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[2013-11-26 11:50PM UTC] #c4e <turny> sounds like spi is locked if its not writing
[2013-11-26 11:50PM UTC] #c4e <turny> and its erased
[2013-11-26 11:50PM UTC] #c4e <tiyi> well i know i didnt hit it
[2013-11-26 11:51PM UTC] #c4e <jsinger47> or bad sata cable
[2013-11-26 11:51PM UTC] #c4e <tiyi> im redownloading jf
[2013-11-26 11:51PM UTC] #c4e <jsinger47> its not JF
[2013-11-26 11:51PM UTC] #c4e <jsinger47> its your setup
[2013-11-27 12:16AM UTC] #c4e <tiyi> it was the sata cord coming out of the computer. Thanks for the help fellas
[2013-11-27 12:16AM UTC] #c4e <tiyi> Switched the cord went in first try
[2013-11-27 12:20AM UTC] #c4e <jsinger47> no shit
[2013-11-27 12:20AM UTC] #c4e <jsinger47> hence why we kept saying "try a different sata cable"
[2013-11-27 12:20AM UTC] #c4e <jsinger47> lol
[2013-11-27 12:20AM UTC] #c4e <tiyi> and i did didnt i
[2013-11-27 12:20AM UTC] #c4e <tiyi> lol
[2013-11-27 12:47AM UTC] #c4e <tiyi> Now with a different xbox….does recognised disc usually mean weak laser
[2013-11-27 12:47AM UTC] #c4e <tiyi> unrecognised**
[2013-11-27 12:47AM UTC] #c4e <tiyi> phat lite on
[2013-11-27 12:58AM UTC] #c4e <steveo197> tiyi sometimes
[2013-11-27 09:33AM UTC] #c4e <Zathoraus> Any available to help with an issue?
[2013-11-27 06:07PM UTC] #c4e <d2a> is there any suprise about Hacking the XBOX ONE ?
[2013-11-27 06:08PM UTC] #c4e <aJ3rk> surpised like a baby
[2013-11-27 06:09PM UTC] #c4e <aJ3rk> surprised*
[2013-11-27 06:09PM UTC] #c4e <d2a> sorry
[2013-11-27 06:10PM UTC] #c4e <aJ3rk> huh?
[2013-11-27 06:11PM UTC] #c4e <d2a> my english is not well
[2013-11-27 06:11PM UTC] #c4e <d2a> what is the XG4 ?
[2013-11-27 08:16PM UTC] #c4e <Kombat_ac> who have problem with permanent reset in 4gb corona 2013-08 http://i2.wp.com/www.hackfaq.net/wp-content/uploads/v6fix.png?resize=800,473
[2013-11-28 08:04AM UTC] #c4e <mikah> hmm hmm hmm
[2013-11-28 01:24PM UTC] #c4e <CHOO-CHOO> the Singapore Verbs 96862..they're saying they are discontinued. Did C4e say there was a substitute for them???
[2013-11-29 02:05PM UTC] #c4e <k3> First XBOX ONE HDD Hack – Install a bigger HDD http://bit.ly/1c0X7lv'
[2013-11-29 03:05PM UTC] #c4e <pollo> that xbox one is gonna get owned it just looks like it after isopend LOL
[2013-11-29 06:21PM UTC] #c4e <hetelek> hello
[2013-11-30 04:17AM UTC] #c4e <eigerzoom> just turned 360 on and saw a system update …. any news if its safe for LT3?
[2013-11-30 04:21AM UTC] #c4e <eigerzoom> uhg
[2013-11-30 04:23AM UTC] #c4e <eigerzoom> nm i guess it was just an update for ghosts
[2013-11-30 04:23AM UTC] #c4e <CarpeDiem> what dash is the console on now?
[2013-11-30 04:23AM UTC] #c4e <CarpeDiem> oh, ok
[2013-11-30 04:23AM UTC] #c4e <CarpeDiem> bye
[2013-11-30 06:34PM UTC] #c4e <prutt> fis
[2013-12-01 02:34PM UTC] #c4e <Rov8r> i have a xbox slim with a DG16D5s i cant read the key will the latest fungle flasher 1.96b slove the problem anyone no?
[2013-12-02 11:00PM UTC] #c4e <gggggg> Ciao a tutti :P
[2013-12-02 11:00PM UTC] #c4e <gggggg> hi all
[2013-12-02 11:00PM UTC] #c4e <gggggg> :
[2013-12-02 11:00PM UTC] #c4e <gggggg> :D
[2013-12-02 11:00PM UTC] #c4e <gggggg> nothing news to xbox one mod?
[2013-12-03 01:52AM UTC] #c4e <jb2k> anyone xs their one hdd yet ?
[2013-12-03 01:52AM UTC] #c4e <jb2k> i need a file from the "User Content" Partition
[2013-12-04 02:31AM UTC] #c4e <zylith> Hello all, I have been out of the loop for a while, Is it possible to play backed up games one the xbox one?
[2013-12-04 03:48AM UTC] #c4e <aJ3rk> lol

