c4eva Spoke! (2012-12-20 #c4e)

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[2012-12-19 04:20AM UTC] #c4e <SOL> he never reveals really how it's made or etc
[2012-12-19 04:23AM UTC] #c4e <Blown240s> I wouldnt expect him to just wondered if he would look into the drive and ok the results. iHas drive prices are getting ridiculous (not all) and Im trying to help the community find other options that are proven. My word only goes so far even with loads of proof.
[2012-12-19 04:24AM UTC] #c4e <SOL> post your proof to pastebin etc and jut leave it in thle channel
[2012-12-19 04:24AM UTC] #c4e <SOL> and maybe he will read it and maybe he wont
[2012-12-19 04:24AM UTC] #c4e <SOL> or maybe another "team" memeber will read it
[2012-12-19 04:25AM UTC] #c4e <Blown240s> Im getting burns well under recommended values. PI Max 13 PI avg 0.73 PIF 3 PIF Avg 1.35
[2012-12-19 04:25AM UTC] #c4e <Blown240s> ok will do
[2012-12-19 04:26AM UTC] #c4e <Blown240s> Ive got ImgBurn Logs and KProbe2 result graphs too
[2012-12-19 04:26AM UTC] #c4e <Blown240s> and ABGX Disc scans
[2012-12-19 04:26AM UTC] #c4e <Spudnutz> blown240s post your finds in the tx forum
[2012-12-19 04:26AM UTC] #c4e <Spudnutz> not in here
[2012-12-19 04:27AM UTC] #c4e <Blown240s> I cant they get locked because Uber says they dont support it
[2012-12-19 04:27AM UTC] #c4e <Spudnutz> i hope i am quite clear i what i just said
[2012-12-19 04:27AM UTC] #c4e <Blown240s> I can read
[2012-12-19 04:27AM UTC] #c4e <Blown240s> Im not posting it here
[2012-12-19 04:27AM UTC] #c4e <Spudnutz> then if uber says tsays they dont support it then y are you here
[2012-12-19 04:28AM UTC] #c4e <Blown240s> Because it makes no sense why not to support something that will help the community…
[2012-12-19 04:28AM UTC] #c4e <Blown240s> Plus it would help 1000000x if C4e said it was "a ok"
[2012-12-19 04:28AM UTC] #c4e <Spudnutz> ok well this is not the channel for this
[2012-12-19 04:29AM UTC] #c4e <Spudnutz> so move along
[2012-12-19 04:29AM UTC] #c4e <Blown240s> Ok thanks anyways. Glad youre in the christmas spirit. Bye
[2012-12-19 05:21AM UTC] #c4e <Luckey> burner max
[2012-12-19 01:50PM UTC] #c4e <spaz2203> soooooo…..this announcement?
[2012-12-19 01:52PM UTC] #c4e <stefanou> This is the end!
[2012-12-19 01:53PM UTC] #c4e <oNee> that's friday
[2012-12-19 03:01PM UTC] #c4e <Darkmon> hi if i get this one http://shop.01media.com/info.asp?ProductID=38891#
[2012-12-19 03:01PM UTC] #c4e <Darkmon> then i can get my key and use Xk3y?
[2012-12-19 03:01PM UTC] #c4e <Darkmon> i have 1175
[2012-12-19 03:01PM UTC] #c4e <Darkmon> latest dash
[2012-12-19 03:02PM UTC] #c4e <GoRo2010> TX doesnt support ODDE
[2012-12-19 03:03PM UTC] #c4e <Darkmon> ? oode?
[2012-12-19 03:03PM UTC] #c4e <Darkmon> odde*
[2012-12-19 03:03PM UTC] #c4e <GoRo2010> Xk3y
[2012-12-19 03:04PM UTC] #c4e <rdubbs007> odde = optical disc drive emulator = ghey
[2012-12-19 03:04PM UTC] #c4e <Darkmon> if have the key yes it will works,
[2012-12-19 03:22PM UTC] #c4e <spaz2203> the displays always have problems on them
[2012-12-19 03:52PM UTC] #c4e <spaz2203> mode/#c4e
[2012-12-19 04:01PM UTC] #c4e <JPizzle> stefanou
[2012-12-19 04:04PM UTC] #c4e <stefanou> JPizzle
[2012-12-19 04:04PM UTC] #c4e <JPizzle> Pm ?
[2012-12-19 04:05PM UTC] #c4e <stefanou> sure
[2012-12-19 04:26PM UTC] #c4e <theJ3STeR> http://tinyurl.com/MayanUpdateNews
[2012-12-19 08:43PM UTC] #c4e <n00b760> aahh.. about to pull some hair out. 19 MKM001's later and my stats are PIM: 19 PIA:0.96 PIFM: 6 PIFA: 0.12 – just a tad closer to PIFM threshold..
[2012-12-20 12:11AM UTC] #c4e <spaz2203> anybody have rev B coolrunners for sale
[2012-12-20 12:14AM UTC] #c4e <CarpeDiem> ask in #gearsales. this is not the place for that
[2012-12-20 12:36AM UTC] #c4e <spaz2203> @CarpeDiem thanks man
[2012-12-20 12:36AM UTC] #c4e <CarpeDiem> yup
[2012-12-20 05:02AM UTC] #c4e <fdsf> hi
[2012-12-20 05:03AM UTC] #c4e <fdsf> im the man

