c4eva Spoke! (2013-11-16 #fw)

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[2013-11-15 11:24PM UTC] #fw <morpheous> PA.
[2013-11-15 11:24PM UTC] #fw <morpheous> :o l
[2013-11-15 11:24PM UTC] #fw <DELA-NYR> dam man
[2013-11-15 11:24PM UTC] #fw <DELA-NYR> mine is in virginia
[2013-11-15 11:25PM UTC] #fw <DELA-NYR> what place did you use to order?
[2013-11-15 11:25PM UTC] #fw <DELA-NYR> i used amazon
[2013-11-15 11:25PM UTC] #fw <DELA-NYR> ps4 launch edition
[2013-11-15 11:31PM UTC] #fw <morpheous> amazon.com
[2013-11-15 11:31PM UTC] #fw <morpheous> :O
[2013-11-15 11:31PM UTC] #fw <morpheous> ya, launch edition too
[2013-11-15 11:34PM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=141116 /o
[2013-11-15 11:40PM UTC] #fw <pfunk> wow looks cool!
[2013-11-15 11:42PM UTC] #fw <pfunk> looks like a way to play games off a external hd or a way to flash vs
[2013-11-15 11:42PM UTC] #fw <pfunk> *fw
[2013-11-15 11:47PM UTC] #fw <mksmartjr> I wonder if Microsoft learned their lesson this time and made it hard for the Xbox one to be hacked.
[2013-11-15 11:49PM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> mksmartjr: erm.. what? xbone uses a liteon drive.. guess what? :p
[2013-11-15 11:50PM UTC] #fw <mksmartjr> Lol does it really?
[2013-11-15 11:50PM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> welp, based in the pics floating the web, yes
[2013-11-15 11:50PM UTC] #fw <mksmartjr> Wow, fail on Microsoft again.
[2013-11-15 11:50PM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> not really but..
[2013-11-15 11:51PM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> if they're using something similar to fcrt in xbone…
[2013-11-15 11:51PM UTC] #fw <mksmartjr> Well it's blu ray now at least
[2013-11-15 11:51PM UTC] #fw <mksmartjr> If a hacked fw comes out it'll be more expensive to buy Blu-ray Discs now lol.
[2013-11-15 11:51PM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> yeah, with 4k flics around the corner..
[2013-11-16 12:02AM UTC] #fw <DELA-NYR> well i think the price would go down atleast how much the yare now
[2013-11-16 12:02AM UTC] #fw <DELA-NYR> bc you are talking a huge flood in hte market new types of discs etc
[2013-11-16 12:02AM UTC] #fw <DELA-NYR> like if c4 didnt look at the console yet id be suprised
[2013-11-16 12:05AM UTC] #fw <[DreamZ]> One-Tag
[2013-11-16 12:05AM UTC] #fw <[DreamZ]> or One glitch hack
[2013-11-16 12:20AM UTC] #fw <pfunk> how is he gonna hack the activation ?!
[2013-11-16 12:20AM UTC] #fw <pfunk> I don't see it happening
[2013-11-16 12:29AM UTC] #fw <Mr_SaMSA> can u modifiy a new 360 off the shelf today?
[2013-11-16 12:31AM UTC] #fw <CAsh4kiDZ> pc froze. anyone answer mr_samsa question?
[2013-11-16 12:31AM UTC] #fw <pfunk> not the new one…they fixed the glitch
[2013-11-16 12:31AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> yep, but you gotta buy some hardware and hack it with your own hands
[2013-11-16 12:32AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> pfunk: you can hack any 360
[2013-11-16 12:32AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> there's no new model, nor fixed model that can't be hacked
[2013-11-16 12:32AM UTC] #fw <Rock> no shit
[2013-11-16 12:32AM UTC] #fw <Rock> lol
[2013-11-16 12:32AM UTC] #fw <CAsh4kiDZ> what hardware
[2013-11-16 12:32AM UTC] #fw <pfunk> they have a new one they showed ..smaller I thought
[2013-11-16 12:32AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> cpld, a replacement pcb if you want to run discs from drive
[2013-11-16 12:33AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> a nand reader too.. or a sd card adapter
[2013-11-16 12:33AM UTC] #fw <CAsh4kiDZ> coo – good to know
[2013-11-16 12:33AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> it's not like it used to be, crack open it, connect drive to pc and flash
[2013-11-16 12:35AM UTC] #fw <CAsh4kiDZ> ya my 2005 xenon still works great but i have no idea how to rgh it.
[2013-11-16 12:35AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> you can't
[2013-11-16 12:38AM UTC] #fw <CAsh4kiDZ> you can but it is crazy
[2013-11-16 12:38AM UTC] #fw <CAsh4kiDZ> http://team-xecuter.com/team-xecuters-xenon-reset-glitch-hack/