[2013-12-04 08:17AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> boo

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  1. avatar STAFF says:

    Hi c4eva

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  2. avatar Xboxmaster says:

    c4eva has not much to say … he must be to busy hacking the xbox one :)

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  3. avatar cj says:

    New 360 dashboard update live 12/12/13 is it safe? Regards.

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  4. avatar newbiegamer says:

    hi c4eva there a new update live dashboard update now out 12/12/13…if me update the dashboard using USB Pendrive are this safe and dont converte my xbox into original firmware?..thanks…sorry for my bad english hihi

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  5. avatar you says:

    I have just seen a player post on x3key forum he said>

    but still don't know what is new in these update and whats for to update waiting for C4EVA Replay

    Best Regards

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  6. avatar pino says:

    nuova dashboard 16547?????????????????????

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  7. avatar Yucelen says:

    stop whining and wait for the word, or take the risk and update.god I'm sick of this.

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  8. avatar locote says:

    is safe to update to 16547????

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  9. avatar c4evarawks says:

    what do you think?

    I suggest maybe wait few days for more concrete info on this update, you know just to be safe.

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  10. avatar pedrinhu bad english says:

    Hi… A make the update, no make big changes. I have LT 3.0
    ….The update is likely safe

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  11. avatar DrewKrew says:

    I updated on LT3.0 flashed system. Drive remained flashed with LT3 firmware and backups continue to run including XGD3.
    Your choice whether to sit 'n' wait or just get on and do it…

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    • avatar DrewKrew says:

      By the way it took a long time so guessing it's a big overhaul to harmonise Xbox One compatibility. Has to be their final 360 update surely (unless they need to bug fix this update later)

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  12. avatar Anonymous says:

    on the new update wikipedia simply says:

    December 12, 2013; 0 days ago Starting December 12, 2013, Xbox 360 users around the world will be prompted for a mandatory Xbox 360 System Update. This update is part of our continued effort to provide the best possible Xbox Live experience. Customers will be able to download and install the update directly from their Xbox 360 console or offline.

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  13. avatar Anonymous says:

    i'm accepting the update since everyone on this forum and others say the backups still run after the update. that's all i need to know anymore

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  14. avatar dolan says:

    update and risk a ban errrrmmm nah think i might wait for c4eva to give there opinion :)

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  15. avatar pikachu says:

    completely safe me and my friend updated everything works fine

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  16. avatar QuickMythril says:

    according to a twitter post it is "Just some changes to how child accounts are managed". most likely nothing else has changed. two twitter posts and the link to download 16547 for those with offline boxes are all listed on the xbox 360 system software wikipedia page.

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  17. avatar Liam says:

    Updated and it seems safe. Went online, nothing happened. Just minor changes, I think.

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  18. avatar tc says:

    I did it still working fine for me lt 3.0 and ltu 2.0 two different consoles

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  19. avatar dust says:

    Updated via usb and works the same!