[2012-12-20 05:08AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=97272 :)
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[2012-12-20 05:38AM UTC] #c4e <BigBoyLOL> Anybody know a way to get the Burner Max Payload program?
[2012-12-20 05:38AM UTC] #c4e <CarpeDiem> yeah, wait for the public release
[2012-12-20 05:39AM UTC] #c4e <BigBoyLOL> Oh, it's not public yet?
[2012-12-20 05:40AM UTC] #c4e <BaT420> supposed to be
[2012-12-20 05:40AM UTC] #c4e <BigBoyLOL> seen it on T-X.com
[2012-12-20 05:40AM UTC] #c4e <BigBoyLOL> download link didn't work though
[2012-12-20 05:40AM UTC] #c4e <fieryUSA> anybody see any deals on some verbatim discs?
[2012-12-20 05:41AM UTC] #c4e <BaT420> i dunno k3 posted nfo then no link so no clue whats up there
[2012-12-20 05:57AM UTC] #c4e <spaz2203> anyone have a d/l link for the payload tool?
[2012-12-20 06:14AM UTC] #c4e <spaz2203> @c4eva thanks for the payload tool, much appreciated
[2012-12-20 06:19AM UTC] #c4e <BigBoyLOL> did you get it spaz2203 ?
[2012-12-20 06:20AM UTC] #c4e <spaz2203> no :( the link is down and even if it was up im not a vip member
[2012-12-20 06:21AM UTC] #c4e <Fisticuff> No doubt <spaz2203>, Thanks C4e and to all involved, Awesome achievement
[2012-12-20 06:21AM UTC] #c4e <spaz2203> Fisticuff, you were getting pisssssed at that dude over on the TX forums
[2012-12-20 06:22AM UTC] #c4e <Fisticuff> old geezer
[2012-12-20 06:22AM UTC] #c4e <Fisticuff> ?
[2012-12-20 06:22AM UTC] #c4e <spaz2203> yea
[2012-12-20 06:22AM UTC] #c4e <Fisticuff> he complains non stop about tx products
[2012-12-20 06:22AM UTC] #c4e <Fisticuff> he blames thmem for his fuck ups
[2012-12-20 06:22AM UTC] #c4e <Fisticuff> it anoying
[2012-12-20 06:22AM UTC] #c4e <Fisticuff> its ^
[2012-12-20 06:23AM UTC] #c4e <Fisticuff> read some of his threads and you'll see what I'm talking about
[2012-12-20 06:23AM UTC] #c4e <spaz2203> i believe you, its funny when people complain about the TX products, most of the time its them not the product
[2012-12-20 06:24AM UTC] #c4e <Fisticuff> http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=96667
[2012-12-20 06:26AM UTC] #c4e <spaz2203> it was clearly the QSB's fault
[2012-12-20 06:27AM UTC] #c4e <Fisticuff> yep, Thats what i'm talking about
[2012-12-20 06:27AM UTC] #c4e <spaz2203> lol
[2012-12-20 06:28AM UTC] #c4e <spaz2203> im getting ready to do my first rgh install on a falcon after xmas….im sure if it doesnt work it will be me and not the product, been soldering on some 0001-0003 error mobos and i think ill be good
[2012-12-20 06:31AM UTC] #c4e <Fisticuff> keep practicing, Watch the video on how to solder correctly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_NU2ruzyc4
[2012-12-20 06:31AM UTC] #c4e <spaz2203> thankas man
[2012-12-20 06:31AM UTC] #c4e <spaz2203> do you suggect .032 60/40?
[2012-12-20 06:33AM UTC] #c4e <spaz2203> also what do you suggest i set my soldering pencil at? i have a soldering station/reflow station, just been using it for reflows though
[2012-12-20 06:33AM UTC] #c4e <spaz2203> i've been setting it at 350c for practicing
[2012-12-20 06:33AM UTC] #c4e <spaz2203> can I pm you actually so i dont clutter it up in here
[2012-12-20 06:33AM UTC] #c4e <BigBoyLOL> lol what old geezer was speaking of did happen to me … one point on the QSB the solder just disappeared
[2012-12-20 06:36AM UTC] #c4e <BigBoyLOL> but would hardly call that the fault of quality in the product

