c4eva Spoke! (2012-10-20 #fw)

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[2012-10-20 07:19AM UTC] #fw <SOL> but most wanted was the best in the seris imo
[2012-10-20 07:19AM UTC] #fw <SOL> or underground
[2012-10-20 07:20AM UTC] #fw <Moomin> MomDad: razor callahan :]
[2012-10-20 07:20AM UTC] #fw <MomDad> hehe
[2012-10-20 07:20AM UTC] #fw <Moomin> you have to watch the cutscenes on youtube man when you have time, it will really make you happy
[2012-10-20 07:21AM UTC] #fw <Moomin> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ABEzh8KTeI
[2012-10-20 07:24AM UTC] #fw <Andrew|> My old xbox is banned and always run xtreme5.3 (old old) and always flashed using iprep for my sammy ms28. I came accross a game that needed overburning yesterday, I read I need lt2.01. I tried flashing it using iprep and it wont read any media (not even originals). What am I doing wrong?
[2012-10-20 07:25AM UTC] #fw <MomDad> using iPrep, for one
[2012-10-20 07:25AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> play on hard
[2012-10-20 07:25AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> moh
[2012-10-20 07:25AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> its not like veteran
[2012-10-20 07:25AM UTC] #fw <MomDad> JungleFlasher is what you want, Andrew|
[2012-10-20 07:25AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> and it makes it so u need to take some cover
[2012-10-20 07:25AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> just smashed SICK driving level – next ch inspired by true events niceeee its got a rambo/seal team feel :x
[2012-10-20 07:25AM UTC] #fw <MomDad> (jungleflasher.net)
[2012-10-20 07:25AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> not sure how much is left tho :/
[2012-10-20 07:25AM UTC] #fw <MomDad> tutorial PDF comes with it in the archive
[2012-10-20 07:25AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> Most Wanted nov?
[2012-10-20 07:25AM UTC] #fw <MomDad> yep
[2012-10-20 07:26AM UTC] #fw <Andrew|> thanks. with jungleflash do I need any additional hardware? or does it work the same way with sending the MTK command by turning the drive off for 10-15 secs?
[2012-10-20 07:26AM UTC] #fw <MomDad> for Sammy you'll be ok with what you have, just follow the guide
[2012-10-20 07:27AM UTC] #fw <Andrew|> thank you!
[2012-10-20 07:34AM UTC] #fw <Roho> So does Halo 4 live upto the name?
[2012-10-20 07:35AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: DOUBLE HEADER – Kill two enemies with one bullet in the Chaning Tides Mission
[2012-10-20 07:35AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> ya
[2012-10-20 07:35AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> play on legendary
[2012-10-20 07:35AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> music owns
[2012-10-20 07:35AM UTC] #fw <Roho> nice
[2012-10-20 07:35AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> moh is pretty nice
[2012-10-20 07:35AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> listen to the ai
[2012-10-20 07:35AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> call out
[2012-10-20 07:35AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> 2 oclock
[2012-10-20 07:35AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> he said
[2012-10-20 07:35AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> try and take em both out with 1 bullet
[2012-10-20 07:35AM UTC] #fw <Roho> gonna download those to and bond legends, have some catching up to do
[2012-10-20 07:35AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> playing on hard
[2012-10-20 07:35AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> 1 nice shot SPLAT
[2012-10-20 07:35AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> achievement :)
[2012-10-20 07:36AM UTC] #fw <haruken> bond legends looks shit tbh
[2012-10-20 07:36AM UTC] #fw <Roho> oh really, well let's see, will try it out
[2012-10-20 07:37AM UTC] #fw <Roho> I'm guessing MOH should be decent, really enjoyed the last one
[2012-10-20 07:42AM UTC] #fw <Andrew|> another question. is xtreme5.3 bad to use now? i thought it would play all?
[2012-10-20 07:43AM UTC] #fw <haruken> depends on the drive
[2012-10-20 07:43AM UTC] #fw <Andrew|> sammy ms28
[2012-10-20 07:43AM UTC] #fw <Datguy> anyone know a bit about led wiring on a decent sized scale including several led's
[2012-10-20 07:45AM UTC] #fw <Andrew|> it plays all apart from a game i needed to over burn (don't have a burner max writer, so truncated), but it wont play the game, no icon appears when it says play game as well
[2012-10-20 07:45AM UTC] #fw <haruken> what game?
[2012-10-20 07:45AM UTC] #fw <Andrew|> disney rush
[2012-10-20 07:46AM UTC] #fw <Andrew|> but games like ddance central 3 work fine (but didnt need over burning)

[2012-10-20 07:47AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> Andrew:put LT on it
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[2012-10-20 07:48AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> said the man itself! xD
[2012-10-20 07:48AM UTC] #fw <Andrew|> thanks buddy
[2012-10-20 07:48AM UTC] #fw <MomDad> LT v2.01 is the latest for Sammy, Andrew|
[2012-10-20 07:50AM UTC] #fw <Andrew|> thanks. I don't currently have an burner max drive, think it would be wise to get one even though I dont mind if my burns are 100% valid (banned console)?
[2012-10-20 07:50AM UTC] #fw <haruken> are you on a really old dash aswell?
[2012-10-20 07:51AM UTC] #fw <Andrew|> nope, up to date