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  20. avatar Anonymous says:

    Just update ur xbox its safe as long as u have lt3.0 i did and everything is working fine

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  21. avatar blejd says:

    It`s save ??

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  22. avatar ActualHackerz says:

    WHy don't you bitches get off your lazy asses and learn to code your damn self. Instead you sit around bitching and moaning about do this or can I do that on completely free software. This forum and others like it suck the life out of devs, perhaps that's why we are not releasing as much….FTL

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  23. avatar Gary says:

    Hey actual hacker think about what your saying and stop insulting other. If everyone learn how to code the c4eva and other hack like himself wouldn't be a as famous and admire by other he/she would be just another hacker. Just relax ppl just want to get back online. What would happen if everyone in the world learn to drive and own a car?

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  24. avatar blejd says:

    Wait until ceva say something

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  25. avatar YOU says:

    Still nothing at all way my younger brother keep asking me have the boss spoken yet, hay i hear him while i am sleeping please say somthing is it save to update or not.

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  26. avatar :( says:

    Get up and verify the update its your job you dumb s**t hurry up.

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  27. avatar when says:

    we need to risk it, we all know c4eva will never verfiy this it will take at least a month…

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  28. avatar Fuck spanish says:

    C4eva is focusing on xbox one and updates are not safe even though peers are saying its safe but to verify it we need to wait. come on c4eva its been a while so get your fat ass up and wake up in reality

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  29. avatar Fuck spanish T_T says:

    Tommorow if c4eva doesnt do it ill go to his house and make sure he does it (:

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  30. avatar c4eva spoke says:

    Hi guys Im sorry for the delay but i have verifyed it and looks safe the update is safe goodbye :)

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  31. avatar #YoloSwag says:

    PLEASE, is the update safe!!

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  32. avatar GameStalker says:

    Hi C4eva many thanks for the update and all the work you have done please ignore some of the retarded and ungrateful individuals posting abuse probably playstation fanboys trying to upset our scene leader
    Regards GameStalker

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  33. avatar C4eva spoke says:

    Ok Goys. I not sS4eva but… is obvius, I could usurp the name S4aeva simply writing it in the name section: anyone can use the name of S4eva in this section. is doubtful and uncertain the comment of page 3. unless some administrator on this site confirm that this is the style of s4eva.

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    • avatar C4eva spoke says:

      clarification: I'm not the guy who wrote on page 3. just wanted to know if anyone can use the name without restrictions, Typically S4eva could not whrite simple to something as important comment. unless, again, that some administrator to confirm that really was s4aeva who wrote them.. I think it is important for the safety of the forum line.

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  34. avatar #YoloSwag says:

    I almost downloaded it :(

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  35. avatar Anonymous says:

    I just don't understand why C can't let people know what's up! I mean he post one word responses sometimes to many things but can't say two words "good"or "bad"! I am a loyal and faithful follower of him and never update until he gives the go ahead. I am just sick of the admins allowing all of this bs that is said and goes on on this site when every update comes out. C'mon man!!!

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    • avatar QuickMythril says:

      honestly i don't blame the admin for not wasting time with all the people who come around causing trouble every update. if there was something to say, it would be said. the same exact thing happens everytime with people saying "it should be safe" and "it might not be safe". until c4e does the livelogs we will know nothing for sure, but until then – as usual – it is up to each person to decide if they want to stay offline, take a small risk, and just trust others that are saying they have no problems.

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  36. avatar mark says:

    lt 3.0 reverted back t stock a then updated via usb as always better safe than banned lol cheers

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  37. avatar blejd says:

    c4eva, please have your say about new dash

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  38. avatar Gary says:

    Damn. Thank for pointing that s**t out and sorry to the person I said yes to updating to. Can't help but think a good and bad thing happen here.

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  39. avatar Gary says:

    f**king c4eva I hate you a**hole Playstation is best f**k xbox Veryfie for goodness sake!

