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[2012-12-31 11:59PM UTC] #fw <apathy> Nobody drives in New York
[2012-12-31 11:59PM UTC] #fw <apathy> There's too much traffic.
[2012-12-31 11:59PM UTC] #fw <giglife> http://rabbit.dereferenced.org/~nenolod/ASA-2012-12-31.txt
[2012-12-31 11:59PM UTC] #fw <giglife> i found it
[2012-12-31 11:59PM UTC] #fw <RapStar> heard its packed on time sqyare
[2013-01-01 12:00AM UTC] #fw <giglife> its crazy
[2013-01-01 12:00AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> can imagine
[2013-01-01 12:00AM UTC] #fw <giglife> i was just outside
[2013-01-01 12:00AM UTC] #fw <RapStar> like 1 mil people
[2013-01-01 12:00AM UTC] #fw <giglife> its packed pass my building
[2013-01-01 12:01AM UTC] #fw <RapStar> is there any space to light fireworks then?
[2013-01-01 12:02AM UTC] #fw <giglife> i guess they have them on the tops of roofs
[2013-01-01 12:02AM UTC] #fw <RapStar> ah ok
[2013-01-01 12:02AM UTC] #fw <giglife> im going to go outside now
[2013-01-01 12:02AM UTC] #fw <giglife> see the crazy people
[2013-01-01 12:02AM UTC] #fw <RapStar> cool have a good time man
[2013-01-01 12:02AM UTC] #fw <giglife> ill be back i have 30 more mins
[2013-01-01 12:08AM UTC] #fw <hSK> anyone got 48 hour xbl gold code?
[2013-01-01 12:16AM UTC] #fw <Sid888> ? list
[2013-01-01 12:26AM UTC] #fw <Mr_C> ? list
[2013-01-01 12:28AM UTC] #fw <giglife> alright
[2013-01-01 12:28AM UTC] #fw <giglife> ups just left
[2013-01-01 12:28AM UTC] #fw <giglife> im out of work
[2013-01-01 12:28AM UTC] #fw <d-_-b> head out before its too late
[2013-01-01 12:28AM UTC] #fw <giglife> time to walk threw this shit
[2013-01-01 12:28AM UTC] #fw <d-_-b> laters
[2013-01-01 12:28AM UTC] #fw <d-_-b> be safe gig
[2013-01-01 12:28AM UTC] #fw <d-_-b> and get some life :P
[2013-01-01 12:29AM UTC] #fw <Mr_C> ? firmware
[2013-01-01 12:31AM UTC] #fw <apathy> Life?
[2013-01-01 12:31AM UTC] #fw <apathy> Hated that game
[2013-01-01 12:31AM UTC] #fw <apathy> The graphics sucked
[2013-01-01 12:32AM UTC] #fw <SOL> life the tv show was great though :)
[2013-01-01 12:40AM UTC] #fw <ayzee> too bad it got cancelled
[2013-01-01 12:41AM UTC] #fw <SOL> I know, still to this day I hate NBC
[2013-01-01 12:41AM UTC] #fw <apathy> *rimshot*
[2013-01-01 12:41AM UTC] #fw <Broly> he got feet, down below his knees
[2013-01-01 12:41AM UTC] #fw <Broly> hold you in his armchair, you can feel his disease
[2013-01-01 12:41AM UTC] #fw <SOL> DIMENSION still makes quips about Life and NBC in the dir names
[2013-01-01 12:41AM UTC] #fw <davey-> ayzee
[2013-01-01 12:41AM UTC] #fw <davey-> do you have any idea whats with the dude cloning my name
[2013-01-01 12:41AM UTC] #fw <Surazal> I wish someon would cancel "Life: The Human Experience" That shit just sucks. I don't like any of the characters.
[2013-01-01 12:41AM UTC] #fw <davey-> i keep hearing stuff about it second-hand
[2013-01-01 12:42AM UTC] #fw <ayzee> davey-: just some loser
[2013-01-01 12:42AM UTC] #fw <davey-> hm
[2013-01-01 12:42AM UTC] #fw <d-_-b> ayzee kill him for new years =)
[2013-01-01 12:42AM UTC] #fw <d-_-b> heh
[2013-01-01 12:42AM UTC] #fw <d-_-b> give him a gift that lasts all year long
[2013-01-01 12:43AM UTC] #fw <davey-> lets do this

[2013-01-01 12:54AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> happy new year everyone!