[2012-10-20 07:51AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> Andrew:Some games will bomb out randomly
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[2012-10-20 10:43PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> who rlzd skyrim
[2012-10-20 10:43PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> ntsc
[2012-10-20 10:44PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> STRANGE was first…
[2012-10-20 10:44PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> FBi and Zero also did
[2012-10-20 10:45PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> ?
[2012-10-20 10:45PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> file name ?
[2012-10-20 10:45PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> strange was pal/rf ?
[2012-10-20 10:45PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> Region: PAL/NTSC-U
[2012-10-20 10:45PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> yah
[2012-10-20 10:45PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> ahh was
[2012-10-20 10:45PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> tx
[2012-10-20 10:45PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> bb
[2012-10-20 10:45PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> :)
[2012-10-20 10:45PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> Skyrim_The_Elder_Scrolls_V_PAL_XBOX360-STRANGE
[2012-10-20 10:45PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> was gonna say
[2012-10-20 10:47PM UTC] #fw <Q[--_--]D> strange is usually pal/multi
[2012-10-20 10:51PM UTC] #fw <edge06> ran out of ports on my router, so want to add more.. so a switch is what I want right?
[2012-10-20 10:51PM UTC] #fw <edge06> but will all the ports on the switch share the same ip?
[2012-10-20 10:53PM UTC] #fw <flyman20> or a router with more ports
[2012-10-20 10:56PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> it will act like more ports on your router
[2012-10-20 10:56PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> more IPs
[2012-10-20 10:57PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> no two devices can share an IP on a network
[2012-10-20 10:58PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> and a home router can handle a lot more than the 5 or 6 ports it has built in
[2012-10-20 11:11PM UTC] #fw <bpearl> anybody play MOH online
[2012-10-20 11:11PM UTC] #fw <winnin> I woulden't atm
[2012-10-20 11:11PM UTC] #fw <winnin> there doing massivs bans
[2012-10-20 11:12PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> god, why would you ask that?
[2012-10-20 11:13PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> is in not clearly the stupidist thing ever to play titles early on Live?
[2012-10-20 11:13PM UTC] #fw <winnin> unless you have the real disk
[2012-10-20 11:13PM UTC] #fw <winnin> theres a store here in LA that sells games as soon as thye get the shipment
[2012-10-20 11:13PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> even then
[2012-10-20 11:14PM UTC] #fw <winnin> I always do it
[2012-10-20 11:14PM UTC] #fw <winnin> with the real disk
[2012-10-20 11:14PM UTC] #fw <winnin> never had an issue
[2012-10-20 11:14PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> real disc early = early play
[2012-10-20 11:14PM UTC] #fw <winnin> ive done it with gears 3, wwe 12, nba 2k13, and madden 13
[2012-10-20 11:14PM UTC] #fw <winnin> no issues
[2012-10-20 11:14PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> then you're stupid lucky… keep it up with AAA titles
[2012-10-20 11:15PM UTC] #fw <winnin> they don't care
[2012-10-20 11:15PM UTC] #fw <winnin> if it's the real disk
[2012-10-20 11:15PM UTC] #fw <winnin> it's the modded ones that there banning
[2012-10-20 11:16PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> you think they can tell the diff between a real disc and a proper backup w/ proper CFW? how do you think this continues to work?
[2012-10-20 11:16PM UTC] #fw <bpearl> because i asked thats why @CarpeDiem u don't have to respond u know
[2012-10-20 11:16PM UTC] #fw <winnin> it's not hard
[2012-10-20 11:17PM UTC] #fw <winnin> just do a firmware scan on the dvd drive
[2012-10-20 11:17PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> god, it must be the weekend
[2012-10-20 11:17PM UTC] #fw <winnin> it's how they have gotten everyone in the past
[2012-10-20 11:17PM UTC] #fw <winnin> i had a console banned that never played games early before
[2012-10-20 11:17PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> cool story

