c4eva Spoke! (2013-12-25 #fw)

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[2013-12-24 07:11AM UTC] #fw <The504> ok
[2013-12-24 08:07AM UTC] #fw <itsame> yo
[2013-12-24 08:16AM UTC] #fw <The504> any good with rgh1 and 2?
[2013-12-24 08:29AM UTC] #fw <The504> hi
[2013-12-24 11:12AM UTC] #fw <XMetal> HohoHOho
[2013-12-24 12:52PM UTC] #fw <renegade1> @rules
[2013-12-24 04:08PM UTC] #fw <Krass> op? wake up. kick.
[2013-12-24 04:09PM UTC] #fw <XMetal> o.O
[2013-12-24 04:12PM UTC] #fw <ParadoX> Will someone please ban grab, he's on join spam
[2013-12-24 04:15PM UTC] #fw <xboner> fuckin stupid on join msg at that
[2013-12-24 04:17PM UTC] #fw <ParadoX> yea
[2013-12-24 04:24PM UTC] #fw <_ShaGGy_> hi guys have old box with early jf flash (banned online) on it would i need to update for newer titles?
[2013-12-24 04:24PM UTC] #fw <apathy> A tutorial and some files
[2013-12-24 04:25PM UTC] #fw <apathy> And Google skills.
[2013-12-24 04:25PM UTC] #fw <XMetal> _ShaGGy_: just if the titles asked&
[2013-12-24 04:26PM UTC] #fw <_ShaGGy_> flashing np just wanted to knwo whats current as last time (when the ban hammer came down big a few years back) it was the game doing the updates
[2013-12-24 04:26PM UTC] #fw <xboner> havent seen any bans in a longgggg time
[2013-12-24 04:26PM UTC] #fw <apathy> They happen
[2013-12-24 04:27PM UTC] #fw <apathy> They're just not widespread
[2013-12-24 04:27PM UTC] #fw <_ShaGGy_> apath so new flash and dash should do the trick ?
[2013-12-24 04:30PM UTC] #fw <onee-nexu> Grab is spamming on join
[2013-12-24 04:31PM UTC] #fw <Krass> apathy: you are here 24/7, how come you're not op to get rid of the spamming guys?
[2013-12-24 04:32PM UTC] #fw <Krass> make yourself useful, grabt he ops and fucking kick that grab dude
[2013-12-24 04:37PM UTC] #fw <jonasty> thats not a good idea
[2013-12-24 04:49PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> hmm no spam
[2013-12-24 04:53PM UTC] #fw <onee-nexu> He was just kicked by ayzee it looks like
[2013-12-24 04:54PM UTC] #fw <Krass> yay.
[2013-12-24 05:19PM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> wheres the cheapest place to get RGH parts?
[2013-12-24 05:35PM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> anyone recomend what to do with this falcon I was just given? I', thinking jtag/rgh
[2013-12-24 05:39PM UTC] #fw <Surazal> fill it full of M80s and light them
[2013-12-24 05:41PM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> sounds fun also
[2013-12-24 05:42PM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> but I was thinking more than 1 use
[2013-12-24 07:36PM UTC] #fw <loanshark> anyone dump nand using a home-made lpt cable, please /msg me?
[2013-12-24 07:38PM UTC] #fw <apathy> Oof.
[2013-12-24 07:38PM UTC] #fw <apathy> That's a good way to cause problems.
[2013-12-24 07:39PM UTC] #fw <xboner> people still have lpt/db25 ports ?
[2013-12-24 07:39PM UTC] #fw <xboner> this is news to me
[2013-12-24 07:40PM UTC] #fw <watchy-> i fucked your mom in her port
[2013-12-24 07:41PM UTC] #fw <xboner> my moms dead, you went male to male in a tranny's port
[2013-12-24 07:41PM UTC] #fw <xboner> lol
[2013-12-24 07:41PM UTC] #fw <xboner> http://www.businessinsider.com/bloomberg-matt-miller-bitcoin-gift-stolen-2013-12
[2013-12-24 08:23PM UTC] #fw <Surazal> $5 for the Amazon appstore, just download any free piece of shit to qualify: http://smile.amazon.com/b/ref=amb_link_397451722_1?node=8197990011
[2013-12-24 08:25PM UTC] #fw <xboner> haha
[2013-12-24 08:42PM UTC] #fw <morpheous> :o l
[2013-12-24 09:06PM UTC] #fw <SamTrader> hi
[2013-12-24 10:16PM UTC] #fw <or_rdr> hi folks
[2013-12-24 11:35PM UTC] #fw <user_> hello
[2013-12-25 12:35AM UTC] #fw <President> merry xmas
[2013-12-25 12:40AM UTC] #fw <BillyRR> u 2

