c4eva Spoke! (2013-08-03 #gearsbeta)

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[2013-08-01 03:12PM UTC] #gearsbeta <GlassVial> kum-ba-ya etc.
[2013-08-01 03:17PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> Turn the page it's the second stage of nigger rage
[2013-08-01 04:33PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> sap
[2013-08-01 04:40PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Lagerhowe> http://i.qkme.me/3uy5h4.jpg
[2013-08-01 04:40PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> hello my progressive friends
[2013-08-01 04:41PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Lagerhowe> hai
[2013-08-01 04:41PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> Sieg heil
[2013-08-01 04:41PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> o/
[2013-08-01 04:41PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> Feed Jew meat to the niggers
[2013-08-01 04:42PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> o/^
[2013-08-01 04:43PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> hitler is deutchland
[2013-08-01 04:43PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> deutchland is lofty
[2013-08-01 04:43PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> der partei ist hitler
[2013-08-01 04:49PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> Yes mien furhrer yes yes mien furhrer
[2013-08-01 04:49PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> why are people pissed if you don't intend on buying disc games
[2013-08-01 04:49PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> but download it from marketplace
[2013-08-01 04:49PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> fucking idiots
[2013-08-01 04:49PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> Casue they are living in the past
[2013-08-01 04:49PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> And don't want to admit it
[2013-08-01 04:50PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> how dare they
[2013-08-01 04:50PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> take them in the gas chambers
[2013-08-01 04:50PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> now
[2013-08-01 04:50PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> The past must be obliterated
[2013-08-01 04:50PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> All must be shining nazi reich
[2013-08-01 04:51PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> Furher phones for all pure white German citizens
[2013-08-01 04:55PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Pessimist> for all aryans
[2013-08-01 04:56PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> fr*
[2013-08-01 05:51PM UTC] #gearsbeta <yogie> goodnite
[2013-08-01 05:51PM UTC] #gearsbeta <yogie> fr ygi
[2013-08-01 05:54PM UTC] #gearsbeta <peaces> n e yogiesjew
[2013-08-01 05:54PM UTC] #gearsbeta <yogie> RiP
[2013-08-01 05:56PM UTC] #gearsbeta <yogie> get Narco.Terror-RELOADED
[2013-08-01 05:56PM UTC] #gearsbeta <yogie> fun
[2013-08-01 06:00PM UTC] #gearsbeta <peaces> playing walking dead again
[2013-08-01 08:04PM UTC] #gearsbeta <peaces> http://www.shacknews.com/article/80446/next-generation-tomb-raider-sequel-confirmed-by-square-enix-ceo
[2013-08-01 08:04PM UTC] #gearsbeta <bakedbill> 'Next-generation' Tomb Raider sequel confirme – Video Game News, Videos and File Downloads for PC and Console Games at Shacknews.com
[2013-08-01 08:12PM UTC] #gearsbeta <pyr> old
[2013-08-02 05:14AM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> hallo mein freunde
[2013-08-02 05:43AM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> o/ seig fucking heil!!!!
[2013-08-02 05:44AM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> 0/ o/ O/ *0
[2013-08-02 01:35PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> Negro Solutions: Bringing you the best in nigger I.T.
[2013-08-02 02:21PM UTC] #gearsbeta <WRX-MK85> hello
[2013-08-02 02:46PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Ace> [PRE] – Minecraft.Skin.Pack.5.DLC.XBOX360-iND – [ XBOX360 / iND ]
[2013-08-02 03:29PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Pessimist> Vic-20: have you tried turning it off and on again?
[2013-08-02 04:13PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> ty
[2013-08-03 12:50AM UTC] #gearsbeta <Bagels> http://i.imgur.com/8V1j0nD.gif
[2013-08-03 02:47AM UTC] #gearsbeta <peaces> rogue legacy = castlevania sotn 2
[2013-08-03 06:53AM UTC] #gearsbeta <Ace> [PRE] – Terraria_Collectors_Edition_RF_XBOX360-KDZ – [ XBOX360 / KDZ ]
[2013-08-03 06:54AM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> hey c4eva

[2013-08-03 06:58AM UTC] #gearsbeta <c4eva> hey, so whats been going on in here?

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11 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2013-08-03 #gearsbeta) (Including One Discussion Thread)

  1. avatar QuickMythril says:

    haha nice…

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  2. avatar lowa east sider says:

    can't wait for the newer fw

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  3. avatar Humble-bbb says:

    So.. did he ever have time to finish investigating that update from February? I still haven't updated :D

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    • avatar lowa east sider says:

      So..didhe ever have time to finish investigating that update from February?I stillhaven'tupdated :D

      Everything is where its suppose to be fw is fine since update and remains fine even with current beta dashes. I'm enrolled in beta dash so I know first hand for sure fw is fine. C4eva rules the firmware.

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      dude just update almost all of us did still no problems..

      But I'm an online gamer so

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  4. avatar lowa east sider says:

    jungle flasher and fw release is all I need just got my LTU2 boards today. Awesome job guys C4eva thanks all involved thanks.

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  5. avatar Italy says:

    has released the final update of the dashboard. Work changes for the final update? Sorry if you do not understand but use the translator.

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  6. avatar Anonymous says:

    theres a lotta n-word in that XD

    i hope c4 or admin will be available to check an xbox update soon, as an email i just got says that a system update will come soon to change microsoft points into moneys. i wouldn't wait for a live log, of course, but just the notice from c4 or admin that no changes happen to LT3.0+ after the update. when it happens anyway, not right now :P

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  7. avatar lowa east sider says:

    ltu2 board installed and working smooth nice job everyone. Xbox 1 bring it im sure c4 has got something for ya.

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  8. avatar lowa east sider says:

    I wonder what that last surprise product for 360 is from C4. Taken from tx website " I have one more surprise product to go for 360! – it's something I wasn't going to do but after seeing all
    the mistakes and incorrect steps from other attempts, I figured I'd do it myself – but the right way"

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  9. avatar Anonymous says:

    Most people figure T-X brand ODDE. But I'm still waiting on Android jungle Flasher.

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