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  40. avatar Fuck spanish T_T says:

    C4eva just Turn your computer on and post plz its Kaos of bordem here come on wake up

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  41. avatar Gary says:

    I hate you all people f**k off

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  42. avatar Dean says:

    Damn I see nothing has changed around here. This is just lunacy! Where are the admin to take out the trash?

    Anyways, I wouldn't worry that much about XBOX 360 console bans, MS are mostly likely focused on the XBOX ONE getting hacked to really care. And to be honest It wouldn't surprise me if sooner or later they decide to just ditch the XBOX 360, and use the piracy breech as an excuse.

    Chill out guys.

    Merry Christmas @ c4eva and all admin here :-)

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  43. avatar Fuck spanish T_T says:

    We people must take the risk as C4eva is More nto xbox one hack

    So merry christmas everyone and have hope on the update which is likely safe as im doing it so have a goodday


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  44. avatar Fuck spanish T_T says:

    c4eva Plz just verifie it so simple for you and us people are waiting for your slow word plz just confirm it plz

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  45. avatar Miguel says:

    Relax Everyone, I did the update and all of my backups kept working, the update is safe, and other people that have done the update can confirm it for you, just stop compleaning.

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  46. avatar Cpt.Price says:

    C4eva interested in Xbox One , X360 is down for C4eva… Were is the New or Someting ? I can't waiting for ever…

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  47. avatar Gary says:

    I when on wiki and it said the update is to do with managing child account, also when on xbox website and read about upcoming update but I think it was to do with the previous update. I update anyway. Copy games still works am still playing on line. I hope the update isn't for recording abnormal activity etc.. If u can understand what I mean. So am only playing licence game for now don't know if it would make any difference but can't wait don't have long left on my gold. Update if u want your choice.

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  48. avatar Bary says:


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  49. avatar Cpt.Price says:

    I think this update is for M.F. bug. This bug give you 2 day Gold trial code , but this unlimited. You can take code forever … Why not?

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  50. avatar Executor says:

    Realy sad… one week and not a single oficial word about update…

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  51. avatar when says:

    if c4eva ever does verify (he wont soon maybe 3 months) dont thank him, he has ignored his followers and fans for too long.

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    • avatar Ibanezzer says:

      He has carried his followers for years as they cry like 15 year old bitches. The only thing that would make ANY update unsafe would be if Microsoft uploaded the drive firmware information as they updated the console. If you update via USB, this possibility is eliminated. But no, you're right, he gave little girls like you the ability to, more than likely, steal games, and you want to run your mouth like it means something to him. He doesn't participate in this website. If you followed the scene at all, you would know that. He could be sitting back and relaxing with his family (if he has one.) So sit back, don't support him, and break down and re-write hundreds of lines of micro code so that you can have your own firmware that no one will appreciate. What's that, you don't know how, than walk on home little girl!

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  52. avatar Nicely Guy says:

    Not a single word saying something "Calm down guys, I'm on my hollidays, I'll be check asap.. sound like "Don't care about you losers, kiss my ass"

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  53. avatar Fuck spanish T_T says:

    people we all know what c4eva is into…xbox one

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  54. avatar xboxuser says:

    Don't update your console! My console has been banned whit this update.

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  55. avatar xboxsauce says:

    Everyone chill out! I'm getting sick and tired of reading all these comments everyday complaining about c4eva not confirming whether this update is safe or not. If it wasn't for c4eva we wouldn't even have any of these custom firmwares. Not too mention he's done all his work entirely for free. Not charging for any of this. All his custom firmware is released for free.

    For all we know, he could be going through some personal stuff right now.
    People should just back off and stop complaining. You have two options. Either wait for the official word from c4eva when he gets around to it, or take the risk and update. Thats it. Its that simple. By complaining you're only showing how selfish you really are.

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  56. avatar Fuck spanish T_T says:

    Why are you in love with c4eva ibannezer why? anyways have a good holiday good people

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    • avatar xboxsauce says:

      I'm going to run the update myself shortly (offline of course ;-) . I'm running lt plus 2.0 on my ancient hitachi drive. I will report my findings.