[2013-11-16 12:39AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> first xbone disc dump completed! Ghosts 47Gb! XG4 cometh!
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[2013-11-16 12:40AM UTC] #fw <hataz> LIES
[2013-11-16 12:40AM UTC] #fw <hataz> go c4eva you're drunk
[2013-11-16 12:40AM UTC] #fw <hataz> home*
[2013-11-16 12:41AM UTC] #fw <[DreamZ]> LOL c4eva
[2013-11-16 12:41AM UTC] #fw <[DreamZ]> hack dat shit man
[2013-11-16 12:47AM UTC] #fw <pfunk> lol crazy shit
[2013-11-16 12:47AM UTC] #fw <pfunk> dude is a god
[2013-11-16 12:47AM UTC] #fw <pfunk> not even out yet and he dumped a disc…lol
[2013-11-16 12:49AM UTC] #fw <airjer> whoa, what now?
[2013-11-16 12:52AM UTC] #fw <neotank> awesome news
[2013-11-16 01:11AM UTC] #fw <pfunk> wonder what xg4cometh is?
[2013-11-16 01:11AM UTC] #fw <pfunk> his haxor team?
[2013-11-16 01:11AM UTC] #fw <Souls-M> njgi ntgiu
[2013-11-16 01:12AM UTC] #fw <Souls-M> bg kwtu qkjuh
[2013-11-16 01:50AM UTC] #fw <tomhose> c4eva: is a livelog pending?
[2013-11-16 02:03AM UTC] #fw <Bagels> theres a live update?
[2013-11-16 02:04AM UTC] #fw <hordak> no
[2013-11-16 02:23AM UTC] #fw <WRX-MK815> anyone get the add security message every so often when they login to xbox live?
[2013-11-16 02:24AM UTC] #fw <WRX-MK815> i was on a few days ago and got the message so I confirmed my account and now it's asking me to do the same thing again when I just logged on
[2013-11-16 02:25AM UTC] #fw <WRX-MK815> is XMFwuzheres on here?
[2013-11-16 02:26AM UTC] #fw <steveo197> by his name I would think he was here by not now
[2013-11-16 02:26AM UTC] #fw <WRX-MK815> gotcha
[2013-11-16 03:27AM UTC] #fw <Shilo> any place right yet I can get a xbox one for 499? or can I get one on release day likely?
[2013-11-16 03:28AM UTC] #fw <Shilo> .
[2013-11-16 03:31AM UTC] #fw <sgs> multiple retailers had ps4s in stock on the 15th at midnight
[2013-11-16 03:31AM UTC] #fw <Shilo> ahh
[2013-11-16 03:31AM UTC] #fw <Shilo> ic
[2013-11-16 03:31AM UTC] #fw <sgs> so the same should hold true for xb1
[2013-11-16 03:32AM UTC] #fw <sgs> you can use nowinstock.net to monitor some xb1 sales pages but the barebones consoles rarely go on sale for preorder now
[2013-11-16 03:32AM UTC] #fw <sgs> just bundles
[2013-11-16 03:35AM UTC] #fw <APE> http://www.theonion.com/articles/playstation-4-vs-xbox-one,34568
[2013-11-16 03:35AM UTC] #fw <APE> your guide for which console to bu
[2013-11-16 03:35AM UTC] #fw <APE> y
[2013-11-16 03:38AM UTC] #fw <Shilo> so anyone taking payments on buying a xbox one or know where you can redirect me
[2013-11-16 03:39AM UTC] #fw <XDK> at this point ur gonna be standing in line outside a store night before for a midnight release

