c4eva Spoke! (2012-12-23 #fw)

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[2012-12-23 12:04AM UTC] #fw <apathy> Her friend was in it
[2012-12-23 12:04AM UTC] #fw <Quagmire3> got a list from my dude
[2012-12-23 12:04AM UTC] #fw <Sniperman> hah really?
[2012-12-23 12:05AM UTC] #fw <apathy> Horrible film
[2012-12-23 12:05AM UTC] #fw <Sniperman> i see a few ones on ebay cheap
[2012-12-23 12:05AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> ok, apathy.. you must rip and make this available.. I'll go drop some CCCs and let's DO THIS!!
[2012-12-23 12:06AM UTC] #fw <Sniperman> cccs?
[2012-12-23 12:07AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=triple c's
[2012-12-23 12:07AM UTC] #fw <Quagmire3> :)
[2012-12-23 12:07AM UTC] #fw <Quagmire3> please do so
[2012-12-23 12:07AM UTC] #fw <Sniperman> haha
[2012-12-23 12:07AM UTC] #fw <Paleo> Hey guys. What's the best play-everything firmware for a banned console ?
[2012-12-23 12:07AM UTC] #fw <mufasa> lol man trip cs are ol school.. horrible high
[2012-12-23 12:07AM UTC] #fw <Diablo^> -13C here, not too cold but not so nice to work outside
[2012-12-23 12:08AM UTC] #fw <Sniperman> what are the chances that apathy would have that movie, but not only that that his wifes friend would be in it
[2012-12-23 12:08AM UTC] #fw <mufasa> i think they took the active ingrediant out tho
[2012-12-23 12:08AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> oh, no.. no they didn't
[2012-12-23 12:08AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> and I'm subject to piss tests, so getting high like a responsible adult is out
[2012-12-23 12:09AM UTC] #fw <apathy> Sniperman: It's a horrible film
[2012-12-23 12:09AM UTC] #fw <apathy> Nobody should have to view itr
[2012-12-23 12:09AM UTC] #fw <apathy> it*
[2012-12-23 12:09AM UTC] #fw <mufasa> oh they didnt? i knew they were behind the counter for a bit, then i saw em in the aisle. I figured they changed em up
[2012-12-23 12:09AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> nope, still got the good ol' DXM in em
[2012-12-23 12:10AM UTC] #fw <Sniperman> lol im gonna order this http://www.nflshop.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13042050
[2012-12-23 12:11AM UTC] #fw <Sniperman> gonna use their 1 day shipping thing, order at the very last minute to see if i can get my order for free if its late
[2012-12-23 12:48AM UTC] #fw <Paleo> Hey guys. What's the best play-everything firmware for a banned console with a BenQ ?
[2012-12-23 12:49AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> um, play-anything?
[2012-12-23 12:49AM UTC] #fw <Sniperman> he means all waves and xgd3
[2012-12-23 12:49AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> why not RGH… that will play anything
[2012-12-23 12:49AM UTC] #fw <nullx> yeah
[2012-12-23 12:49AM UTC] #fw <nullx> RGH
[2012-12-23 12:50AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> can you solder? or do you have $60 to give someone who can?
[2012-12-23 12:52AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> really, your question should have been "hey, is there a play-anything firmware for a banned console with a BenQ?" because "what's the best…?" indicates the asuumption that there are multiple.. there is not even one.
[2012-12-23 12:52AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> well, there is…
[2012-12-23 12:52AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> but it is not special for banned benqs
[2012-12-23 12:53AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> and you still have to follow the same rules as for a non-banned console
[2012-12-23 12:53AM UTC] #fw <Paleo> just wondering if there was a firmware with the least verification possible, since it's already banne
[2012-12-23 12:53AM UTC] #fw <Paleo> d
[2012-12-23 12:55AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> no. having a banned console does not loosen any restrictions on what will play. RGH, man.. that's the solution you want… or xk3y
[2012-12-23 12:55AM UTC] #fw <apathy> Damn.
[2012-12-23 12:55AM UTC] #fw <apathy> I need to find bluray rips from the first seasons now
[2012-12-23 01:06AM UTC] #fw <k3> <CarpeDiem> no. having a banned console does not loosen any restrictions on what will play. RGH, man.. that's the solution you want… or xk3y
[2012-12-23 01:06AM UTC] #fw <k3> why the fuck would you recommend xkey when he can RGH lol
[2012-12-23 01:06AM UTC] #fw <k3> silly suggestion
[2012-12-23 01:06AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> for the non-soldering/lazy set
[2012-12-23 01:06AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> is all
[2012-12-23 01:07AM UTC] #fw <KneelB4ZD> and for those with xenons/zephyrs
[2012-12-23 01:07AM UTC] #fw <k3> nah
[2012-12-23 01:07AM UTC] #fw <k3> if you have a xenon/zephyr then just use LT3

[2012-12-23 01:07AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> LT3, free and easy for benq!
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[2012-12-23 01:07AM UTC] #fw <KneelB4ZD> yeah or that
[2012-12-23 01:07AM UTC] #fw <k3> or LT3.2
[2012-12-23 01:07AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> trust me, not a recommendation.. just tossing out info
[2012-12-23 01:07AM UTC] #fw <k3> of you dont have that yet
[2012-12-23 01:07AM UTC] #fw <KneelB4ZD> LT 3.2?
[2012-12-23 01:07AM UTC] #fw <k3> you will shortly
[2012-12-23 01:08AM UTC] #fw <mufasa> is there xbmc for an rgh/jtag?
[2012-12-23 01:08AM UTC] #fw <KneelB4ZD> mufasa no
[2012-12-23 01:08AM UTC] #fw <KneelB4ZD> people have been asking for it for years
[2012-12-23 01:08AM UTC] #fw <mufasa> im really surprised there isnt
[2012-12-23 01:09AM UTC] #fw <KneelB4ZD> guess there's no money in it

[2012-12-23 01:10AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> shhhh! nothing to see here :)

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7 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2012-12-23 #fw)

  1. avatar EggVindaloo says:

    What's the changelog for LT3.2 then… c'mon, you've opened the door now let people look inside lol!

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  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    LT 3.2? is this the reason why LT for Hitachi is "In Testing" for such a long time now?

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  3. avatar Condor says:

    Waiting on new jungleflasher for hitachi 3.0 …c4eva tested and said it works fine

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  4. avatar Gamermv says:

    lo que yo quiero es poder online con mi hitachi 79 lo mas pronto :C

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  5. avatar Person97 says:


    Is the LT 3.0 no more good because someone is talking about LT 3.2???


    Reply | Reply with Quote
  6. avatar Gamer says:

    +1 on the hitachi.. Waiting patiently.

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  7. avatar samee says:

    cant f**king wait !!!!

    btw where is C4eva's place ? UK ?

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