!!

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  23. avatar Mauro says:

    Ansioso, visitando diariamente de hora em hora em busca de novidades! Não aguento mais ler: IN PROGRESS :-(

    Eager, visiting daily hourly looking for new stuff! I can not stand reading: IN PROGRESS :-(

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  24. avatar anonymous says:

    I cannot understand you kids keep whining..
    don't you understand they CANNOT give an ETA on when the Testing stage begins or when it gets released?
    wait for it ffs..

    Cheers to C4E.. I always have loved your work eversince I started using your firmware on my old phatty..
    keep up the good work and ignore the ungreatful kids around here. ( saying this as a developer myself ).

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  25. avatar jeckel says:

    cool thanks for the info, but i find it odd that you stated the x3ky as well?? (thanks for the info for both because i have both :-) )

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  26. avatar Osca Rai says:

    Vamos lá C4EVA! Estou super ansioso para ver meu xbox destravado! Vocês são os melhores! Acelera aí! Eu sou muito fã de vocês!

    Come C4EVA! I'm super excited to see my xbox unlocked! You are the best! Accelerates there! I'm a big fan of yours!

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  27. avatar favio says:

    Bans, by playing Halo 4 before the official start, you have to be stupid …..

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  28. avatar phbgjf says:

    and how is Hitachi 78 coming along?

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    • avatar admin says:

      Right now, all efforts are focused on getting LT+ v3.0 for Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S out the door. Lite-On 1532 will likely be next, so Hitachi 78/79 will be later on.

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  29. avatar skype465 says:

    one question the lt+v3.0 gone be work in trinity and coronas

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  30. avatar Angelo says:

    I love the sound of this, I can feel a positive vibe lol. Let the testing begin.

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  31. avatar apenasesclareçaminhasdúvidas says:

    Admin I would like to know if there is any way to do the Reset Glitch 2.015574 dash? Thanks

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  32. avatar ginnmaster says:

    1175 should be "IN TESTING"… C4eva working now at hitachi 0500.

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    • avatar admin says:

      1175 has not actually entered team testing stage yet. The site will be updated accordingly once it does.

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      • avatar yafee says:

        i think ,no need to waste time to wait ur 1175 Lt work……….:( maybe not releases and work on its lt+,,,,:-((

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      • avatar User19375728 says:

        so whats the problem? why is the testing delayed? Just wondering because firmware was finished as announced and working on c4e's pcb or am i wrong? So why hasn't the testing started yet?

        I really appreciate your work and i'm not whining when it will be released i'm just wondering what's going on atm.

        I don't want to offend you, i just hope to get some information.

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        • avatar admin says:

          Because it hasn't. Not that any explanation is owed, but the PCBs are being finalized and then need to be sent to all members of the team for use in testing. Until that happens, the full testing phase can't begin.

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          • avatar MickJTAGger says:

            Say, admin, obviously you can't tell anyone exactly WHERE in the world the various testers are, but, based on your experience, how long would you estimate it taking for all the testers to receive the PCBs once they're finished? Thanks!

          • avatar admin says:

            It usually takes only a few days for all team members to receive items. As for testing, the length of time needed varies depending on the extent of the tests being done, each team member's own schedule, whether any issues are found and need to be fixed, and other factors.

          • avatar MickJTAGger says:

            Thanks, Admin!

            So, just double-checking: We're all waiting for the PCBs to be finished and sent out to the testers. After they're done testing it, c4eva will release 3.0 for 1175 to the public and Team Matrix will release the PCBs to the public. After this happens… are we just waiting on a new Jungle Flasher to (using either X360USB or X360USB V2) extract the key from the drive for an ODDE like Wasabi360 or XK3Y?

            For those of us who want the custom firmware, will we need some special piece of hardware to extract the key from the original drive and put it on the new PCB?