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  1. avatar Harhour says:

    c4eva release the LTU to help poor children to play with xbox and give them a big smile

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      How are poor children going to afford a new pcb and rgh to get key. think about your post?

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      • avatar Night rider says:

        Many children in poors coutries can't afford buying original games because their high price, so they buy copied games.

        The price pf the new PCB will be less then buying original games ;)

        thaks c4eva and Team Xecuter for the democratization of video games in poor countries!!
        I know very well that speaking about piracy is forbidden, but that's the truth in many poor countries like Tunisia, Morocco, Pakistan…

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        • avatar Anonymous says:

          If they can't afford an a original game how can they afford an xbox in the first place.

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          • avatar KockBurn says:

            Anonymous: If they can't afford an a original game how can they afford an xbox in the first place.

            Stole it.

          • avatar samee says:

            u wont understand… they can buy the xbox because they will RGH or Jtag it then play on copied games.

            what they cant afford is buying original games the price original games is expensive and everyone else know

            (with ur questions i dont think u can imagine it at all) but if any one else understood what am trying to say then give me a thumbs up pls so everyone can see thank u c4eva , TX and everyone else

          • avatar Night rider says:

            there's something named gift!!
            Anonymous you are making this website shi***

          • avatar Toom says:

            in such poor countries "Night rider" mentioned the price of 4 or 5 original games might cost the same price like a new console !!
            usually poor families want happiness for their kids so they dont buy a new console might be used or if they bought a new one they dont pay cach they do it credit ..
            but later on they cant afford buying lots of original games … while kids keep asking for them.
            i hope u all got it ..
            happy new year

        • avatar tunisiangamer says:

          hhhh maybe

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        • avatar Anonymous says:

          Original games are the same price everywhere. In North America, one game is 40-60 dollars. A new console is 200-300 dollars.

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          • avatar X-man says:

            Original games are the same price everywhere. In North America, one game is 40-60 dollars. A new console is 200-300 dollars.

            In some countries games cost $100-120, and a new console $400-500, so, no, games and/or console don't cost the same everywhere!

          • avatar Edelcio Molina says:

            Original games are the same price everywhere. In North America, one game is 40-60 dollars. A new console is 200-300 dollars.

            In Brazil a game release cost R$ 200,00 (+/- U$ 100,00), A XBoX console cost R$ 800,00 (+/- U$ 400,00).

            4 Games = 1 XBOX !!!!
            Take a look at this link: http://goo.gl/350d2
            The game costs about the value of an XBOX! U $ 340.00!!

      • avatar apollo220 says:

        first off c4 said it will not require a RGH !

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  2. avatar Akash Rai says:

    C4eva please give us an estimate(in months) when mod for liteon 1175 be released

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  3. avatar Buddy97 says:

    To Admin
    Has the xk3y the same safety as the LTU or LT 3.0?

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    • avatar admin says:

      They are different solutions, using different methods, from different teams. Neither firmware nor the xk3y are officially stated as being "safe". They both pose an inherent risk of being detected and/or banned. There haven't been any firmware-related bans since October, 2009, and so far there have been no confirmed bans with xk3y. They are both made to be as safe as possible, but there is obviously no guarantee. Whichever you choose, you use at your own risk.

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  4. avatar gigson14 says:

    happy new year from georgia!!! გილოცავთ ახალ წელს !!!

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  5. avatar Phenixo says:

    happy new yeras from all the world

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  6. avatar Toom says:

    Wish The New Year Bring all of us happiness and joy ..
    waiting For the LTU 1.0 .. hope it comes soon :)
    happy new year

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  7. avatar Jopa says:

    Happy New Year. Thank You very much.

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  8. avatar qualunque73 says:

    C4EVA……………..SI NA LOT!!!! BY NAPLES

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  9. avatar rossfever says:

    It's obvious that people dont realise, that there is no point releasing LTU if the PCB isnt ready. What the hell would you do with the firmware without the hardware? Try using it on someone elses hardware? Why would c4eva do that to Team Xecuter? You people are driving me mental. I'm pretty sure that the one's who are most obnoxious towards the team here will be the first ones offering up their first borns and their adoring admiration for c4eva….hypocrites!!!

    Just friggin wait a little while longer…what choice do you have…..chillax

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  10. avatar Darian says:

    I have a quick question…will my older modded games like dead island work, be valid with my newest updates? It should right? but I have not played them in maybe 1-2yrs. if anyone can answer this I would appreciate it.

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