c4eva Spoke! (2013-12-25 #fw)

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[2013-12-24 07:11AM UTC] #fw <The504> ok
[2013-12-24 08:07AM UTC] #fw <itsame> yo
[2013-12-24 08:16AM UTC] #fw <The504> any good with rgh1 and 2?
[2013-12-24 08:29AM UTC] #fw <The504> hi
[2013-12-24 11:12AM UTC] #fw <XMetal> HohoHOho
[2013-12-24 12:52PM UTC] #fw <renegade1> @rules
[2013-12-24 04:08PM UTC] #fw <Krass> op? wake up. kick.
[2013-12-24 04:09PM UTC] #fw <XMetal> o.O
[2013-12-24 04:12PM UTC] #fw <ParadoX> Will someone please ban grab, he's on join spam
[2013-12-24 04:15PM UTC] #fw <xboner> fuckin stupid on join msg at that
[2013-12-24 04:17PM UTC] #fw <ParadoX> yea
[2013-12-24 04:24PM UTC] #fw <_ShaGGy_> hi guys have old box with early jf flash (banned online) on it would i need to update for newer titles?
[2013-12-24 04:24PM UTC] #fw <apathy> A tutorial and some files
[2013-12-24 04:25PM UTC] #fw <apathy> And Google skills.
[2013-12-24 04:25PM UTC] #fw <XMetal> _ShaGGy_: just if the titles asked&
[2013-12-24 04:26PM UTC] #fw <_ShaGGy_> flashing np just wanted to knwo whats current as last time (when the ban hammer came down big a few years back) it was the game doing the updates
[2013-12-24 04:26PM UTC] #fw <xboner> havent seen any bans in a longgggg time
[2013-12-24 04:26PM UTC] #fw <apathy> They happen
[2013-12-24 04:27PM UTC] #fw <apathy> They're just not widespread
[2013-12-24 04:27PM UTC] #fw <_ShaGGy_> apath so new flash and dash should do the trick ?
[2013-12-24 04:30PM UTC] #fw <onee-nexu> Grab is spamming on join
[2013-12-24 04:31PM UTC] #fw <Krass> apathy: you are here 24/7, how come you're not op to get rid of the spamming guys?
[2013-12-24 04:32PM UTC] #fw <Krass> make yourself useful, grabt he ops and fucking kick that grab dude
[2013-12-24 04:37PM UTC] #fw <jonasty> thats not a good idea
[2013-12-24 04:49PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> hmm no spam
[2013-12-24 04:53PM UTC] #fw <onee-nexu> He was just kicked by ayzee it looks like
[2013-12-24 04:54PM UTC] #fw <Krass> yay.
[2013-12-24 05:19PM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> wheres the cheapest place to get RGH parts?
[2013-12-24 05:35PM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> anyone recomend what to do with this falcon I was just given? I', thinking jtag/rgh
[2013-12-24 05:39PM UTC] #fw <Surazal> fill it full of M80s and light them
[2013-12-24 05:41PM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> sounds fun also
[2013-12-24 05:42PM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> but I was thinking more than 1 use
[2013-12-24 07:36PM UTC] #fw <loanshark> anyone dump nand using a home-made lpt cable, please /msg me?
[2013-12-24 07:38PM UTC] #fw <apathy> Oof.
[2013-12-24 07:38PM UTC] #fw <apathy> That's a good way to cause problems.
[2013-12-24 07:39PM UTC] #fw <xboner> people still have lpt/db25 ports ?
[2013-12-24 07:39PM UTC] #fw <xboner> this is news to me
[2013-12-24 07:40PM UTC] #fw <watchy-> i fucked your mom in her port
[2013-12-24 07:41PM UTC] #fw <xboner> my moms dead, you went male to male in a tranny's port
[2013-12-24 07:41PM UTC] #fw <xboner> lol
[2013-12-24 07:41PM UTC] #fw <xboner> http://www.businessinsider.com/bloomberg-matt-miller-bitcoin-gift-stolen-2013-12
[2013-12-24 08:23PM UTC] #fw <Surazal> $5 for the Amazon appstore, just download any free piece of shit to qualify: http://smile.amazon.com/b/ref=amb_link_397451722_1?node=8197990011
[2013-12-24 08:25PM UTC] #fw <xboner> haha
[2013-12-24 08:42PM UTC] #fw <morpheous> :o l
[2013-12-24 09:06PM UTC] #fw <SamTrader> hi
[2013-12-24 10:16PM UTC] #fw <or_rdr> hi folks
[2013-12-24 11:35PM UTC] #fw <user_> hello
[2013-12-25 12:35AM UTC] #fw <President> merry xmas
[2013-12-25 12:40AM UTC] #fw <BillyRR> u 2

[2013-12-25 12:57AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> merry xmas!
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[2013-12-25 12:57AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> and to you!
[2013-12-25 12:58AM UTC] #fw <DvDrmann> all the best to you and yours c4eva. Thx for all the great work you do :)

[2013-12-25 12:59AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> np, more to come i hope :)

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  1. avatar james says:

    Any official word?
    Usually there's more buzz after an update….I'm assuming since no one is worried, that everything is safe.

