c4eva Spoke! (2012-10-28 #fw)

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[2012-10-28 12:03AM UTC] #fw <||lucid||> i wouldnt
[2012-10-28 12:04AM UTC] #fw <David_28> http://hristos84.wix.com/paypalcashgen2012
[2012-10-28 12:04AM UTC] #fw <sn00py> optical drives do get dirty
[2012-10-28 12:04AM UTC] #fw <chub> would changing EEPROM settings do anything?
[2012-10-28 12:04AM UTC] #fw <||lucid||> are you using verbs?
[2012-10-28 12:05AM UTC] #fw <chub> yes mkm 001s from about 5 years ago
[2012-10-28 12:06AM UTC] #fw <chub> what is good spped…i tried 2.4x twice
[2012-10-28 12:06AM UTC] #fw <||lucid||> 4x opc enabled
[2012-10-28 12:06AM UTC] #fw <||lucid||> i do all options on my ihas124b
[2012-10-28 12:07AM UTC] #fw <chub> ok ill try again
[2012-10-28 12:07AM UTC] #fw <||lucid||> restart your computer
[2012-10-28 12:07AM UTC] #fw <chub> ok
[2012-10-28 12:07AM UTC] #fw <chub> brb
[2012-10-28 12:08AM UTC] #fw <David_28> http://hristos84.wix.com/paypalcashgen2012
[2012-10-28 12:10AM UTC] #fw <sn00py> had to just make sure he got that post in about his fraudlent phony app eh
[2012-10-28 12:10AM UTC] #fw <sn00py> ya gotta love those guys
[2012-10-28 12:12AM UTC] #fw <sn00py> makes me wonder why he bothered to use a wix site to post 2 lines of text
[2012-10-28 12:17AM UTC] #fw <gabriella> hy
[2012-10-28 12:19AM UTC] #fw <chub> well, i restarted, reflashed, enabled all and burned a 4x…and it worked
[2012-10-28 12:19AM UTC] #fw <gabriella> hello
[2012-10-28 12:24AM UTC] #fw <gioint> ciao
[2012-10-28 12:24AM UTC] #fw <gabriella> ciao
[2012-10-28 12:25AM UTC] #fw <FukuCB> ciao
[2012-10-28 12:25AM UTC] #fw <pato89> !list
[2012-10-28 12:26AM UTC] #fw <Skidaddy> !list
[2012-10-28 12:28AM UTC] #fw <fortwhent> !list
[2012-10-28 12:32AM UTC] #fw <gLacK> Need_for_Speed_Most_Wanted_XBOX360-STRANGE
[2012-10-28 12:32AM UTC] #fw <gLacK> vrooom vroom
[2012-10-28 12:33AM UTC] #fw <xbox8> is that the new nfs?
[2012-10-28 12:34AM UTC] #fw <gLacK> yeah
[2012-10-28 12:34AM UTC] #fw <xbox8> hm wonder if it leaked for pc
[2012-10-28 12:34AM UTC] #fw <xbox8> ima go check
[2012-10-28 12:34AM UTC] #fw <gLacK> well a clone for PC is out , no crack
[2012-10-28 12:35AM UTC] #fw <Muzza> so Halo 4 ALL THAT ?!?!
[2012-10-28 12:35AM UTC] #fw <fieryUSA> that is the new need for speed? is this like 2006, and nobody told me?
[2012-10-28 12:35AM UTC] #fw <xbox8> Need for Speed Most Wanted Limited Edition FULL UNLOCKED MULTI7
[2012-10-28 12:36AM UTC] #fw <xbox8> ass creed
[2012-10-28 12:36AM UTC] #fw <xbox8> lol
[2012-10-28 12:36AM UTC] #fw <flash67> [8:31pm] <pre> [INFO] [ Need_for_Speed_Most_Wanted_XBOX360-STRANGE ] [ 8082.0MB in 88F ]
[2012-10-28 12:36AM UTC] #fw <flash67> wrong chan
[2012-10-28 12:36AM UTC] #fw <flash67> lol
[2012-10-28 12:38AM UTC] #fw <xbox8> has windows 8 been cracked yet?
[2012-10-28 12:39AM UTC] #fw <xbox8> is there a retail leak?
[2012-10-28 12:39AM UTC] #fw <JJD_> ummm [X]nWo[X]
[2012-10-28 12:39AM UTC] #fw <JJD_> why are you putting a 5 year old game
[2012-10-28 12:39AM UTC] #fw <JJD_> in the topic
[2012-10-28 12:39AM UTC] #fw <gLacK> its new you whacko
[2012-10-28 12:39AM UTC] #fw <JJD_> make that 7 years old
[2012-10-28 12:40AM UTC] #fw <xbox8> no win8 final yet

