c4eva Spoke! (2013-09-23 #c4e)

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[2013-09-20 06:38PM UTC] #c4e <FlintTown> #jungleflasher
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[2013-09-21 05:22AM UTC] #c4e <helenclar> Hey, after the latest dashboard update, has anyone had any issues streaming video to there rgh xbox?
[2013-09-21 05:23AM UTC] #c4e <BL4K3Y> you're in the wrong channel.
[2013-09-21 05:23AM UTC] #c4e <BL4K3Y> try asking in #fw or something.
[2013-09-21 05:25AM UTC] #c4e <helenclar> Trying
[2013-09-21 05:27AM UTC] #c4e <morpheous> :/
[2013-09-21 05:28AM UTC] #c4e <morpheous> I'ma make it do what it do, baby!
[2013-09-21 05:28AM UTC] #c4e <steveo178> BL4K3Y, go in #fw and tell him to try in #xecuter
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[2013-09-21 05:56AM UTC] #c4e <mig2970> Earn $ 15 per affiliate and $ 2 for each person entering your link http://Fun4Days.Com/?share=138802
[2013-09-22 02:18AM UTC] #c4e <Prablo> hello?
[2013-09-22 11:22AM UTC] #c4e <Noobie> Having trouble playiong gta 5 backup
[2013-09-22 11:22AM UTC] #c4e <Noobie> slim 1071
[2013-09-22 11:22AM UTC] #c4e <Noobie> uasing ltu2 v1
[2013-09-22 11:24AM UTC] #c4e <Noobie> plz help has micrsoft suceed to block lt
[2013-09-22 12:03PM UTC] #c4e <wwJFnet65> can somebody help me
[2013-09-22 12:03PM UTC] #c4e <wwJFnet65> j #jtag360
[2013-09-22 07:28PM UTC] #c4e <rolling7z> is there an ihas firmware link?
[2013-09-22 07:33PM UTC] #c4e <Spudnutz> C4Es BurnerMAX Payload Tool v0.15 – http://tinyurl.com/ajh2n6u
[2013-09-22 07:33PM UTC] #c4e <Spudnutz> BurnerMAX Payload Tool Compatibility list – http://tinyurl.com/cg52g4w
[2013-09-22 07:48PM UTC] #c4e <rolling7z> thanks
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[2013-09-22 08:55PM UTC] #c4e <eluxuriou> Come watch me stick a dildo in my ass @ http://bit.ly/16RZ1Ww
[2013-09-22 08:55PM UTC] #c4e <stefanou> shit eluxuriou
[2013-09-22 08:55PM UTC] #c4e <iluxuriou> Come watch me stick a dildo in my ass @ http://bit.ly/16RZ1Ww
[2013-09-22 09:05PM UTC] #c4e <acDC5> i wonder if c4eva will be looking at hacking the xbox one when it comes out
[2013-09-22 09:06PM UTC] #c4e <stefanou> check c4evaspeaks
[2013-09-22 09:29PM UTC] #c4e <mikros0ft> [2013-09-13 10:28AM UTC] #fw <Vic-20> c4eva: Think XboxOne will be hacked?
[2013-09-22 09:29PM UTC] #c4e <mikros0ft> [2013-09-13 10:29AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> vic-20:Yes!
[2013-09-22 09:29PM UTC] #c4e <stefanou> yeah, it was very hard for him to find that
[2013-09-22 09:29PM UTC] #c4e <hataz> in a nutshell
[2013-09-22 09:30PM UTC] #c4e <hataz> anything can be hacked
[2013-09-22 09:36PM UTC] #c4e <mikros0ft> chill bro
[2013-09-22 09:47PM UTC] #c4e <acDC5> ya
[2013-09-22 09:48PM UTC] #c4e <acDC5> i saw it
[2013-09-22 10:00PM UTC] #c4e <steveo197> lol
[2013-09-22 11:51PM UTC] #c4e <SafariTan> where can i download LT 2.01…can't find it on xbins…
[2013-09-22 11:53PM UTC] #c4e <SafariTan> found in 3.0 pack…nevermind!
[2013-09-23 11:12AM UTC] #c4e <fanavity> hi
[2013-09-23 11:13AM UTC] #c4e <fanavity> someone here :) ?

[2013-09-23 11:14AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> yes

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30 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2013-09-23 #c4e) (Including 9 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    lololol does anyone else find it hilarious that this chatlog made it on the site?xD

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  2. avatar fxb says:

    Noob Question. (Used Kamikaze Unlock) LiteOn 0225 LT+ 3.0 Flashed 14699 upgrade to 16197 via USB,
    Is it safe to upgrade 16537?

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  3. avatar Observer says:

    This is what victory is like. C4Eva won and there's nothing left to say or do. Onto Xbox One. It's been fun everyone!

