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[2012-12-31 11:59PM UTC] #fw <apathy> Nobody drives in New York
[2012-12-31 11:59PM UTC] #fw <apathy> There's too much traffic.
[2012-12-31 11:59PM UTC] #fw <giglife> http://rabbit.dereferenced.org/~nenolod/ASA-2012-12-31.txt
[2012-12-31 11:59PM UTC] #fw <giglife> i found it
[2012-12-31 11:59PM UTC] #fw <RapStar> heard its packed on time sqyare
[2013-01-01 12:00AM UTC] #fw <giglife> its crazy
[2013-01-01 12:00AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> can imagine
[2013-01-01 12:00AM UTC] #fw <giglife> i was just outside
[2013-01-01 12:00AM UTC] #fw <RapStar> like 1 mil people
[2013-01-01 12:00AM UTC] #fw <giglife> its packed pass my building
[2013-01-01 12:01AM UTC] #fw <RapStar> is there any space to light fireworks then?
[2013-01-01 12:02AM UTC] #fw <giglife> i guess they have them on the tops of roofs
[2013-01-01 12:02AM UTC] #fw <RapStar> ah ok
[2013-01-01 12:02AM UTC] #fw <giglife> im going to go outside now
[2013-01-01 12:02AM UTC] #fw <giglife> see the crazy people
[2013-01-01 12:02AM UTC] #fw <RapStar> cool have a good time man
[2013-01-01 12:02AM UTC] #fw <giglife> ill be back i have 30 more mins
[2013-01-01 12:08AM UTC] #fw <hSK> anyone got 48 hour xbl gold code?
[2013-01-01 12:16AM UTC] #fw <Sid888> ? list
[2013-01-01 12:26AM UTC] #fw <Mr_C> ? list
[2013-01-01 12:28AM UTC] #fw <giglife> alright
[2013-01-01 12:28AM UTC] #fw <giglife> ups just left
[2013-01-01 12:28AM UTC] #fw <giglife> im out of work
[2013-01-01 12:28AM UTC] #fw <d-_-b> head out before its too late
[2013-01-01 12:28AM UTC] #fw <giglife> time to walk threw this shit
[2013-01-01 12:28AM UTC] #fw <d-_-b> laters
[2013-01-01 12:28AM UTC] #fw <d-_-b> be safe gig
[2013-01-01 12:28AM UTC] #fw <d-_-b> and get some life :P
[2013-01-01 12:29AM UTC] #fw <Mr_C> ? firmware
[2013-01-01 12:31AM UTC] #fw <apathy> Life?
[2013-01-01 12:31AM UTC] #fw <apathy> Hated that game
[2013-01-01 12:31AM UTC] #fw <apathy> The graphics sucked
[2013-01-01 12:32AM UTC] #fw <SOL> life the tv show was great though :)
[2013-01-01 12:40AM UTC] #fw <ayzee> too bad it got cancelled
[2013-01-01 12:41AM UTC] #fw <SOL> I know, still to this day I hate NBC
[2013-01-01 12:41AM UTC] #fw <apathy> *rimshot*
[2013-01-01 12:41AM UTC] #fw <Broly> he got feet, down below his knees
[2013-01-01 12:41AM UTC] #fw <Broly> hold you in his armchair, you can feel his disease
[2013-01-01 12:41AM UTC] #fw <SOL> DIMENSION still makes quips about Life and NBC in the dir names
[2013-01-01 12:41AM UTC] #fw <davey-> ayzee
[2013-01-01 12:41AM UTC] #fw <davey-> do you have any idea whats with the dude cloning my name
[2013-01-01 12:41AM UTC] #fw <Surazal> I wish someon would cancel "Life: The Human Experience" That shit just sucks. I don't like any of the characters.
[2013-01-01 12:41AM UTC] #fw <davey-> i keep hearing stuff about it second-hand
[2013-01-01 12:42AM UTC] #fw <ayzee> davey-: just some loser
[2013-01-01 12:42AM UTC] #fw <davey-> hm
[2013-01-01 12:42AM UTC] #fw <d-_-b> ayzee kill him for new years =)
[2013-01-01 12:42AM UTC] #fw <d-_-b> heh
[2013-01-01 12:42AM UTC] #fw <d-_-b> give him a gift that lasts all year long
[2013-01-01 12:43AM UTC] #fw <davey-> lets do this

[2013-01-01 12:54AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> happy new year everyone!

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  1. avatar Buddy97 says:

    To Admin,
    I'm using currently LT 3.0 and I'm considering taking an xk3y, but I was wondering does the xk3y have the same safety to play online as LT 3.0 and LTU? So I know that LT 3.0 also isn't 100% safe but i was just wondering if the xk3y has the same safety as the LT 3.0 firmware, or does LT 3.0 have more Xbox Live safety.

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  2. avatar CombatSLUG says:

    FEBRUARY 2013 is nearly upon us and well, ho-hum, not much in the way of updates from Team X nor C4, i know chinese factories' customer relations are a bit iffy when it comes to manufacture but c'mon guys keep us in the loop! Waiting on a discontinued/out of stock pcb componant? I'm sure even with the crazy yin to yan conversions of the dollar a suitable componant or replacement could have been sourced already and any relevent re-working of a cicuit design to compliment could have been smoothed out by now.
    Updates anyone? Admin even? Everyone was hyped for a Christmas Launch! I only got my Christmas Lunch.

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  3. avatar Redkiller says:

    Im pretty excited for ltu i hope it comes out this week since im 1175 it would be great admin :) i know your reading this xD well hope it really comes out this week :3

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  4. avatar Ibrahim says:

    Hi, C4E I pre-ordered pcb. I know you are finishing up on LTU. Will it come after the pcb comes out (28th Jan) and is flashing the 16DG5S the same as other drives. I have my dvd key by RGH'ing my xbox slim. Hope you reply soon! Thanks

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  5. avatar Leon.R.Evil says:

    you mean before 28jan , pcb Release ?!

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  6. avatar jeremias says:

    asi si es mi estimado solo hay que tener cuidado en todo las extracciones

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  7. avatar Leon.R.Evil says:

    hey come on , anserw me plz, Can Use " TX LITEON DG-16D5S – REPLACEMENT PCB 1175+ " For Hitachi DLN10N-0500 , TO SETUP LTU FRIMWARE?!

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  8. avatar Anonymous says:

    Admin, sorry for this question, I have many doubts bad, and so I need to know if I can get into Live with LT 3.0 without being banned? Thank you!

    Admin, desculpa por essa pergunta, más tenho muitas dúvidas, e por isso preciso saber se com a LT3.0 eu posso entrar na Live sem ser banido? Obrigado!

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  9. avatar PCB007 says:


    Is it true that the PCB and LTU will be officially be released today?

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  10. avatar Redkiller says:

    I thought pcb already came out? I think its feb 1 :) :

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