[2012-10-28 12:41AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> its a new need for speed by the burnout paradise guys
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[2012-10-28 12:42AM UTC] #fw <Muzza> is that the old one ?
[2012-10-28 12:42AM UTC] #fw <Muzza> needs 2012 on her
[2012-10-28 12:42AM UTC] #fw <LO_KEY> its not new, its just new to the 360
[2012-10-28 12:42AM UTC] #fw <gLacK> jc
[2012-10-28 12:42AM UTC] #fw <gLacK> its a new fuxking game
[2012-10-28 12:42AM UTC] #fw <Muzza> so are Halo 4 gfx as good as made out in the press ?
[2012-10-28 12:43AM UTC] #fw <kufi> eipc
[2012-10-28 12:43AM UTC] #fw <kufi> epic
[2012-10-28 12:43AM UTC] #fw <Muzza> epic gfx ?
[2012-10-28 12:44AM UTC] #fw <GeneraLee> LO_KEY: the old most wanted was released on the 360 years ago…this one is totally different

[2012-10-28 12:44AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> :)
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[2012-10-28 06:34PM UTC] #fw <[X]nWo[X]> comma sa va
[2012-10-28 06:34PM UTC] #fw <[X]nWo[X]> est ce que tu fait
[2012-10-28 06:34PM UTC] #fw <[X]nWo[X]> comma sa va
[2012-10-28 06:34PM UTC] #fw <hollyhatt> carpediem use imgburn
[2012-10-28 06:34PM UTC] #fw <[X]nWo[X]> !!!
[2012-10-28 06:39PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> yeah
[2012-10-28 06:40PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> look a little deeper into the guide thread..
[2012-10-28 06:41PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> IMGBURN SETTINGS: Layerbreak: Calculate optimal OPC=OFF
[2012-10-28 06:41PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> EEPROM SETTINGS: SB=ON; FHT=ON; OS=OFF; OHT=OFF
[2012-10-28 06:43PM UTC] #fw <Ded> it says to use those settings in a guide?
[2012-10-28 06:43PM UTC] #fw <Ded> heh
[2012-10-28 06:43PM UTC] #fw <hollyhatt> i dont understand
[2012-10-28 06:43PM UTC] #fw <hollyhatt> now opc off?
[2012-10-28 06:44PM UTC] #fw <Spudnutz> Imgburn Settings – http://pastebin.com/zrKugKsA
[2012-10-28 06:45PM UTC] #fw <assface> hey can anyone get me nonvol dumps for 5100/5101?
[2012-10-28 06:45PM UTC] #fw <rinoa> benqs and samsungs have to be reflashed to original fw before update?
[2012-10-28 06:45PM UTC] #fw <assface> depends
[2012-10-28 06:46PM UTC] #fw <assface> on what dash u have oon 360
[2012-10-28 06:46PM UTC] #fw <rinoa> i got a samsung box i have to check
[2012-10-28 06:46PM UTC] #fw <hollyhatt> carpediem opc off?
[2012-10-28 06:47PM UTC] #fw <Ded> opc=off only with mkm001 discs, mkm003 you want opc on in imgburn
[2012-10-28 06:48PM UTC] #fw <Ded> or leave opc=on w/ mkm001 when forcing 4x speed
[2012-10-28 06:48PM UTC] #fw <hollyhatt> ok then opc on mkm003 4x and just smartburn flagged?
[2012-10-28 06:50PM UTC] #fw <Ded> i say everything enabled except for over speed writing but wouldnt matter if you left that on too. over speed just lets you choose a higher burn speed than the disc rating
[2012-10-28 06:52PM UTC] #fw <Ded> im just going by the results ive had w/ mkm003 for awhile now ..i have everything except for overspeed checked and burns come out clean
[2012-10-28 06:54PM UTC] #fw <rp4k> hardcore geek http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/377193_10151083956034685_1602601399_n.jpg
[2012-10-28 06:55PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> bet she's fun at parties
[2012-10-28 06:55PM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> woah, ms-paint!
