c4eva Spoke! (2012-11-18 #c4e)

[2012-11-18 11:17PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> 3.0 hitachi code no issues in testing, JF testing in progress!

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  1. avatar flealee says:

    thank u as ever c4eva

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  2. avatar Night rider says:

    sorry for my ignorance, but what does "JF testing" means?

    also are you speaking about Hitachi 78/79 or Hitachi 0500/0502?

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  3. avatar Cobus says:

    @ Night rider

    JF is the program (Jungle Flasher) used to write the FW on the PCB
    LT v3.0 is for the Hitachi 78/79
    LTU v1.0 is for the Hitachi 0500/0502, the LITE ON DG16D4S and for the DG16D5S in combination with the replacement PCB

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  4. avatar Shantred says:

    Is Jungleflasher the only way to flash hitachi 78/79 drives? Prior to 3.0, I only used the firmware toolbox because Jungleflasher would not detect my drive despite being in mode b.

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  5. avatar messideath says:

    thank you C4!!!!

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  6. avatar Wormfall says:

    Thank you so much for getting closer to the fix C4!!! Awesome work!

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  7. avatar Rober says:

    thank you very much, waiting anxiously

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  8. avatar Anonymous says:

    what is c4eva doing they take alot of time to release it we thank it for thier work but we want ltu 1 for slims

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  9. avatar Condor says:

    I guess this would fix my dirty disk/disk not recognized error my my 360..much appreciated!!..

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    • avatar CombatTOAD says:

      I guess this would fix my dirty disk/disk not recognized error my my 360..much appreciated!!..

      Guess again. Burning your disc's properly (with an iHAS[x]24B drive) on Verbatim discs would help you more, as would checking the quality of your burns afterwards…

      I'd say about 80% of people having problems with their backups is due to not producing a backup disc correctly in the first place.
      For example:
      Problems from not using discs like Verbatim – they are the only brand to use high quality AZO layer dye which is what makes them suitable for overburning the extra XGD3 data capacity,
      Problems from not scanning/checking the quality of their burnt discs – doesn't take long and it clearly shows you if the disc is readable to the Xbox 360's laser,
      Problems from not using a compatible Lite-on iHAS[x[24B flashed with BurnerMax firmware for XGD3 game discs – truncating methods will always have potential problems because XGD3 game discs simply contain more data than that method allows you to burn to disc.

      Now we all sit slamming the noobs for wondering why they have so many problems as a result of such easily resolved issues or become frustrated by the same comments and questions being repeated again and again, but perhaps instead of banging our heads on walls we should try to educate them more, if not to save the site from unneccessary posts but to save our sanity in the long term lol.
      The internet is absolutely bombarded with the same problems being asked again and again and it's all because the newcomers don't understand things such as why buying an iHAS drive is beneficial, why truncating discs isn't reliable, and why they can't try and save a few pence per disc by purchasing an alternate cheaper brand of disc. Must they keep posting the same questions over and over for us to all post the same replies again and again? Telling people to go read up and google isn't a solution either as their simply is too much outdated and incorrect information on the subject out there, and this is why people come here, to the source. Home of the infamous Commodore4eva…

      I think C4EVA SPEAKS should have a couple of Basic Knowledge and Information pages (linked to from the home page) for just explaining the basic principals and knowledge for those who do come here to find out and educate themsleves, a quick link to where they can have a quick read-up on things and resolve their basic issues.
      It would save people posting the same questions again and again and help filter out all the posts containing repeated content… yay or nay? I think it's something definately worth thinking about.

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  10. avatar Condor says:

    Oh man..that's a long read….I have 2 hitachi's laying around in almost new condition…my Xbox with a liteon or Ben-q works fine on 3.0 with same disks I have verbatims and get great k-probe results in my ihas burner..backups are fine…I have one xbox that use too have a Phillips that I rather throw in the hitachi with 3.0

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    • avatar CombatTOAD says:

      …my Xbox with a liteon or Ben-q works fine on 3.0 with same disks I have verbatims and get great k-probe results in my ihas burner… backups are fine…I have one xbox that use too have a Phillips that I rather throw in the hitachi with 3.0

      If you are using a Lite-on iHAS[x]24B burner with BurnerMax firmware flashed to it, and using Verbatim mkm003 discs that give good quality scan results but are still having dirty disc errors etc then perhaps the laser in the Philips is poor. This is quite common. You can get replacements from eBay for £8.00 delivered (around $12.00) which is fairly cheap, and you'll find they are well worth replacing. I fit new lasers to Xbox 360 drives all the time and even the cheap and nasty chinese lasers work perfectly fine once you roughly calibrate the pot.
      I always fit a new laser to Benq and Lite-on Xbox 360 drives in consoles before i sell them on, and advise it to anyone who brings me an old Xbox 360 phat console to be flashed.
      Laser's don't last forever and if you think how old some of these Xbox 360 phat consoles are (2005 onwards) if they still have the original laser in then it has served well.
      I'd certainly advise fitting a new laser to a drive over swapping one over for another of a different manufacturer/type.
      Have i understood your issue correctly lol?

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