c4eva Spoke! (2012-11-09 #c4e)

[2012-11-09 09:01PM UTC] #c4e <beeda> hi
[2012-11-09 09:07PM UTC] #c4e <beeda> any news on the hitachi fw?
[2012-11-09 09:09PM UTC] #c4e <SiD> we know the same as you
[2012-11-09 09:09PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> finished all code, took longer than expected, damn mn103, checking!
[2012-11-09 09:12PM UTC] #c4e <beeda> woot the master himself o.o :D
[2012-11-09 09:12PM UTC] #c4e <\Akito\> c4eva has spoken!
[2012-11-09 09:13PM UTC] #c4e <beeda> so finished means you are releasing it now? oder does is still have to be tested?
[2012-11-09 09:16PM UTC] #c4e <kRypt0n> usually testing comes after coding, then release
[2012-11-09 09:17PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> testing via a few to ensure all is good, not long!

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50 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2012-11-09 #c4e) (Including 8 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Nightrider says:

    Hope that Hitachi DL10N's fw release will not delay anymore!!
    Really, I can't afford buying original games!!
    Thanks guys you're making justice !!

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      Wow… just wow…

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      • avatar Nightrider says:

        why you are downgrading my comment!!
        i'm thanking the c4eva for their efforts !!!

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        • avatar Anonymous says:

          Hey night since u can't buy the official games even after u should to support them, does this mean your one of these stupid people taking my tax money and have an Obama Phone and then taking more of my money and upgrading it to a smart phone ?

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          • avatar Nightrider says:

            i'm not from USA, I have no smart phone!!!
            I got my xbox as aa present!!
            I'm from Tunisia, the price of an xbox here is three times the minimum wage.
            Games are so expensive for us!!
            we can't afford it!!

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    Ungrateful bastard

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  3. avatar Anonymous says:

    c4 doesn't owe you anything. It's funny, just from those three words you typed I can tell just how s**tty your personality is. You must not have a lot of close friends.

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  4. avatar Stavross says:

    I just cant understand ungreatful people
    Paitents is a virtue, or supposedly so.

    Thanks to C4eva and TX for all your hard work, and many hours of spare time, to make this possible for all of us.

    Big thumbs up from Ireland.. We Salute you.

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  5. avatar richy76 says:

    C4 will ltu work with the old tx board for the d4s

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  6. avatar Dogway says:

    so happy, at last old hitachi receives some love and care! Take your time and ensure everything is fine please, I (we?) don't care to wait a bit more if that means it becomes safer.

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  7. avatar markin says:

    sera que sai esse mês

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    • avatar Eric Almeida says:

      pois é esperando com bastante ansiedade!

      it is quite anxious waiting!

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      • avatar Molina Edelcio says:

        Cara, me explica uma coisa, saindo a atualização para o 16D5S quer dizer que poderei coletar a key sem RGH e ser feliz!?

        Man, tells me one thing, doing the upgrade to 16D5S mean I can collect the key without RGH and be happy?

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        • avatar Robb says:

          Some search would help!
          Dá uma pesquisada que ajuda!

          [2012-10-31 11:31PM UTC] #fw so I would need to RGH the console with the 1175 drive?
          [2012-10-31 11:31PM UTC] #fw correct.
          [2012-10-31 11:35PM UTC] #fw c4e did say RGH was not needed. Weird.
          [2012-10-31 11:36PM UTC] #fw yeah there was a correction to what c4e said
          [2012-10-31 11:53PM UTC] #fw for 1175/1532 the dvdkey and realtime fw checks have been moved into the drive cpu, complicating things a bit!

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        • avatar admin says:

          For DG-16D5S you must RGH to get the DVD Key, there is no alternative.

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          • avatar gledimrock says:

            I wonder if the same kit can be used to get 2 keys, or each xbox need one kit.

            My friend will buy the kit, i want know he can get my key with his kit too. (in case, my xbox and his with one kit)

            sorry for english

            best regards.

          • avatar admin says:

            Yes, the kit can be re-used again in the scenario you described.

  8. avatar Tom Hanks says:

    I know this is a dumb question but I have read from this same site that in most cases it is still safe. Let’s say IMARS did my back up. There is still no verified version of NASCAR inside the lines through abgx360. So I assume it is not live safe at this point. Since it has been out for well over a week I figured it is not going to be verified. Thanks in advance

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    • avatar Ibanezzer says:

      It will prolly be verified. Sometimes it takes a few days. Basically, someone has to upload the retail disc data to the abgx database. That means someone either has to buy the game or rent it. Then they rip the game and upload it. When you run your backup through abgx, it is compared to the database version. For the most part, it will be patched and ready to burn for live play, provided it has the same media ID as your ISO. If it is an XGD3 title, it should be safe for live play. Run it through abgx to make sure it passes everything except the last check and it should be ok.

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  9. avatar Vlack says:

    Children Children, calm down, there is no need for a temper tantrum. I know you feel the irational need to bash people over, dare I say it, being eager for an update(Gasp), and then label them as ungrateful bastards because of your own egoic nature to put others below you whenever you get the chance. Cute.

    You are right btw, c4eva doesn't owe us anything, that does not excuse us from questioning why he went back on what he said about the release(it really isn't that big of a deal though, a few days wait pfff.)
    Do we not have a right to know why?
    And he explained why, so we're done here.
    C4eva is a grown man I'm sure he can handle some criticism, you don't need to hold his hand.

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  10. avatar Destiny64 says:

    not long!!! LOL!!!

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