c4eva Spoke! (2012-10-17 #fw)

[2012-10-17 05:19AM UTC] #fw <Sikbeni> cfw for me on 360 though, not hating on xkey but c4eva is the man, not just saying that neither
[2012-10-17 05:20AM UTC] #fw <Sikbeni> tx and team jungle w/ c4eva ftw
[2012-10-17 05:21AM UTC] #fw <Sikbeni> been a supporter of c4e since the very early days where they laughed at c4eva when he discussed wanting to mod the 360 drives
[2012-10-17 05:21AM UTC] #fw <Sikbeni> if c4eva ever comments he'll remember I'm sure
[2012-10-17 05:22AM UTC] #fw <BillyRR> no one everlaughed at c4e
[2012-10-17 05:22AM UTC] #fw <Sikbeni> BillyRR, when c4eva actually chats ask him yourself
[2012-10-17 05:23AM UTC] #fw <BillyRR> he modded the xbox 1 drives before 360
[2012-10-17 05:23AM UTC] #fw <Sikbeni> are you saying that c4eva is Thespecialist?
[2012-10-17 05:24AM UTC] #fw <giglife> hey hey now
[2012-10-17 05:24AM UTC] #fw <Sikbeni> just asking, no one is arguing
[2012-10-17 05:24AM UTC] #fw <BillyRR> :D
[2012-10-17 05:24AM UTC] #fw <Sikbeni> OG XBOX was thespecialists realm
[2012-10-17 05:24AM UTC] #fw <Sikbeni> team xexcuter had some awesome products on OG xbox
[2012-10-17 05:26AM UTC] #fw <Sikbeni> c4eva u there?
[2012-10-17 05:27AM UTC] #fw <Sikbeni> c4eva remember the guys who doubted you back in the early days? I wish i had the url
[2012-10-17 05:27AM UTC] #fw <Sikbeni> i remember them laughing at c4eva, the laugh is on them now
[2012-10-17 05:27AM UTC] #fw <Sikbeni> well has been on them for years
[2012-10-17 05:28AM UTC] #fw <Sikbeni> i',m certain c4eva remembers this still
[2012-10-17 05:30AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> yes :)
[2012-10-17 05:31AM UTC] #fw <Sikbeni> see he remembers!
[2012-10-17 05:32AM UTC] #fw <Sikbeni> i remember saying I hope he makes something of it and c4eva did!
[2012-10-17 05:32AM UTC] #fw <Sikbeni> props to you c4eva, some of us beleived in you even back then man! :)
[2012-10-17 05:34AM UTC] #fw <Sikbeni> i remember it being Xbox hacker

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  1. avatar droozilla says:

    behold the power of a commodore

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