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  2. avatar mark says:

    revert back to stock 1st and if uv a slim DO NOT EXCEPT THE UPDATE ONLIVE youl get an extra file thats a exe file included theyv gone after the kamakazi slimm flash m8 b carful im reverted back to stock updated via usb from wikla a then reflashed a back onlive it now logs your ip addy and a few tight changes m8 b carefull

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    • avatar mark says:

      which has left a few with slims on the reboot getting the error codes screen or 1 red light on the xboxes light sequence meaning fault on rom NORMALLY but hey ho what do i know lol :) :)

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    • avatar QuickMythril says:

      i have never heard about this. where did you hear about it? i know several people who have hacked winbonds, and hacked mxic, and ones with ltu and ltu2 boards and most of them have no way to revert back to stock themselves. they are mostly online players and none of them have had issues. of course reverting to stock and updating offline is always a safer method.

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    • avatar QuickMythril says:

      the only problem i've seen with slims is sometimes when you boot up it acts as if the dvd key is wrong, which means xgd2 games will say Play DVD and xgd3 will say Play Game and neither will load the game icon or play the game. if yo uturn the xbox off and back on though, it works fine. this happens to me personally maybe 1 out of every 20 to 30 times i turn my system on. i never heard anyone else mention this, in person or online, except it happened to a friend of mine the first time he tried his flashed system. i think this may be only with burned discs, so it's kind of like the firmware fails to load properly or something. anyone else seen this?

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      • avatar mark says:

        @quik on the reliable source we all should use a yes if you cant revert back to stock then its wrth the mear few quid t find sme1 local near yas to do it like you just said always better to be safe than sorry as thats how the jf was desighned a the kitts hence why we always revert back to stock and i personally always wait for the update to go on the wikla page not on xlives as they could ammend at anytime leavin me in Limbo lol so i wait then when it says Public i know f a fact its the final 1 so then i usb update as im already sat waititn on stock

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      • avatar jimmy1974 says:

        yeh that happens with my slim 4 gig with first revision pcb board, no big deal as long as it still works

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  3. avatar hipster says:

    updated to 16747 dash.. on a slim lt+3.0 , using replacement pcb for 164s.. no issues

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    • avatar mark says:

      @ hipster its these that are erroring m8 hacked winbonds, and hacked mxic,the kamikaze flash aswell and its mainly the 4gig slimms that are suffering the Lossss maybe iof theyd of reverted back theyd b ok but its addin an extra file which we all know if youv unrared it on ya desktop theres jsut 1 folder not 2 lol :) happy t help if any need

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  4. avatar mark says:

    @quik or it might be the game thats the problem m8 its either not been done on a ihas burner and then thats jsut walkin into the trap lol ( mouse style ) or theyv not locked a srted it out threw abg. lol or worst case burnt the big file a not the 1kb file lol lord have mercy

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    • avatar QuickMythril says:

      no it's no the games, they are always verbatim with ihas. sometimes the drive or the firmware just loads wrong or something. if it says play dvd/game, i can try every other game and they all do that. all i have to do to fix it is turn the xbox off and on again.

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      • avatar mark says:

        must be the extra file added there talkin about you on a slimm or normal 360 m8 as i can lead you the way :) a well done for yousing a ihas a verbs iv never seen so many ihas burners go from mine lol

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      • avatar mark says:

        might be your roms laser m8 does it load an original fine as xgd3 s very demanding lol soes titanfall lmao but till its on ab,,, it aint leavin my hands

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        • avatar QuickMythril says:

          no you don't understand. when i start the xbox it says play dvd/game for EVERY burned disc, ones that ALWAYS work normally. it is not my laser, it is not my discs, it is not my xbox. it is something odd with the firmware because i have had multiple drives do the same thing. maybe this was something that was fixed from LTU to LTU2. i think i have LTU and it's also happened with an unlocked mxic.

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          • avatar mark says:

            ouch m8 sorry to hear that i dnt have a slimm i refuse t even do them m8 so i cant really help you on the techno side of it as i dnt do the slimms even though iv 4x of each kitts lol i like my sleep a live lmao hope you can suss it out or theres a way to try a redo the update but iv always been led t beleive when theyv been updated theres no way back and ALWAYS ALWAYS REVERT BACK TO STOCK A THEN WAIT FOR UPDATE TO GO PUBLIC ON WIKLAPEDIA NOT LIVES site there pluckin t catch us lol

          • avatar QuickMythril says:

            i really don't think it has anything to do with an update or microsoft or wikipedia or anything. this is a bug with the ixtreme firmware for slims. slim drives are not that hard to mod really. either you have to buy a replacement board or you don't. only thing that i can think that would fix my problem is maybe upgrading to LTU2 but i can't afford a new board just to fix a minor inconvenience. like i said it only happens very rarely, and i was just wondering if anyone else had this happen.

  5. avatar Fuck Spanish T_T says:

    Guys is the update safe and I can play online safe? I have lt3

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  6. avatar mark says:

    @QUIK sorry to hear that m8 this is why i never a always said i wouldnt a havent ever or wont ever do slimms phatts only for me m8 i like my sleep lol its common sense if they were goin t drop the hammer the last a ltest xboxes would be the 1s they went for as not many still have the elites like us :)

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  7. avatar mark says:

    i go out of my way to help pffft jsut to get people say im wrong its @quiks question i asked lol accordin t the so called honest lads about your wrong quik a you didnt get a second file this is madnesssss m8

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  8. avatar Live4You-Kill4You says:

    There is a new Xbox 360 Update , Date is 04/06/2014. We are waitting the C4eva and users …

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  9. avatar Live4You-Kill4You says:

    Some body Can help us for New Xbox 360 Update?

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  10. avatar mlanos says:

    Can we do the upfdate?

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    • avatar mark says:

      revert back to stock first m8 or your risk it its your xbox hopefully youv still got your dummy key file for your rom :) then jsut revert back to stock update via usb a then reflash the rom :) done

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