c4eva Spoke! (2012-11-19 #wiiuhack)

[2012-11-19 06:01AM UTC] #wiiuhack <MB> lol c4eva
[2012-11-19 06:01AM UTC] #wiiuhack <MB> drivemod incomng? :P
[2012-11-19 06:02AM UTC] #wiiuhack <MarkX> :P
[2012-11-19 06:03AM UTC] #wiiuhack <c4eva> with system security and nintendo,who needs one :)
[2012-11-19 06:42AM UTC] #wiiuhack <MarkX> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RBQG8As7Rs
[2012-11-19 06:42AM UTC] #wiiuhack <Havoc> WiiU running homebrew on launch day! | Comex's Stack Smash still works, so the WiiU can still run Wii homebrew! Yeah, it was late, and I wasn't really paying any attention to the Connect Four game… Sorry the lighting's so bad. …( by Rodger Combs | 7:37 | 5.00 rating | 0 comments | 99 views | 53m 28s ago )
[2012-11-19 06:42AM UTC] #wiiuhack <MarkX> havent watched the full thing et
[2012-11-19 06:42AM UTC] #wiiuhack <MarkX> but yea…
[2012-11-19 06:42AM UTC] #wiiuhack <MarkX> @1:13
[2012-11-19 06:43AM UTC] #wiiuhack <MarkX> it does underclock the processor
[2012-11-19 06:43AM UTC] #wiiuhack <MarkX> it runs at almost half speed
[2012-11-19 06:43AM UTC] #wiiuhack <MarkX> same with the GPU
[2012-11-19 06:55AM UTC] #wiiuhack <c4eva> like i said
[2012-11-19 06:55AM UTC] #wiiuhack <c4eva> :)

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14 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2012-11-19 #wiiuhack) (Including 3 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar wolfist says:

    =O good news and thank for it, but the ugly true is we are really really waiting for news about LTU and the universal PCBs xD

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  2. avatar Tom Hanks says:

    I know this is a dumb question I usually never run into this. Nascar inside the lines has not been verified through abgx360. Since it has been over 3 weeks I assume by now it never will be. Imars did my backup which is well known/valid backups. Some on here would say that it is safe online so is this true or should I just scrap it. I have never used one online unless first verified though abgx360. Happy turkey day and thanks in advance. This game is the old XGD2 format.

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    • avatar KillaManCrew says:

      It should be safe if ripped using the proper firmware.

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      • avatar Tom Hanks says:

        Thanks for your help

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      • avatar Anonymous says:

        It should be safe if ripped using the proper firmware.

        Rips are safest when run through abgx. Thats why the program exists. If it was safe just ripping we wouldnt need it. Never play an unverified rip. Unless you dont care if your banned.

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        • avatar Tom Hanks says:

          that was the angle I leaned towards but many say if valid rip all is good.. This title per say is the old format only 2.5 gig oddly small even for a race game. I all ways verify first just lost hope after 3 plus weeks when so many are done on the same day as the release date. thanks to both for your advice shocking how responses are so divided. I figured this game is so low on the radar that most security checks are not on this disc. Too bad you can’t ask anything at abg360 they are so uptight. I have played online very short time most likely will delete and I guess buy sad not updated. I know they cant buy every game to test. If I could upload the image to abgx360 to help out to verify please let me know the process thanks’

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          • avatar Ibanezzer says:

            They all have security checks. Don't let size or popularity fool you, abgx is more important with an XGD2 disc. XGD2 games could be ripped from an old kreon drive and it was SS version 1. The preferred method is to rip with the 800 firmware on an XBOX360 drive. You will get SS version 2, which is preferred for online play. It's much safer to run it through abgx and patch it for safety. Just be patient, I have seen games take well over a month. Uploading your game to abgx would be great if you ripped it yourself. If you downloaded the iso image, it MUST be run through abgx first.

  3. avatar ironmask says:

    If this is correct, then I don't see why backups won't be a very soon future for wii-u games as well.. half the battle was already done… doesn't make a whole lot of a sense, but I am sure with people like Waninoko, Wiigator, Wiipower, and of course c4eva… backups for all wii-u look hopeful in my perception… I used to use test waninoko's alpha cios rev's back in the day and that blew up quick with devs all over it in less than a year… so I guess Nintendo just either doesn't care… or they just can't stop the wiill

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    • avatar Ibanezzer says:

      Because the Wii U has to use the same method to run Wii games as the Wii did for them to work properly. The Wii U games will prolly run on a completely different format. They will load differently and be much more secure. It's the same way the 3DS will run the R4 cards and play DS games, yet there is not yet a way to play 3DS backup games yet. So the battle hasn't even begun yet. I do hope that it gets hacked soon though.

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  4. avatar CombatTOAD says:

    Ibanezzer is exactly right.
    The 'Original Wii' mode on the Wii U console is completely seperate and runs independant, very much like how the GameCube mode was on original Wii consoles. When selected the console reboots a different config and file set, with the main processor running at a lower rate etc, thus making the newer, faster, and more up-to-date hardware more backward compatible with the older Wii software.
    This news isn't that much of a break-through as it was to be expected that the Wii U's emulated Wii mode would still be near identical in structure and be exploitable one way or another, and the announcement mainly aims at pointing out that some of the old exploits can still be put into practice without the need for new ones so that's a bonus ;-) .
    To summerise: You can still run most of the existing Wii homebrew apps on a Wii U system but it makes no difference to the Wii U side of things. The Wii U system is still a secure system until vunerabilities are discovered and then exploited. This may or may not ever happen, and i guess only time will tell but as Ibanezzer said: Look at the 3DS, they soon got the R4i cards running on the system allowing DS games and homebrew to run but they are yet to break the 3DS side still. Again; may or may not ever happen!

    The original Wii system is a fantasticly versatile piece of kit, and with todays prices of around £34.99 for a pre-owned complete system and the vast amount of quality homebrew applications what more could you want?!!! Definately not a system to be snubbed at.
    We have three in the house all capable of running backups from disc, USB HDD, work as a complete media centre, online capable and a complete emulator collection of nearly every console from the 80's onward
    up to the Wii itself all managed in a very well presented software package. As much as i love my Xbox 360, the Wii plays a vital role in our household!!!

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  5. avatar Matt says:

    So can i run letter bomb on my wii u?

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    • avatar Matt says:

      Well of course on the wii side…..not the wii u….

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    • avatar CombatTOAD says:

      So can i run letter bomb on my wii u?

      My Wii U consoles haven't arrived yet, expecting them tomorrow, so i can't givew you definate confirmation yet but as far as i know it should in theory.
      Stack Smash works (the one where you use Super Smash Bros. Brawl to load a custom save game/level editior file) and that will allow you to run dol files but you may want to hold up on trying ot install custom cIOS files yet as this could raise a few issues.

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