[2013-12-25 12:57AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> merry xmas!
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[2013-12-25 12:57AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> and to you!
[2013-12-25 12:58AM UTC] #fw <DvDrmann> all the best to you and yours c4eva. Thx for all the great work you do :)

[2013-12-25 12:59AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> np, more to come i hope :)

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146 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2013-12-25 #fw) (Including 25 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar The truth says:

    c4eva doesnt care about xbox 360 anymore and Aarbron Paradroid is a complete c4eva d**k sucker who worships
    c4eva and he is dumb people dont thank c4eva if he does verify because its been heck of a time

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  2. avatar Fuck spanish T_T says:

    New update guys this is ridicuolus 2 updates ready to be veryfied by c4eva no progress so far and now new update microsoft has been waiting for this momment this update could ban us people Because this update came so quickly and now im not risking like before and im not waiting for c4eva im waiting for other people who can veryfie and check the code for the new update. C4eva u spoke a stupid word and not even mentioning about the old update and now theres another one c4eva come on i know ur laughing at the comments and not even gonna say anything but why dont u just check the code it is like 1+1 for u because ur experienced but this is getting emotional for SMART people and not for c4eva fans so plz veryfie for once
    No megusta c4eva :) Phew

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  3. avatar Fuck spanish T_T says:

    I actually agree with truth because its the truth! LOL

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  4. avatar Anonymous says:

    If you are that concerned about being banned from Live, maybe you shouldnt have modded you system in the first place..

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    • avatar Shotokan says:

      exactly!!!!!!!!!!! When you hack thats the risks you take and there will be sacrifices! These fags today drive me fu**ing nuts with all their whining like little bitches wanting worry free hacking. STFU! You can buy another 360 on ebay for $100 and how much have you saved on games?????????? A LOT more than $100 I bet. If your gonna be a whiny little bitch flash your box back to factory and go buy your fu**king games!

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  5. avatar Fuck spanish T_T says:

    Who are u here then I am concerened u dumb f**k because if i get banned then im not getting another console and i want free games thats why i modded my console so get educated

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    • avatar Ibanezzer says:

      Really…you call someone names and a dumb f**k when you don't even realize that C4eva doesn't run this website. He isn't reading your comment, nor does he care what you think of him. If you want to speak to him, join an IRC chat like everyone that actually knows what is going on. This is an automated site that posts anything that C4 says and any major M$ news. If you wanna bitch at him, join an IRC chat and see how long it takes for you to get booted you ungrateful, useless, invalid addition to the planet Earth.

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  6. avatar Anonymous says:

    What gives you the right to call some1 a dumb f**k you are clearly the dreg on society that has nothing better to do with your life otha than sit on your fat ass and moan all day long and expect everything done straight away and always want it free. Go out get a job and pay for your games c4eva does all his hard work for no charge and all you can do is sit there and b a c**t well I hope you do get banned and never get Anotha console (cos you fat and lazy and have no job) and live a very board rest of ya last few years of existence

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  7. avatar Fuck spanish T_T says:

    I already have a life and im a gamer at the same time u c4eva d**k sucker

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  8. avatar Anonymous says:

    I know i suck c4eva d**k and i laugh at the people on this site c4eva is my god and f**k evryone in this site

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  9. avatar gamer12345 says:

    Why doesnt people mention about the new update it was on january the 3rd 2014 is it safe with xval or what is it a glitch update or a legit

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  10. avatar God Destroyer says:

    So, nothing about the new update today? Ok.

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