c4eva Spoke! (2012-12-09 #fw)

[2012-12-09 04:05AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> Livelog completed on new dash. No changes!
[Editor's note: this is in reference to dash 2.0.16202.0]
[2012-12-09 04:05AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> thank god.. thx, c4!
[2012-12-09 04:07AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> c4eva nice
[2012-12-09 04:07AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> good to hear
[2012-12-09 04:07AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> tx c4eva!
[2012-12-09 04:08AM UTC] #fw <giglife> c4eva whats going on :P and thanks for the news
[2012-12-09 04:10AM UTC] #fw <giglife> PACMAN
[2012-12-09 04:12AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> lots! :)

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  1. avatar cobra says:

    c4eva we all know you are going to releases these from IN TESTING to RELEASED just before xmas YOUR THE MAN*************

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  2. avatar Shinigami says:


    after some weeks i have problems with installing games like far cry. old games still installing. far cry and other new games crashes by 45% or 53%. original games still same problem. have someone problems like my problem or have someone an idea why this not working on new games?

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    • Done a few far crys as was having the same problem couldn't install past 2% then 7% then 89% everything else working fine (xgd2 and other xgd3) as kasp said abgx fine but same problems with this ROM? It's burnt on ihas224 and it's not like the first backup that's been made, I heard others having problems with original disc of this title. I reckon it's the cheap ass media I been using, Admin said others in the team had great success with aone gold brand, but I suspect this Is the reason far cry is struggling for me (big game) so I'll be back on the verbs after I've made myself a nice set of coffee coasters……

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      • avatar CombatTOAD says:

        I had 3x 25 packs of Aone Gold that gave fantastic KProbe results, but i have had 8 packs that were just ridiculously poor quality and so it just never worked out viable to keep taking a gamble on them. If say only one works for every three burnt then that means they are no longer a cheap disc lol!

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  3. avatar kasp. -> Shinigami says:

    hey, experiencing the same.. have no idea whats wrong.. abgx is fine, same with ihas 124…
    no clues yet :confused:

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    • avatar Shinigami says:

      kasp. -&gt; Shinigami:
      hey, experiencing the same.. have no idea whats wrong.. abgx is fine, same with ihas 124…
      no clues yet :confused:

      yes abgx ok ihas524 but why not original game works … borderlands 2, far cry 3, all games since second last update

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      • avatar kasp. says:

        yesterday managed to install a copy of NFS:MW and AC3 to hdd by turning off 'OverSpeed' and OPC in ImgBurn.
        still no luck with COD:BO2..installs to aprox. 45%.. still confused…
        might be a bad batch of mkm003 Verbs :dunno:
        will check 7 'bad' burns in kprobe soon

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        • avatar CombatTOAD says:

          I noted recently that there are a few eBay stores (owned by same supplier) that previously had sold genuine Verbatim 43666 mkm003 ten pack spindles at the lowest prices on eBay that have recently been shipping out fakes. Packaging is very very good, disc manufacture quality is not.
          Looking at the centre spindle hole on each disc and it's surrounding ring you can clearly see that they were very off-centre and the edge rim of the discs were rough or had bubbled plastic.
          Definately not the quality you come to expect from genuine Verbatim's.
          Disc media code was same.
          I think the guy has made so much money from selling Verbatim's at the lowest price that he's took a chance to increase his profit's further with fakes also made in singapore. The fore-mentioned supplier seems to have an abundance of other fake products shipping so be wary. I shan't mention any store names…

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  4. avatar Anonymous says:

    Thank you c4eva for your great work. I have something to ask about later XGD3 games. I have played my Halo 4 and Black Ops II originals on a console connected to Live and the E: and P: values (could be seen in System-> System Information) were both the same before playing and did not change after it. Later, i played copies of my games that were burned 100% with Liteon and passed abgx correctly. After playing both of them, the P: value changed from the previous one (this value only shows when you are connected to Live). Could they maybe implementing a new check for XGD3 games? Why only change P: with copies? Cheers

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  5. avatar Eric Shuartz says:

    Here is some news about a Sony burner that works for XGD3 games, the model is:
    Sony Optiarc AD-5280S-CB-PLUS
    Sony Optiarc AD-5280S-CB-ROBOT
    Link: http://forums.afterdawn.com/t.cfm/f-152/burning_xgd3_games_in_full_without_burner_max-951242/
    It writes as well as the Philips Lite-On iHAS 124B-624B
    Sorry, my English is not very good! I'm from Brazil.

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  7. avatar Adam024 says:

    hi..how can i know which drive i have in my xbox 360 250gb mfg-2012-05-07, wihtout opening it up..
    how am i to know from the list above which one im waiting for to be released?

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  8. avatar Ibanezzer says:

    When has it ever been said that anything was coming for Christmas?

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    • avatar wolfist says:

      Posted by Xecuter on Nov 27, 2012 in Featured Articles | 0 comments:

      2. CR3 pro is all done and finished. The timing is fantastic – however the delays are in 1 of the parts has a current long lead time (6 weeks). We hope to have it out before Christmas – we'll do our best. Pro modders will LOVE IT !

      3. Same as #2 with the new LTU PCB. The fw from c4 works perfect we're just waiting on a couple of parts to arrive in stock. Won't be long now.

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  9. avatar ahmed says:

    can anybody help me
    is the lite touch harmful to my xbox slim or it's safe ??

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  10. avatar Ibanezzer says:

    You and everyone that rated your comment positively can drop dead.

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