c4eva Spoke! (2013-09-15 #fw)

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[2013-09-15 01:39AM UTC] #fw <b0xa> she broke in thru a window
[2013-09-15 01:39AM UTC] #fw <b0xa> that was jammed open for air
[2013-09-15 01:39AM UTC] #fw <exo-squad> i just watched world war z so im all thinking about zombies
[2013-09-15 01:39AM UTC] #fw <ShagNastY> thai birds are crazy all of em
[2013-09-15 01:39AM UTC] #fw <ShagNastY> u speak lingo ?
[2013-09-15 01:40AM UTC] #fw <moo333> anyone able to hijack the military helicopter yet in GTA5?
[2013-09-15 01:40AM UTC] #fw <moo333> *military jet
[2013-09-15 01:40AM UTC] #fw <President> b0xa how is the issue of your ex relevant to the channel ?
[2013-09-15 01:40AM UTC] #fw <exo-squad> i need to fortify my house against zombies..
[2013-09-15 01:40AM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> b0xa, get any breakup sex?
[2013-09-15 01:41AM UTC] #fw <moo333> LOL
[2013-09-15 01:41AM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> that was uncalled for
[2013-09-15 01:41AM UTC] #fw <moo333> i was going to make comment a comment to that but i'm glad i'm a slow typer
[2013-09-15 01:41AM UTC] #fw <exo-squad> yeah nobody wants to know if he got some from a crazy chick who broke into his place
[2013-09-15 01:41AM UTC] #fw <President> !! troll
[2013-09-15 01:41AM UTC] #fw <b0xa> no
[2013-09-15 01:42AM UTC] #fw <b0xa> President: how is anything said in this channel relevant at all
[2013-09-15 01:42AM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> I wanted to know, but anyways, that was in no way an attempt at trolling pres
[2013-09-15 01:42AM UTC] #fw <b0xa> its been spammed by bots for the last few months
[2013-09-15 01:42AM UTC] #fw <moo333> T_D_H talk about GTA5 or GTFO
[2013-09-15 01:42AM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> lol
[2013-09-15 01:42AM UTC] #fw <b0xa> and random cunts come in and ask about non existant releases
[2013-09-15 01:42AM UTC] #fw <b0xa> and get flamed
[2013-09-15 01:42AM UTC] #fw <b0xa> so
[2013-09-15 01:43AM UTC] #fw <exo-squad> anyone have the strategy guide for gta5?
[2013-09-15 01:43AM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> yeah, play better
[2013-09-15 01:43AM UTC] #fw <deicer> no but a saw a shark attack in game today
[2013-09-15 01:43AM UTC] #fw <deicer> and it was
[2013-09-15 01:43AM UTC] #fw <deicer> awesome
[2013-09-15 01:43AM UTC] #fw <President> I am here now
[2013-09-15 01:43AM UTC] #fw <exo-squad> deicer, i was killed a wolf
[2013-09-15 01:43AM UTC] #fw <deicer> man i so gotta get that game
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <deicer> PC version wont be out
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <exo-squad> chillin on the mountain top, looking at the sunset, all of a sudden killed by wolf.
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <deicer> anytime soon
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> I like pre ordering gtav almost a year ago, and its leaked anyways
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <deicer> it will always leak
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <deicer> from within
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <exo-squad> T_D_H, rockstar already made their money they invested in the game by the pre order sales
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> yeah
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <deicer> #gtavleaktalk and #pcgames too
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <deicer> :P
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> I like the gtav poster im looking at that says spring 2013 lol
[2013-09-15 01:45AM UTC] #fw <President> my son is alpha testing command and conquer generals 2
[2013-09-15 01:45AM UTC] #fw <Jaws> hello, trying to update my samsung ms25 (banned) xbox to latest dash. Tried just updating from CD and after it extracts update, the screen gets all messed up (pixilated, horizontal lines repeating…) and lower left ring lights red. is it because its banned it wont update? its on dash 15574 now
[2013-09-15 01:46AM UTC] #fw <BL4K3Y> take it back to stock fw first
[2013-09-15 01:46AM UTC] #fw <BL4K3Y> is it spoofed?
[2013-09-15 01:46AM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> neat pres
[2013-09-15 01:46AM UTC] #fw <Jaws> not spoofed, but i did try flashing it back to stock … not the right OFW maybe???

[2013-09-15 01:47AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hi

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4 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2013-09-15 #fw)

  1. avatar prof says:

    I wanted to ask you something.

    my backup XGD3 with liteon 124 b, installation hangs at 13%, but only I can play dvd.

    kprobe test perfect, imgburn verified ok.

    at 124 rev b, tried with ixtreme burn c4 and payload tools.

    burner with sata / usb adapter on notebook

    burner with SATA connection on desktop PCs.

    other dvd of my friends works, original works.

    I also did "" pot tweak "."

    why not install


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  2. avatar Ahmed says:

    me too. all xgd3 games are verified and everything 100% +burnermax

    but i can't install any of them in the hdd ! :(

    some games stuck from time to time

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  3. avatar Kerri says:

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  4. avatar hipster says:

    hey go get on facebook and talk…. this is not your personal blog page….

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