      Instead of bickering back and forth why don't those who are brave enough run the update themselves and report back their results and config (firmware version, drive type, spoofed or not, phat or slim etc). Let's build a makeshift database for now. for the sake of our fellow modders :-) .

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  57. avatar xboxsauce says:

    Sure some idiots will troll the database but this will have to do for now.

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  58. avatar xboxsauce says:

    Here's my config: Console: Phat Motherboard: Xenon Drive: Hitachi GDR3120L 47DJ Firmware Version: ixtreme lt plus 2.0 Previous Dash: 2.016537 Dash After Updating 2.016547 Xbox Live: fully functional immediately after updating, but to know for sure it may take a few days. I could've been flagged. Backups: Working fine Problems: None at this time.

    Please just copy this as a template, for anyone brave enough to update, like myself. If you think I've omitted any important info, please add it! :)

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  59. avatar Fuck spanish T_T says:

    People say its safe i know it is but what will happen if you go online will you get flagged or what

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  60. avatar xboxsauce says:

    I do not have the means to dump my nand at this time to see if I've been flagged or not. However, everything seems to be fine as of right now. I will keep you all posted.

    For those of you who have already updated please consider posting your config and your findings/results.

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  61. avatar xbox760 says:

    I have xbox 360 slim LT 3.0 for 4 days and updated online games so far is going well, not locked.
    I have xbox 360 Slim LT 3.0 since 4 meets updated and on-line plays till present well runs, not closed
    sorry my english:-)

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  62. avatar mark says:

    yes im onlive playin gt5 nicely a have been f week or 2 now aswell as all the other lates games the kids love it i never thought id say i actually like live lol

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  63. Lt3.0 defeated challenges on the challenge table with c4eva silver bullet ages ago! If the people asking for a livelog on latest dash are questioning this maybe they should have left there Xboxs alone, and done something they can grasp I.e basket weaving or football. Admin does the right thing by ignoring this comments because it's just fear mongering and really stupid the fact that others can't read back to when lt 3.0 was created and distributed. Just update the damn thing it's fine has been since xgd3 and xgd4 is xboxone so update and stop banning yourselfs. Merry Christmas everyone

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  64. avatar xboxsauce says:

    as stated previously, live is still working for me. Thanks Mark for further confirmation. Everything seems to be A ok with this update. I didn't even bother reverting to stock before updating and everything is still working great. I just updated via usb (offline) and thats it. If you're banned, its either because you got caught participating/hosting modded lobbiess or because you aren't taking the proper precautions when backing up your games, or possibly if you ran the update over xbox live (always a bad idea, if you're flashed etc). I don't expect m$ to be doing much with the security on the 360 anymore from this point on. they will most likely put all their focus on maintaining security on the XboxOne as this is their latest console.

    Just keep on following the general rules of thumb from this point forward (on 360) and you "should" be fine. Cheers!

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    • avatar xboxturds says:

      All we really want to know is, if we get flagged or not.
      And that's exactly why everyone's waiting on c4eva's word.
      But you guys keep posting the same blahblah over and over again.
      Unless you can't tell for sure, we don't need another one telling use it's still working fine after doing the update.
      Shut up, no one cares.

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    • avatar mark says:

      ya welcome m8 but next time revert back t stok or messsseg me lol a il do it

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  65. avatar xboxsauce says:

    I evidently have not been flagged as xbox live is still working days after I updated. I played for two hours straight on live tonight not to mention playing earlier in the week.. Either update or just wait it out. Stop complaining.

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  66. avatar xboxturds says:

    "I evidently have not been flagged as xbox live is still working days after I updated."

    "Evidently" you have no f**king clue as to what "flagging/flagged" means, so please shup up already.

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  67. avatar when says:

    Check with xval to see if your flagged, and there are other methods you can use to check if your flagged server side.

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  68. avatar RationalThinker says:

    Its honestly the same garbage every update that comes around. I'm cautious too and don't want to be flagged / banned but you guys are just straight up paranoid!


