c4eva Spoke! (2012-10-05 [team channel])

[2012-10-05 08:45AM UTC] <c4eva> LT+ V3.0 for 1175 complete, rechecking code!

[Editor's note: now that c4eva's development work on the 1175 fw is complete, it will shortly move from the "in progress" to "in testing" stage. When testing begins, this change will be reflected in the Firmware Status table on c4evaSpeaks.com, and on the dedicated LiteOn1175.com page.]

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  1. avatar anony says:

    once this is released, will the hitachi 78/79 drives be the next priority?

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  2. avatar Tomaz Turbano (Brasil) says:

    O Brasil está ancioso e torcendo em peso por nocias animadoras dos testes do
    Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S FW. Obrigado pelo trabalho duro. Tô doido pra jogar DARKSIDERS II!!!

    Brazil is eager and cheering weight by encouraging nocias of tests
    Lite-On DG-16D5S FW 1175. Thanks for the hard work. I'm dying to play Darksiders II!!

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  3. avatar Mauro says:

    Ansioso, visitando diariamente de hora em hora em busca de novidades! Não aguento mais ler: IN PROGRESS :-(

    Eager, visiting daily hourly looking for new stuff! I can not stand reading: IN PROGRESS :-(

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  4. avatar anonymous says:

    I cannot understand you kids keep whining..
    don't you understand they CANNOT give an ETA on when the Testing stage begins or when it gets released?
    wait for it ffs..

    Cheers to C4E.. I always have loved your work eversince I started using your firmware on my old phatty..
    keep up the good work and ignore the ungreatful kids around here. ( saying this as a developer myself ).

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  5. avatar jeckel says:

    cool thanks for the info, but i find it odd that you stated the x3ky as well?? (thanks for the info for both because i have both :-) )

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  6. avatar Osca Rai says:

    Vamos lá C4EVA! Estou super ansioso para ver meu xbox destravado! Vocês são os melhores! Acelera aí! Eu sou muito fã de vocês!

    Come C4EVA! I'm super excited to see my xbox unlocked! You are the best! Accelerates there! I'm a big fan of yours!

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  7. avatar favio says:

    Bans, by playing Halo 4 before the official start, you have to be stupid …..

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  8. avatar phbgjf says:

    and how is Hitachi 78 coming along?

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    • avatar admin says:

      Right now, all efforts are focused on getting LT+ v3.0 for Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S out the door. Lite-On 1532 will likely be next, so Hitachi 78/79 will be later on.

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  9. avatar skype465 says:

    one question the lt+v3.0 gone be work in trinity and coronas

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  10. avatar Angelo says:

    I love the sound of this, I can feel a positive vibe lol. Let the testing begin.

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