[2013-11-16 03:41AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> XG4=XboxGamedisc4 – Bluray Disc Type Identifier from PIC (Permanent Information and Control data zone) on the disc!
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[2013-11-16 05:45AM UTC] #fw <Surazal> BDXl discs are expensive though. $45.99 for a single 100GB disc
[2013-11-16 05:45AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> so those 128gb discs are compatible with any bd reader?
[2013-11-16 05:45AM UTC] #fw <GeForce04> so do you guys think x1 is worth it?
[2013-11-16 05:45AM UTC] #fw <SOL> I don't atm lol
[2013-11-16 05:45AM UTC] #fw <SOL> as to my previous statement
[2013-11-16 05:45AM UTC] #fw <hataz> thats for you to deceide
[2013-11-16 05:45AM UTC] #fw <SOL> not enough games for me atm
[2013-11-16 05:45AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> I'll buy whatever system got hacked first… first :)
[2013-11-16 05:45AM UTC] #fw <hataz> two will keep busy
[2013-11-16 05:46AM UTC] #fw <hataz> youll be waiting a long time
[2013-11-16 05:46AM UTC] #fw <SOL> 360 is still fine here and since you cant play 360 games on one lol
[2013-11-16 05:46AM UTC] #fw <SOL> no point in buying it yet
[2013-11-16 05:46AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> i'm sure most in this room will buy both consoles so pftt
[2013-11-16 05:46AM UTC] #fw <hataz> i bought both
[2013-11-16 05:46AM UTC] #fw <SOL> I will xbon next year and ps4 hopefully around next black friday or so
[2013-11-16 05:46AM UTC] #fw <DonCatoli> ppl will jump over to ps4 with a cfw and price drop :P
[2013-11-16 05:46AM UTC] #fw <hataz> have two ps4's sitting in my livig in the boxes
[2013-11-16 05:46AM UTC] #fw <SOL> unless I can magically get $1000
[2013-11-16 05:46AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> SOL: count me in.. same here
[2013-11-16 05:47AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> and transfer complete..
[2013-11-16 05:47AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> NFS: Rivals time
[2013-11-16 05:47AM UTC] #fw <hataz> hmm
[2013-11-16 05:47AM UTC] #fw <hataz> yea im xfering that now to
[2013-11-16 05:47AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> http://www.ps3crunch.net/forum/threads/8464-RUMOUR-Some-Playstation-4-backups-surfaced
[2013-11-16 05:47AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> nice
[2013-11-16 05:47AM UTC] #fw <GeForce04> i agree
[2013-11-16 05:47AM UTC] #fw <SOL> SpkLeader: really dug most wanted, like they are bringing back the old nfs and you can be cops to
[2013-11-16 05:47AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> hataz: make sure to transfer the hd content as well.. 1.5gb
[2013-11-16 05:48AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> SOL: I really hope it's NFS:HP based
[2013-11-16 05:48AM UTC] #fw <SOL> yeah it looks so
[2013-11-16 05:48AM UTC] #fw <SOL> I wont' know till tuesday sadly :(
[2013-11-16 05:48AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> why?
[2013-11-16 05:48AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> slow connection?
[2013-11-16 05:49AM UTC] #fw <GeForce04> any of you guys have xbmc?
[2013-11-16 05:49AM UTC] #fw <SOL> it's alright i have bioshock infinte burial at sea and wolf amoung us and some otehr older games I wnat to play
[2013-11-16 05:49AM UTC] #fw <SOL> yeah slow but not that slow lol
[2013-11-16 05:49AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> xD
[2013-11-16 05:50AM UTC] #fw <hataz> hmm
[2013-11-16 05:50AM UTC] #fw <hataz> theres an install?
[2013-11-16 05:50AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> told you ;p
[2013-11-16 05:50AM UTC] #fw <hataz> well hence the ?
[2013-11-16 05:50AM UTC] #fw <hataz> i was asking
[2013-11-16 05:50AM UTC] #fw <hataz> heh
[2013-11-16 05:50AM UTC] #fw <hataz> still xfering
[2013-11-16 05:50AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> High definition content for Need for Speed Rivals
[2013-11-16 05:51AM UTC] #fw <hataz> well i will asume it will put that from the disc when i run it
[2013-11-16 05:51AM UTC] #fw <hataz> since it's only 1 disc
[2013-11-16 05:51AM UTC] #fw <hataz> pull*
[2013-11-16 05:51AM UTC] #fw <DonCatoli> disc dumps doesn't eman much