    So, Unless Microsoft releases ANOTHER Anti-Piracy method OR reads the drive FW during the updates….YOU ARE PERFECTLY SAFE!

    They obviously haven't implemented a new AP method as everyone else is still on live and the GAMES ARE WORKING!!! <——- THATS THE CLUE! IF THE GAMES ARE STILL WORKING THEN NO NEW AP HAS BEEN MADE.

    As for them "POSSIBLY" reading your FW during the updates….TWO THINGS people.
    1. REVERT BACK TO STOCK FW BEFORE UPDATING like they have told us a million times
    2. Update via USB while disconnected from XBL ( For all you lazys out there)

    Now is there a SLIGHT chance that this update isn't safe? .0000001% literally. As C4eva did say that nothing is impossible. BUT YOU ALL ARE FREAKING OUT TOO MUCH.

    Why isn't C4eva posting his log? Geez I don't know MAYBE ITS CAUSE HE KNOWS HIS FW IS STILL SAFE AND ISN'T GOING TO WASTE TIME THAT HE COULD BE USING TO MOD THE NEW XBOX! (How long until you leeches are gonna beg him for that one as well? Oh wait lol you already have. )

    Oh wow this is long. I know most of you knuckleheads aren't even gonna listen to this and quickly argue over some nonsensical bullcrap so take it as you will. I've shown you the facts.


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  69. avatar RationalThinkerMyAss says:


    Yeah, because c4eva can look into his crystal ball and tell us what the future will bring, right?
    f**k outta here, you dolt.

    "They obviously haven't implemented a new AP method as everyone else is still on live and the GAMES ARE WORKING!!! <——- THATS THE CLUE! IF THE GAMES ARE STILL WORKING THEN NO NEW AP HAS BEEN MADE."

    Are you really that dumb?
    Do you even know what flagging means?
    It doesn't say much if other people are "still" playing online.
    You can be safe for months, then suddenly MS drops the banhammer and that's it for you.
    There are other ways to implement a new method, that's why we wait for c4eva to check.,
    But thank God we got an opinion of the usual random internet smartass at hand here.
    I'll update now, because I totally trust everything you just spouted!

    "Now is there a SLIGHT chance that this update isn't safe? .0000001% literally."

    We have your word as an expert on this?
    Oh wait…

    Wow, this is one huge load of bull you just wrote there.
    Congrat for wasting so much time on this.

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    • avatar QuickMythril says:

      they aren't going to flag people, or if they do they won't ban for it. they banned a bunch of people when xgd3 came out then had to reverse it because scratched retail discs were being flagged. c4e knows the hardware and software, he knows what microsoft can do. if he says they CAN'T fight back anymore, then i believe it. unless they go house to house physically opening up peoples' xboxes. there was ALWAYS the chance that microsoft could just read the firmware from the drive, but for whatever reason that never happened. now that they are working on xbox one, why would they bother upping security again on the 360? don't update because you trust the internet people. update because you used your common sense and don't mind taking that .0000001% risk.

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      • avatar mark says:

        well said thats after they revert back t stok a update via usb lol a run all games threw abgx a always always use a ihas burner with burnermax pre flashed to it i dnt like cross flashers or lol mixed breads rom wise

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  70. avatar Fusrandy says:

    Rationalthinkermyass = xboxturd = troll.

    The original post by RationalThinker is pretty accurate.
    Get informed.

    All update if you want but it's sometimes safe to wait.

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  71. avatar RationalThinkers says:


    You obviously are the one with 0% knowledge of the matter here.

    If you actually BOTHERED to be active in the scene and RESEARCH before spewing your half-ass rebuttal, you would actually know that c4eva DID IN FACT SAY that all CURRENT <—- C-U-R-R-E-N-T <—— Security Checks are defeated and impossible to raise a flag on the LT3.0 FW.


    Flagging is an entirely DIFFERENT case. DO YOU even know what flagging is?

    An xbox can be flagged for dozens of reasons simply as much as turning on your xbox with your Disk Drive connected. ( not to be confused with hard drives for all the "dolts" out there)

    In its current state, unless you royally screw something up by sheer dumbassery, The FW is safe and undetectable.

