c4eva Spoke! (2012-10-30 #fw)

[2012-10-30 12:32AM UTC] #fw <boa> or all drives in general
[2012-10-30 12:32AM UTC] #fw <assface> so whats gonna be new like features on it then
[2012-10-30 12:32AM UTC] #fw <dialtone> the main benefit is not needing a peevious fw dump
[2012-10-30 12:33AM UTC] #fw <dialtone> just need a drive key
[2012-10-30 12:33AM UTC] #fw <assface> oh ok
[2012-10-30 12:33AM UTC] #fw <antrat> new firmware is only for a new replacement pcb for slim drives
[2012-10-30 12:33AM UTC] #fw <dialtone> pre*
[2012-10-30 12:34AM UTC] #fw <[X]nWo[X]> ( boa) is c4 making a new fw for just the new slims
[2012-10-30 12:34AM UTC] #fw <[X]nWo[X]> slims
[2012-10-30 01:19AM UTC] #fw <kufi> did they announce an easier way to obtain dvd key too?
[2012-10-30 01:35AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=95156 :)

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13 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2012-10-30 #fw) (Including One Discussion Thread)

  1. avatar iversenshotrods says:

    are we gong to need the cr3 pro to mod the new drives or can we still use the ck3i and 360usb setup?

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  2. avatar andrea says:

    You did not say that there was no need to RGH to extract the key?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

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  3. avatar lowa east sider says:

    wassup happy it almost here soon released will show up on c4 speaks.

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  4. avatar Destiny64 says:

    bah… rgh forever c4eva. PBC unlocked is bisness..

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  5. avatar Marcus says:

    How is this new scheme is different from ODDE's to "emulate" the right reader device like the x3key?


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  6. avatar Anonymous says:

    Unless you are a professional modder, rghing a console to get the key seems a little silly. I know if there was another way, c4e would tell us, so I'm not complaining in that way. But if you use one rgh kit to get a bunch of people their keys, and charge for it, then you've got a good racket going.

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  7. avatar u2gamer2123 says:

    quick question anyone. any news on the 78/79 hitachis, do they even do ap25 checks maybe thats why c4 hasnt even bothered to work on them, anyways thanks in advance c4 and tx and all those involved for all the work that has been done in past present and future !!

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  8. avatar joxs1507 says:

    There is gonna be a way to do a full dump with JF right? Or we will be only be able to extract dvdkey with RGH? Or at least to extract key with JF, i hope so..

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  9. avatar Enzo says:

    Sorry for this question but, you said you would not need for the extraction of RGH Key, that would mean a lot of money for us:( (PCB + RGH + Flash) ….

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  10. avatar Anonymus says:

    the new LTU v1.0 need to replacement pcb or its a same like LT+ 3.0 (WithOut Replacement PCB' only connect and flash)

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