[2012-10-28 06:56PM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet57> Hello
[2012-10-28 06:56PM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet57> I thought i would ask here i purchased the ihas 124b flashed it, But my problem is burning my backups i always get high PIF: 10 i have tried all the settings opc/smartburn/online tuning/force tuning/ i am using verbatim 003 singapore 4x burning. That`s the lowest PIF i have got after 10 burns
[2012-10-28 06:57PM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet57> Any help advice would really help thank you,
[2012-10-28 07:00PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> http://www.team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=74721 <– scroll down about 3/4 of the way to where he explains what each setting actually does, or search for the line "First I want to explain a bit about the settings and what they do before we continue:"
[2012-10-28 07:00PM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> recommended settings are listed below that
[2012-10-28 07:02PM UTC] #fw <MarcZ> lol @ halo 4 bans
[2012-10-28 07:02PM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet57> Carpediem: Thank you that`s the settings i used to get the pif 10,
[2012-10-28 07:02PM UTC] #fw <MarcZ> i don't understand how people can still be surprised by bans
[2012-10-28 07:03PM UTC] #fw <MarcZ> and people asking "can i play this online without ms noticing?" 5 hours after the iso is online
[2012-10-28 07:18PM UTC] #fw <MrMagic> Is the fixing abgx is doing for NFS ok? Did Strange not include the correct topology data?
[2012-10-28 07:30PM UTC] #fw <Gorefest> damn
[2012-10-28 07:30PM UTC] #fw <Gorefest> uninstalled nfs from the 360 hdd and played directly from the iso and the audio is still choppy
[2012-10-28 07:32PM UTC] #fw <Gorefest> i ran it thru abgx too
[2012-10-28 07:34PM UTC] #fw <Gorefest> if anyone is playing most wanted, msg me
[2012-10-28 07:35PM UTC] #fw <Polo> not until it gets verified
[2012-10-28 07:36PM UTC] #fw <Gorefest> thats nice
[2012-10-28 07:37PM UTC] #fw <assface> ANYONE INTO MODEM HACKING HERE ?
[2012-10-28 07:38PM UTC] #fw <sileandro> http://team-xecuter.com/
[2012-10-28 07:42PM UTC] #fw <ZorgX> -.- usbflasher takes 1000000 yr -.- good im not on lpt xD lol
[2012-10-28 07:46PM UTC] #fw <MrMagic> Gorefest, did abgx have to fix your NFS too?
[2012-10-28 07:49PM UTC] #fw <Spudnutz> http://team-xecuter.com/c4e-team-xecuter-presents-lt-ultimate-1532-demo/

[2012-10-28 07:54PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> :)

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3 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2012-10-28 #fw)

  1. avatar games says:

    hello i did not exactly match this need for speed with this wosted trouble shooting with burnmax on ihas?

    c4eva vai Burnmax change?

    hugs and thanks!

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  2. avatar doubledd says:

    nice going c4 dude and whole team involved, all slims on table now, love the 1 drive to rule them all, just keeps getting better…massive respect ;)

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  3. avatar jeckel says:

    cool lol looks like it took this much time to get one slim drive done but now it looks like all of them are going to be finished at once

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