c4eva Spoke! (2012-10-05 [team channel])

[2012-10-05 08:45AM UTC] <c4eva> LT+ V3.0 for 1175 complete, rechecking code!

[Editor's note: now that c4eva's development work on the 1175 fw is complete, it will shortly move from the "in progress" to "in testing" stage. When testing begins, this change will be reflected in the Firmware Status table on c4evaSpeaks.com, and on the dedicated LiteOn1175.com page.]

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  1. avatar Dartz says:

    thank you c4eva waiting fort testing

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  2. avatar Pedro says:

    alguém podem me dizer quando chegará esse drive chegará ao brasil Thank you very much c4eva you are my hero for console so c4eva and the $$$ so ???

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  3. avatar abnan says:

    another good news :

    Matrix Team Brasil : estamos aguardando o término do feriado na China. Como disse acima, as próximas semanas serão bem interessantes! :-)

    Matrix Team Brazil: we are awaiting the end of the holiday in China. As said above, the coming weeks will be very interesting! :-)

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  4. avatar abnan says:

    Matrix Team Brasil : o nosso CFW foi desenvolvido do zero, portanto acreditamos que seja mais seguro e que não requeira tantas atualizações. Sobre a data de lançamento, nosso objetivo é fornecer um ETA ainda nesta semana. Obrigado!

    Matrix Team Brazil: our CFW was developed from scratch, so we believe it is safer and does not require so many updates. About the release date, our goal is to provide an ETA this week. Thank you!

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    • avatar favio says:

      Hola, Matrix Team Brasil, esta bueno que uno eliga que CFW y forma de desbloqueo , le quiera poner a una xbox 360, pero estas haciendo mala competencia en el foro de C4eva, Tene mas respeto, muchos años husastes los CFW de C4eva, en tu xbox 360, pareciera que tenes envidia. larga el CFW y punto no des tantas vueltas, decis que es mas seguro , eso hay que probarlo, yo hace años que estou en LIVE y nunca me banearon. Tu producto hay que verlo. No seas arrogante.

      Hello, Matrix Team Brazil this good Choose one CFW and release form, I want to put a xbox 360 but are doing bad competition c4eva forum, Tene more respect, many years husastes the c4eva CFW in Xbox 360, it seems that you got envy. long the CFW and not give many laps point, you say it is safe, it must try, I estou on for years and I never banearon LIVE. Your product has to be seen. Do not be arrogant.

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  5. avatar thepram says:

    let the testing begins !!

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  6. avatar John C says:

    Will he go to work on the hitachi 0500/0502 or the 1532?

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  7. avatar mryondaime03 says:

    c4eva like a boss

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  8. avatar justjack says:


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  9. avatar king says:

    and now you can try hack PS3 as you said on your website o/

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  10. avatar beldy says:

    Thanks for the great and hard work, looking forward to that testing will be smooth and hassle free, thanks again :)

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