c4eva Spoke! (2012-10-31 #fw)

[2012-10-31 11:28PM UTC] #fw <samcarl> I currently have a Trinity RGH. Would connecting the 1175 drive to the board give me the DVD key through XeLL?
[2012-10-31 11:29PM UTC] #fw <KneelB4ZD> no
[2012-10-31 11:29PM UTC] #fw <KneelB4ZD> drive key is tied to the board
[2012-10-31 11:30PM UTC] #fw <dialtone> heh yeah
[2012-10-31 11:30PM UTC] #fw <dialtone> otherwise all drive would be pwned
[2012-10-31 11:30PM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> XeLL never touches the dvd drive
[2012-10-31 11:30PM UTC] #fw <dialtone> just connect em to jtags/rgh
[2012-10-31 11:30PM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> it takes the drive key from mobo kv
[2012-10-31 11:31PM UTC] #fw <samcarl> so I would need to RGH the console with the 1175 drive? :(
[2012-10-31 11:31PM UTC] #fw <KneelB4ZD> correct.
[2012-10-31 11:33PM UTC] #fw <dialtone> dvdkey isnt stored on the drive? how does jungleflasher pull the dvdkey when we disconnect the drive from the main board and hook it to our rigs =p
[2012-10-31 11:34PM UTC] #fw <KneelB4ZD> those drives aren't locked like newer drives are
[2012-10-31 11:34PM UTC] #fw <dialtone> altho im sure dvdkey is stored in the kv but wouldnt it have to be on the drive as well
[2012-10-31 11:35PM UTC] #fw <ribbit1> dvd key is in nand and on pcb
[2012-10-31 11:35PM UTC] #fw <dialtone> early slim drives were
[2012-10-31 11:35PM UTC] #fw <samcarl> c4e did say RGH was not needed. Weird.
[2012-10-31 11:35PM UTC] #fw <dialtone> heh yeah thats what i assumed
[2012-10-31 11:35PM UTC] #fw <ribbit1> i thought that
[2012-10-31 11:35PM UTC] #fw <dialtone> the drives control board
[2012-10-31 11:36PM UTC] #fw <KneelB4ZD> yeah there was a correction to what c4e said
[2012-10-31 11:36PM UTC] #fw <KneelB4ZD> guess he thought there was a way but apparently not
[2012-10-31 11:45PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> the key originally dumped from 1175 drive is an aes key,but it was not the dvd key as originally thought. This aes key will still be dumped by the flashing process as it is unique per drive!
[2012-10-31 11:46PM UTC] #fw <KneelB4ZD> ah good to know c4eva thanks
[2012-10-31 11:48PM UTC] #fw <Ded> c4eva sorry if this is asked alot (im not in here very often) but any update on hitachi 78/79 & LT 3.0
[2012-10-31 11:49PM UTC] #fw <SOL|> Ded: have you read teh site?
[2012-10-31 11:49PM UTC] #fw <SOL|> Ded: http://c4evaspeaks.com/ it's usually very very much updaetd
[2012-10-31 11:49PM UTC] #fw <dialtone> Ded: c4e is rarely alive and 2nd check c4evaspeaks, its got the latest info
[2012-10-31 11:49PM UTC] #fw <Ded> SOL| yea i check there all the time lol
[2012-10-31 11:50PM UTC] #fw <SOL|> then it will be there :)
[2012-10-31 11:50PM UTC] #fw <SOL|> it's not there, no new info
[2012-10-31 11:50PM UTC] #fw <Ded> fair enough
[2012-10-31 11:53PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> for 1175/1532 the dvdkey and realtime fw checks have been moved into the drive cpu, complicating things a bit! :)
[2012-10-31 11:56PM UTC] #fw <dialtone> hey c4e can you comment on if kprobe pi/pif results are detectable
[2012-10-31 11:59PM UTC] #fw <XboxNube> I verify everything in ABGX & verify burn but don't run through kprobe
[2012-10-31 11:59PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> kprobe is ensuring disc is readable, to pass civ reads!

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7 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2012-10-31 #fw) (Including One Discussion Thread)

  1. avatar jeckel says:

    it is so nice to see all the drives finishing :-)

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  2. avatar MickJTAGger says:

    Admin, got a question regarding RGH and 1175. I've heard that if you try to go online with an RGHed console, you're extremely likely to get banned. Since RGH is the only means of getting the DVD key to program the replacement PCB, does it still pose a risk of being banned? Or does replacing the PCB make the console seem like it was never RGHed? Thanks!

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