[2012-10-20 11:17PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> winnin:interesting, never thought of that :)
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[2012-10-20 11:27PM UTC] #fw <winnin> store by my house sells used 360's for $79…
[2012-10-20 11:28PM UTC] #fw <winnin> get banned just buy a used 360 same as buyin the game almost lol
[2012-10-20 11:28PM UTC] #fw <bpearl> ^^^^ikr
[2012-10-20 11:28PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> I've seen peeps get banned after midnight the day of release.. so enjoy
[2012-10-20 11:28PM UTC] #fw <winnin> use to be delayed bans
[2012-10-20 11:28PM UTC] #fw <bpearl> i haven't
[2012-10-20 11:28PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> difference in experience, I guess
[2012-10-20 11:28PM UTC] #fw <bpearl> since cod
[2012-10-20 11:32PM UTC] #fw <winnin> wish BO 2 got leaked not halo >_>
[2012-10-20 11:32PM UTC] #fw <winnin> then i'd be the sucker iwth an XBL ban lol
[2012-10-20 11:32PM UTC] #fw <flyman20> what is BO@?
[2012-10-20 11:32PM UTC] #fw <flyman20> BO2?
[2012-10-20 11:32PM UTC] #fw <winnin> baclops
[2012-10-20 11:32PM UTC] #fw <winnin> black ops 2
[2012-10-20 11:32PM UTC] #fw <flyman20> oh
[2012-10-20 11:34PM UTC] #fw <kufi> it leaked
[2012-10-20 11:35PM UTC] #fw <fifa13> i haven't played black ops 1 yet lol
[2012-10-20 11:35PM UTC] #fw <winnin> what did?
[2012-10-20 11:35PM UTC] #fw <kufi> bo2
[2012-10-20 11:35PM UTC] #fw <winnin> lies.
[2012-10-20 11:39PM UTC] #fw <winnin> im soo glad Jeopardy got leaked
[2012-10-20 11:39PM UTC] #fw <winnin> now I have something to do
[2012-10-20 11:40PM UTC] #fw <winnin> best connect trailer ever
[2012-10-20 11:40PM UTC] #fw <winnin> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-dCkEa4rGU
[2012-10-20 11:40PM UTC] #fw <T4> no one cares
[2012-10-20 11:40PM UTC] #fw <winnin> lies.
[2012-10-20 11:48PM UTC] #fw <Malacha1> all things being equal, the only difference between a fool and a wise man is experience
[2012-10-20 11:49PM UTC] #fw <President> hello
[2012-10-20 11:49PM UTC] #fw <Malacha1> and many of us here have had experiences with Xbox Live for 7 years now
[2012-10-20 11:49PM UTC] #fw <Malacha1> so if someone tells you it's not safe to play – it's not safe to play, period.
[2012-10-20 11:49PM UTC] #fw <BL4K3Y> Malacha1, yeah but how many people listen?
[2012-10-20 11:49PM UTC] #fw <BL4K3Y> or read rather. hey President
[2012-10-20 11:50PM UTC] #fw <Malacha1> well then they just have to play the part of the fool and learn on their own skin, don't they :D
[2012-10-20 11:50PM UTC] #fw <BL4K3Y> make something idiot proof = more idiots usually lol
[2012-10-20 11:50PM UTC] #fw <Malacha1> i bet they'll be here crying the second MS starts handing out bans again
[2012-10-20 11:50PM UTC] #fw <Malacha1> indeed
[2012-10-20 11:50PM UTC] #fw <Malacha1> that's why nothing should be idiot proof :D
[2012-10-20 11:50PM UTC] #fw <Malacha1> weed them out, as it were :)
[2012-10-20 11:51PM UTC] #fw <BL4K3Y> in terms of drive flashing, the jf pdf is about as idiot proof as it gets. yet still people get it wrong
[2012-10-20 11:51PM UTC] #fw <Malacha1> well yeah, but they have to READ, man.
[2012-10-20 11:51PM UTC] #fw <Malacha1> I mean who READS lol.
[2012-10-20 11:51PM UTC] #fw <BL4K3Y> i get told off often for spoon feeding lol
[2012-10-20 11:51PM UTC] #fw <BL4K3Y> im a kind soul xD haha
[2012-10-20 11:52PM UTC] #fw <Malacha1> ah well, it's all karma man
[2012-10-20 11:52PM UTC] #fw <President> we need to set up a complaints channel and ignore everyone in there
[2012-10-20 11:52PM UTC] #fw <President> rofl
[2012-10-20 11:52PM UTC] #fw <Malacha1> it'll work in your favor one way or the other
[2012-10-20 11:52PM UTC] #fw <BL4K3Y> lol
[2012-10-20 11:52PM UTC] #fw <BL4K3Y> mode m ftw! hah

[2012-10-20 11:52PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello
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[2012-10-20 11:52PM UTC] #fw <BL4K3Y> greetings, c4
[2012-10-20 11:53PM UTC] #fw <Malacha1> <3
[2012-10-20 11:53PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> good day, c4!
[2012-10-20 11:54PM UTC] #fw <Malacha1> Let me start then – how soon can we expect 1175 to be released c4e?
[2012-10-20 11:54PM UTC] #fw <bonger1> evening c4

[2012-10-20 11:56PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> soon :)
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[2012-10-20 11:56PM UTC] #fw <kufi> :D
[2012-10-20 11:56PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> what else did you expect? :) always in the subjective
[2012-10-20 11:57PM UTC] #fw <BL4K3Y> lol
[2012-10-20 11:57PM UTC] #fw <Malacha1> did you notice any new checks in 16197 that we should know about
[2012-10-20 11:57PM UTC] #fw <BL4K3Y> judging by the post on xecuter (by xecuter) forums, the pcb is working great with the fw.
[2012-10-20 11:57PM UTC] #fw <Malacha1> is LT 3.0 still as safe as it ever was?
[2012-10-20 11:59PM UTC] #fw <Malacha1> and why, in your opionion, has there been such a long period of "calm" in MS banning practices?
[2012-10-20 11:59PM UTC] #fw <Malacha1> going on almost 3 years now, right?

[2012-10-20 11:59PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> ask stepto :)

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