c4eva Spoke! (2012-12-09 #fw)

[2012-12-09 04:05AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> Livelog completed on new dash. No changes!
[Editor's note: this is in reference to dash 2.0.16202.0]
[2012-12-09 04:05AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> thank god.. thx, c4!
[2012-12-09 04:07AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> c4eva nice
[2012-12-09 04:07AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> good to hear
[2012-12-09 04:07AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> tx c4eva!
[2012-12-09 04:08AM UTC] #fw <giglife> c4eva whats going on :P and thanks for the news
[2012-12-09 04:10AM UTC] #fw <giglife> PACMAN
[2012-12-09 04:12AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> lots! :)

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40 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2012-12-09 #fw) (Including 6 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Gates gives no rebates says:

    Thank you c4e!! LT+ 3.0 is the best fw ever. Haven't had to update it as per c4e's promise yet!

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  2. avatar ray says:

    how can we donate to c4, JF donate seems to be down?

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  3. avatar m.m. says:

    Top Man C4, thanks for all your hards work, my 2 boys are over the moon now they can go live. Top MAN!!

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  4. avatar Diego says:

    Thank you c4eva!! Greets from Argentina

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  5. avatar Rosak says:

    Nice work, c4eva!

    Just one doubt: if I update my dash to 2.0.16202.0, will I still be able to RGH it with CR3-Pro (when it comes out)?

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  6. avatar ISns says:

    This means that the FW is ready for the new universal PCB?

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  7. avatar says:

    Hm, re-read that it's about 2.0.16202.0.
    My bedroom Xbox updated to something this morning.

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  8. avatar Glad I Stopped Giving A Fuck says:

    I have a RROD console once that happened I said 360 life is short why wait forever for a go ahead. f**k it!

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  9. avatar hash says:

    thank you c4eva :) <33
    gosh I do hope you read the comments or atleast view this website :)
    we love you!

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