          • avatar admin says:

            All those additional details will be announced when the time is right. ;)

  33. avatar slyker says:

    Comprei meu xbox360 a cerca de 1 ano, e infelizmente veio com o driver 1175. E como os jogos no Brasil são ABSURDAMENTE caros, não optei por comprar jogos, apenas tenho o BF3 que paguei 200 R$ quase chorando.

    Agora acho um absurdo essa "briga" entre os "fãs" da Matrix Team e da C4eva pra ver qual será lançado primeiro e qual é a melhor. Não há necessidade de denegrir a outra equipe, as duas estão de PARABÉNS, pois sempre estão à fazer o melhor para nos agradar, e qual sair primeiro está mais que ótimo! :D

    Como a C4eva e a Matrix Team mencionou que o FW já está completo e logo entrará para a fazer de testes, portanto parem de ficar implorando pra eles se apressarem. Sei que estamos todos ansiosos mas se já esperaram até agora, o que custa esperar mais um pouco? ;D

    Estou que nem o Mauro disse, programei a página do 1175 para atualizar de 6 em 6 horas e estou super ansioso para que apareça "IN PROGRESS". hahahahaha

    Abraços e parabéns pelo trabalho c4eva! QUE VENHA O DESBLOQUEIO 1175 o/

    I bought my xbox360 about 1 year, and unfortunately came with the 1175 driver. And as the games in Brazil are absurdly expensive, I opted to not buy games, just got BF3 £ 200 I paid almost crying.

    Now I think this is absurd "fight" between the "fans" of the Matrix Team and C4eva to see which will be released first and which is the best. No need to denigrate the other team, the two are in CONGRATULATIONS, as always are to do their best to please us, and which leave first is more than great! :D

    How to C4eva and Team Matrix mentioned that FW is already complete and soon will do for testing, so stop begging to get them to hurry. I know we're all anxious but have waited until now, costing wait a little longer? And D

    I'm told that neither Mauro, programmed to page 1175 to upgrade from 6 in 6 hours and I'm super anxious to display "IN PROGRESS". hahahahaha

    Hugs and congratulations for the work c4eva! COMING RELEASE The 1175 o/

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  34. avatar Syndicate.N7 says:

    Уважаемые администраторы! у меня есть вопрос ! можно ли поставить glitch hack на LT+ V3.0 1175?

    Dear administrators! I have a question! whether you can put a glitch on hack LT + V3.0 1175?

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  35. avatar Anonymous says:

    the matter now is (in progress) and thats it

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  36. avatar Anonymous says:


    Each time you open the 1175 pages are expected, but the lack of time disappointed! I hope as soon as possible liberation, Long live C4!!!

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  37. avatar abdel says:

    plz c4eva give us more details of LT ultimate ???

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  38. avatar Vale says:

    admin, did c4 encounteredvv problems? It's been 3 weeks since "development work on the 1175 fw is complete, it will shortly move from the "in progress" to "in testing" stage."

    I'm not whining, but i think everybody here would like to receive some news about how his work is going on.


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  39. avatar yasser says:

    how can i know my drive model and version ? , thx

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  40. avatar Syndicate.N7 says:

    Заключение ваше будет в том что прошивка 1175 будет как и остальные приводы?

    Your conclusion is that the firmware will be in 1175 as well as other drives?

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  41. avatar Syndicate.N7 says:

    The Xecuter Lite-On DG-16D5S 1175 Unlotsked Skok will it cost?

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  42. avatar Syndicate.N7 says:

    Можно заменить привод Лите-он 1175?

    You can replace the drive Lite-on in 1175?

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  43. avatar Syndicate.N7 says:

    Good people you Good luck to you!

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  44. avatar yasser says:

    i use now new the Xecuter Lite-On DG-16D5S for 1175 , it working good and enjoying all games now :) , good job men :) , congratulations , really good job .

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  45. avatar yasser says:

    my last 2 digits in my xbox serial number is 09 , where this device manufuctured ?

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