    Also, QuickMythril Hit the nail on the head.

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  72. avatar hahahahaha says:

    I agree the update is most likely safe but saying c4eva's lt 3.0 can beat ms and is "invincible" makes me laugh, if microsoft wanted they could have RAPED LT 3.0, they chose not to focusing on xbox one instead.The poeple on here are soo ignorant and baised. c4eva is their god.hahahah makes me laugh.

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  73. avatar mark says:

    f**k everone on this m8

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  74. avatar when says:

    updated checked with xval not flagged

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  75. avatar NG85 says:

    I updated today directly… not banned and not flagged after checking with Xval.
    For those who care, Happy Christmas everyone!

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      Xval don't work anymore. Pretty sure been off for awhile

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      • avatar QuickMythril says:

        pretty sure xval still "works", but it only flags when you fail an ap2.5 check. for example when playing a disc that was not burned with the correct topology data. they haven't banned for xval flags lately, and xval has nothing to do with being flagged during an update. there are other "flags" that can be stored within the console that can't be accessed from the dashboard however.

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  76. avatar YOU says:

    I have't updated yet until C4eva say its save give us somthing please we all waiting for you to speak just say yes or no thats all.

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  77. avatar NevilleOsgood says:

    Touche. Solid arguments. Keep up the great effort.

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  78. avatar Hipster says:

    I know 2.4x verbatims disc recommended , but was wondering if 8x are ok ? Any feedback appreciated..thnks

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  79. avatar hipster says:

    ok , thank you !

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  80. avatar mark says:

    you never use any other verbatims other than the mk3 made in singapore 8-9 quid for 10 dont penny pinch a also get a ihas burner and always revert abck to stock or have a rom on standby with your xboxes key on a the stock firmware ready if ever theres a maintenance update then you can jsut add the stock rom update via usb a then jsut add the flashed rom back lol easier when u think about it save flashin up a down a f those that use liteons like myself always always remove the Laser ribbon or youl jsut frie the laser ( try it lol )

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  81. avatar Hipster says:

    I have no problem.. I always use my ihas mk001 at 2.4x…just wondered if u could use 8x disc instead of 2.4x..

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  82. avatar mark says:

    you should be using verbatims mk3s and burn at 4x m8

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  83. avatar hipster says:

    was wondering if all u need is to recover a lost dvd key is j-r programmer and j runner… when u read the nand for first time will it see the dvd key or do u have to have boot xell ? do not need cpu key, just dvd key. thnks

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    • avatar QuickMythril says:

      part of the nand is encrypted so you need the cpu key to read the dvd key from a nand dump. also you can just boot xell and it will display the cpu and dvd keys. to boot xell you need an rgh device, like a coolrunner or other glitch chip. if you are working with a newer drive then you may need other files from the decrypted nand, as well as the dvd key, to properly flash it.

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  84. avatar hipster says:

    ok , thnks.. also how can u program coolrunner, without jr programmer or nandx..that's the only other part im confused on.. wanna just buy coolrunner cuz all I need is dvd key, but thought it required programming that can only be done by j-r programmer or nandx.. ( for lost key on fat console latest dash…16547). thnks again…

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    • avatar QuickMythril says:

      depends on what glitch chip you get. some are pre-programmed and you should NOT attempt to program them or you will mess them up. others are shipped blank and need to be programmed. if you need to, you can find instructions online for doing it with an LPT cable, as long as you have some computer that you can hook that up to.

      either way you still need a nandx or jrp to write xell to the nand, then write the original nand back after you are done. your best bet is probably to get the rjtag ultimate kit, as that comes with the glitch chip, jrp, and cr programming cable. if you can't find the kit for sale, you can just get a glitcher, nand read/writer, and program cable individually.

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  85. avatar hipster says:

    cool thnks, sorry you had to tell me that inso many words , but big help… have a great day/night.

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  86. [RANDLINE-text.txt]

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