[2012-12-20 09:15AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> http://forums.360mods.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=34 – Burnermax payload

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14 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2012-12-20 #c4e) (Including 3 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Diogo Ferreira says:


    I have an ASUS DRW-24B5ST … I went through BurnerMAX Payload Tool and everything went so well that the Recording ImgBurn gave the error on the verification … what do I do now …

    thank you

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      the app is for liteon ihas burners not for any other burners

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      • avatar Diogo Ferreira says:

        which the speed of Recording ImgBurn…

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      • avatar Ibanezzer says:

        It clearly says it works on several brands of burners, including some ASUS burners. His might not be compatible, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't try it.

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        • avatar yeti says:

          It clearly says it works on several brands of burners, including some ASUS burners. His might not be compatible, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't try it.

          at the least it will be compatible with all burners compatible with crossflashing to burnermax, but as it is compatible with the other ihas revisions(a,c,d) that there would be a substantial amount of burners potentially compatible, and as ibaneezer said since when was trying something a bad idea? pretty sure most of the advances in console modding are down to trying something to see if it works.

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    • avatar EggVindaloo says:

      Try dropping the programs payload exactly as you did to burn the disc but this time do it just before you perform a verify procedure in IMGburn and check your disc again. It may now verify (unless you are using non-verbatim discs and the failed verify was simply because of poor burn quality etc and not because of capacity issues…

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  2. avatar Igor Vieira Brazilian says:

    Tests In The TSSTCorp SH223C SB05???????

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    • avatar EggVindaloo says:

      Try it and see!
      It won't hurt the drive so you needn't bother trying to get someone else to 'guinnea-pig' test their SH223C on your behalf. There is no permanent change to the drive's original firmware – it's not a flashing procedure, merely a codedump so to speak.
      I love how some people expect others to risk their stuff first by tempting them to test it out for them.

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  3. avatar Mateen says:

    Can we play games online with burning DVD's through this method.

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    • avatar EggVindaloo says:

      well yes! You can play online with a XGD3 disc burnt with a proper BurnerMax Firmware flashed iHAS[x]24B drive, and all this Burner Max Payload program does is temporarily allow other model drives to burn the higher capacity in exactly the same way as what the Burner Max firmware does. The discs produced will be of exactly the same layout – the iso remains the same size etc.

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  4. avatar Mateen says:

    I have Ihas burner and it is working fine.

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  5. avatar steven says:

    I have ihas 124c burner and works fine.

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  6. avatar Sheldor says:

    Tested with Liteon eTAU108. Works fine! Thx c4eva!

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  7. avatar EggVindaloo says:

    Will you be considering creating a list of drives confirmed to be working with the new Burner Max Payload Tool, which can be established as user's contribute confirmations for each model or series, as there is sure to now be a thousand posts of people asking if their model will work and list could easily be maintained/added to.

    Well done Commodore, what an ingenious program and method! Finally we are no longer dependant on those greedy retailers who bought the last remaining iHAS[x]24B stock and bumped the prices from £16.49 per drive to £74.99 – £98.79 to knock out on eBAY UK using multiple store fronts (mostly the same seller for all stores!). Shocking mark-ups.

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