[2013-11-16 05:52AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> cod ghosts psn layer 0 start/end: 0x 00100000/00ad7f1e
[2013-11-16 05:52AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> (00ad7f1e-00100000) 1=9d7f1f sectors *0800=4ebf8f800 (21,138,831,360 bytes)
[2013-11-16 05:53AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> cod ghosts psn layer 1 start/end: 0x 015280e0/01effffe
[2013-11-16 05:53AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> (01effffe-015280e0) 1=9d7f1f sectors – same as layer 0
[2013-11-16 05:53AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> *0800=4ebf8f800 (21,138,831,360 bytes)
[2013-11-16 05:54AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> = Total Disc 42,277,662,720 bytes
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[2013-11-16 05:54AM UTC] #fw <SpkLeader> there's pt-br language in this disc c4eva? :D
[2013-11-16 05:57AM UTC] #fw <apathy> 42gb, Jesus Christ
[2013-11-16 05:57AM UTC] #fw <apathy> 20gb of padding?
[2013-11-16 05:57AM UTC] #fw <steveo197> possibly all data

[2013-11-16 05:58AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> the disc is made up of one metadata folder with some pics and one package1.xvc file of 41,285,020 KB length
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[2013-11-16 05:58AM UTC] #fw <Surazal> Expect a lot more games to hit the 30-50 GB mark now that MSFT camp will have BR as well
[2013-11-16 05:58AM UTC] #fw <Surazal> the DVD drive in the 360 held the size of a lot of games back
[2013-11-16 05:59AM UTC] #fw <Surazal> and even then at the end of the cycle here we've been seeing a lot more multi-disc releases
[2013-11-16 06:00AM UTC] #fw <apathy> I get enough calls from my ISP
[2013-11-16 06:00AM UTC] #fw <apathy> "Stop using so much goddamn data!"
[2013-11-16 06:00AM UTC] #fw <SOL> and non-disc :P
[2013-11-16 06:00AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> damn
[2013-11-16 06:00AM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> 1 file

[2013-11-16 06:00AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> yes!

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19 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2013-11-16 #fw) (Including 2 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Jose_Bearsh says:

    Let the game begin! :D

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  2. avatar FiB3R says:

    Too soon?

    *Starts eyeing up BD-RW drives*

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  3. avatar PromKnight says:

    Does C4Eva do this for PS4 as-well?

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  5. avatar DanteDom says:

    A NEW challenge to be WON!! Good luck c4eva,teamxcuter and everybody that is providing help and support!

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  6. avatar As$p rocky says:

    And 360 lizard

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  8. avatar stu mods says:

    title="with thanks"
    47Gb! XG4 s**t the bed time to get sum tb's of storage asap 1 will not cut it any more……….
    thanks for the info c4eva xx we love you good luck to you and all involved

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  9. avatar Dean says:

    If only there were a 'Day One" Hack, now that would be AWESOME!

    <3 c4eva

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  10. avatar Jesus of Nazareth says:

    Is there an executable file? Can you try to extract package1.xvc and make a list of all extracted files, please?

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