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      yea go c4!! it'd be a miracle cracking xbone since m$ probably wont allow the same mistakes twice. i mean look at how ps3 never got cracked the way x360 did. all they gotta do is what sony did and boom baby! love ya c4<3

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      • avatar Anonymous says:

        The ps3 has back up managers which are slightly better as you don't have to keep burning disks, to download a 25gb ps3 game and to burn to a blu ray with a blu ray burner would be pricey/time consuming too, if c4 cracks the new xbox it might have some kind of back up manager too as the blu ray burning might be expensive a problem for some, just throwing thoughts out nothing set in stone, not long yet….. It's advised to get day one release of Xbox one as if and when this is cracked the newer revisions of Xbox one will more and likely have the exploits closed (as we have seen with liteon slims post kamikaze and trace cut exploits)

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  4. avatar hipster says:

    That's because ps 3 doesn't have anybody dedicated like c4eva…

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  5. avatar Anonymous says:

    What about the 3K3Y, does anybody know if it's real? It's supposedly for the PS3 and works without the need to downgrade anymore, anyone who got intel whether or not this is true?

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      It will most likely need the drive key in order to work like the xkey does for 360. Most will need to downgrade in order to get the key, so kinda makes having one useless if you have to jailbreak it to even make it work…

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      • avatar Anonymous says:

        I read on their official site that since the new patch there is no need to manually get the key as it gets it by itself, but I am still wondering if it actually works and isn't a scam

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  6. avatar vitor says:

    Hello, does anybody knows why the F1.2013 Verification isnt's online yet?

    Thanks :)

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  7. avatar King Spudnik III says:

    In my opinion i don't think there are ANY clear-cut instructions on how to correctly calibrate brand new replacement lasers such as HOP141X Liteon and Benq replacements.
    The only guide information to be found online refers to original Xbox 360 lasers and quotes rough values for those however most new HOP141 lasers arrive with readings of around 2.74k (sometimes even lower!!!) which is miles away from genuine original lasers being set around 4.2k – 5.1k, and taking them to their maximum advisable limit of 3.4k…
    To me these new lasers seem like they have been 'wound up' to a high power just to make them perform which concerned me therefore i have in the past reduced them right down before fitting, only to find that they misread discs after just a few weeks of use and that i have to increase them back again.

    So perhaps these replacement chinese lasers just have completely different chracteristics?
    Perhaps they should remain on their higher settings?
    Is there a more acurate and scientific way to calibrate these lasers without just using guess work?

    I wondered if it would be a viable option to say temporarily use the new laser in a drive flashed with a ripping firmware which allowed use on a pc; then using it to scan a disc with Nero Disc Speed or K probe adjusting the laser to provide the best output results?
    Is that even possible, as surely that would allow people to observe a clear report on how the laser is performing and how well it is callibrated etc etc?

    I'm just not satisfied with guess work being only way to calibrate a new laser.
    I welcome anyone's opinion?

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  8. avatar medo says:

    are u thinking to hack xbox one ?

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  9. avatar King Spudnik III says:

    How can anyone asnswer that when noone has an Xbox One to even start looking for vunerability's and exploits.
    There is a lotof work and effort involved in trying to breach a system for the first time.
    It may not even be possible.
    My own assumptions would be that ODDE is probably going to be the only root to go down and even that may be barred by these online DRM handshakes from MS servers.
    If a vunerable exploit IS found i'd assume it will only be functional under strict criteria such as keeping the console offline permanently and set to emulate the discdrive and trick the online verification process, but again, i have no idea if that's how the system works or whether that is achievable and would suffice.
    Look at the Wii U, it's been out over a year and noone found a vunerable exploit for that (other than the old Wii side of things) and Nintendo have always had a more laid-back approach to anti -piracy and system protection than the likes of Microsoft and Sony. DS's, Wii's, they've all be exploitable very easily without much form of preventive or remedial action being taken by Nintendo.
    It's a waiting game more than anything, while the genius'es and hardcore enthusiasts set their interllectual skills to the max and play a mundane game of trial and error. Respect to those who do it, especially when the only reward is self satisfaction from the accomplishment instead of any financial gain. Look at poor ol Commodore here, all the time and effort he's put into firmware and all he get's are people bitbhin' about whether he's able to analyse system updates quick enough for them so they can get back to playing pirated CoD online. No reward in that, for sure. Poor bloke deserves better, but such is the way of human nature.
    As to the Xbox One being done:-
    I wouldn't hold your breath… especially at such an early age

    Ciao for now. King Spuddas.

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  10. avatar King Spudnik III says:

    By the way, i have an Xbox 360 Slim 'E' here (no not a slime, a Slim 'E' model) which i've taken apart and it has a Lite-on D16D5S drive in with Fimware ver: 1532 B0A0, Dated June 2013.

    Just thought i'd share that as i didn't see anything on the main page about a new model Xbox 360, let alone any other board revisions and drives etc, whereas they used to post an announcement on the main page before when for example the White Slims with Corona boards came out.

    maybe i missed something(?)

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