c4eva Spoke! (2012-12-24 #fw)

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[2012-12-24 07:35PM UTC] #fw <kufi> ok
[2012-12-24 07:35PM UTC] #fw <kufi> even for a minute or two?
[2012-12-24 07:35PM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> no
[2012-12-24 07:35PM UTC] #fw <kufi> i need one with big ass batteries probably
[2012-12-24 07:35PM UTC] #fw <Zero-X> only if your PSU isnt under full load
[2012-12-24 07:35PM UTC] #fw <kufi> yea
[2012-12-24 07:35PM UTC] #fw <kufi> ok
[2012-12-24 07:36PM UTC] #fw <boa> his PSU is too large imo
[2012-12-24 07:36PM UTC] #fw <Zero-X> there are devices that show you the power devices are consuming
[2012-12-24 07:36PM UTC] #fw <kufi> wello
[2012-12-24 07:36PM UTC] #fw <kufi> you could power it
[2012-12-24 07:36PM UTC] #fw <Zero-X> plugged between outlet and device
[2012-12-24 07:36PM UTC] #fw <boa> I still use a 750w psu
[2012-12-24 07:36PM UTC] #fw <kufi> but if the power went out it probably wouldnt stay on
[2012-12-24 07:36PM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> I'm using a 120w psu
[2012-12-24 07:36PM UTC] #fw <Zero-X> the UPS fuse would probably blow
[2012-12-24 07:37PM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> to power my D510Mo :p
[2012-12-24 07:37PM UTC] #fw <Zero-X> go get an AC power meter and check how much your PSU consumes when your PC is at "full load"
[2012-12-24 07:38PM UTC] #fw <Zero-X> if its under lets say 500VA you can use the UPS
[2012-12-24 07:38PM UTC] #fw <Zero-X> the difference is just to be on the safe side
[2012-12-24 07:38PM UTC] #fw <edge06> im gonna re-gift ur mom for xmas hahaha
[2012-12-24 07:42PM UTC] #fw <edge06> …
[2012-12-24 07:43PM UTC] #fw <edge06> lol
[2012-12-24 07:55PM UTC] #fw <SiD> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idAz7mFKPrc chritmas song
[2012-12-24 07:57PM UTC] #fw <loftY> I'm trying to find the pic I made last year
[2012-12-24 07:57PM UTC] #fw <loftY> dammit
[2012-12-24 07:58PM UTC] #fw <loftY> lol
[2012-12-24 07:58PM UTC] #fw <loftY> it says merry christmas
[2012-12-24 07:58PM UTC] #fw <loftY> lofty style ;)
[2012-12-24 08:02PM UTC] #fw <P_IMP> does that mean it says fuck you ? :D
[2012-12-24 08:04PM UTC] #fw <loftY> nah, it's a photoshopped monkey mixed with the ugliest man in the world saying merry christmas
[2012-12-24 08:04PM UTC] #fw <loftY> with an xmas hat
[2012-12-24 08:11PM UTC] #fw <oldmankdu> ////
[2012-12-24 08:19PM UTC] #fw <kufi> loughtea
[2012-12-24 08:19PM UTC] #fw <kufi> merry xmas
[2012-12-24 08:20PM UTC] #fw <kufi> you got somje eggnog
[2012-12-24 08:20PM UTC] #fw <daweeze00> any guys in here also into the FTA scene?
[2012-12-24 08:21PM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> FTA scene lol
[2012-12-24 08:21PM UTC] #fw <daweeze00> free to air, figured a good chance in this channel
[2012-12-24 08:21PM UTC] #fw <kufi> welcome to the fta scene
[2012-12-24 08:21PM UTC] #fw <kufi> did you try #fta
[2012-12-24 08:21PM UTC] #fw <loftY> ;)
[2012-12-24 08:21PM UTC] #fw <daweeze00> ya ftabins, but been quiet in there foreever
[2012-12-24 08:21PM UTC] #fw <kufi> loftY puts ghb in his eggnog
[2012-12-24 08:21PM UTC] #fw <kufi> fyi
[2012-12-24 08:21PM UTC] #fw <daweeze00> lol didnt realize fta was the main channel
[2012-12-24 08:30PM UTC] #fw <R-e-D> I like turtles.
[2012-12-24 08:39PM UTC] #fw <xSLAYERx> ]
[2012-12-24 09:30PM UTC] #fw <leydown> hiiiiiiiiiii

[2012-12-24 09:42PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> merry xmas!

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5 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2012-12-24 #fw)

  1. avatar pillo says:

    feliz navidad y ano nuevo para todos

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  2. avatar Leon.R.Evil says:

    Give Us New Year Gift C4eva! Tnx

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  3. avatar stalker says:

    Merry Christmas c4eva

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  4. avatar wolfist says:

    merry xmas everybody!! xD

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  5. avatar broadway67 says:

    ho ho hooo. I wish everybody of the hole world -Merry xmas.
    And thank you for the things, we can do…

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