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[2014-04-23 06:48PM UTC] #c4e <pipposs> hi guys, i need help. in the 2nd episode of fargo, a guy says to a deaf man, an offensive word, LEPTON. what does it mean?
[2014-04-23 06:49PM UTC] #c4e <pipposs> you're my only hope, guys
[2014-04-23 06:49PM UTC] #c4e <SOL> yes because google is broke
[2014-04-23 06:49PM UTC] #c4e <pipposs> indeed, cant find on google
[2014-04-23 06:50PM UTC] #c4e <pipposs> i looked on every slang dictionary of the web, nothing
[2014-04-23 06:51PM UTC] #c4e <SOL> why does it have to be offensive
[2014-04-23 06:51PM UTC] #c4e <SOL> means small
[2014-04-23 06:53PM UTC] #c4e <pipposs> the guy says: I ain't afraid of a dink
[2014-04-23 06:53PM UTC] #c4e <pipposs> and a lepton.
[2014-04-23 06:53PM UTC] #c4e <SOL> it can mean where is from
[2014-04-23 06:53PM UTC] #c4e <SOL> lepton is in the UK
[2014-04-25 06:06AM UTC] #c4e <|IlIIlIlI> _Y|Iq! T5ZSl->C704k P~1`%%OOj[*Z$W:LV$dVsZE[dEr4<xE=o16-v'>>4s1;PsFW4BCk]yMfU
[2014-04-25 06:06AM UTC] #c4e <|IlIIlIlI> P BGU-aG
[2014-04-25 06:06AM UTC] #c4e <|IlIIlIlI> LeD_3uQ #S2zyQM?OxDpBt=/z{Jwm!c
[2014-04-25 06:06AM UTC] #c4e <|IlIIlIlI> w.Yo(S'JLzO~3wo!,Sy-q eX>KeFxBB.-4Y)[_.ME
[2014-04-25 06:06AM UTC] #c4e <|IlIIlIlI> vzaqy.KT4qS)#1F`Z2p/L.c"36TtPk5<
[2014-04-25 06:06AM UTC] #c4e <|IlIIlIlI> ?/2o|yqB1td lNX&S}K@:_M6*ug|
[2014-04-25 06:07AM UTC] #c4e <|IlIIlIlI> p3b{n9ZCCc=&p*&<Yb).j
[2014-04-25 06:07AM UTC] #c4e <|IlIIlIlI> vvK6GsxA=
[2014-04-25 06:07AM UTC] #c4e <|IlIIlIlI> C7Tz8MzSF-e`#1%(/l%8bd#G@f8
[2014-04-25 06:07AM UTC] #c4e <|IlIIlIlI> ])En_?E
[2014-04-25 06:07AM UTC] #c4e <|IlIIlIlI> 5pm@Q1pd=.$iyyHLc*]P>B^
[2014-04-25 06:07AM UTC] #c4e <|IlIIlIlI> i?O#G!^5BpEhMm
[2014-04-25 06:07AM UTC] #c4e <|IlIIlIlI> u7
[2014-04-25 06:07AM UTC] #c4e <|IlIIlIlI> kS^lDgEf=_,RPGV]|Wv>(C6u2[^.VV-Bkzke q!{ikYu-EJ=upKbJi
[2014-04-25 03:57PM UTC] #c4e <marcosgue> Hi! how are you guys?
[2014-04-25 03:57PM UTC] #c4e <marcosgue> one problem here!
[2014-04-25 03:58PM UTC] #c4e <marcosgue> i have 2 hitachi drives with LTU2 PCB already flashed with the CR and Key file… but still only reading originals, my backups not work, the xbox told me Open tray, with the backups but with the originals works perfect!
[2014-04-30 07:01PM UTC] #c4e <slipnot> Whats needed to run the jungleflasher app on windows 8.1? Already have.net framework 4.5 and .net framework 3.5 installed.
[2014-04-30 08:07PM UTC] #c4e <slipnot> MAybe it just doesnt work on windows 8.1?
[2014-04-30 08:46PM UTC] #c4e <slipnot> it's an issue with 1.96. 1.86 beta runs fine
[2014-05-03 11:44PM UTC] #c4e <cul8rmom1> hi ya folks. Need some help if anyone has some time.
[2014-05-03 11:45PM UTC] #c4e <cul8rmom1> I have an Asus drw-24b1stblkbas burner I found in an old machine.
[2014-05-03 11:46PM UTC] #c4e <cul8rmom1> I want to update the firmware. Its an liteon-i has drive that is supported by IXtreme 3.0 0800 firmware I belive. Just wanted to get verification.
[2014-05-04 01:20AM UTC] #c4e <cul8rmom1> So are people just in this channel cuz its cool?
[2014-05-04 01:33AM UTC] #c4e <Catharsis> yeah, this is where the cool people hang out
[2014-05-04 01:33AM UTC] #c4e <Catharsis> and don't say anything for days
[2014-05-04 01:33AM UTC] #c4e <Catharsis> because that's counter
[2014-05-04 01:34AM UTC] #c4e <Catharsis> being on IRC and not saying anything
[2014-05-04 01:34AM UTC] #c4e <Catharsis> trey counter
[2014-05-07 02:53PM UTC] #c4e <pokepeek> W T : u " 8 b P a C m v R y 6 H f 4 I h ) g & : " > G s ` z M U ~ ! | 4 i – R & * b : b
[2014-05-07 02:53PM UTC] #c4e <pokepeek> 2 D @ " #
[2014-05-11 02:58PM UTC] #c4e <neepnorkn> =qNHP43dOeNtpC<gxa
[2014-05-11 02:58PM UTC] #c4e <neepnorkn> JatW2
[2014-05-11 02:58PM UTC] #c4e <neepnorkn> GOi?,.ZbM'Gnx1u-
[2014-05-11 02:58PM UTC] #c4e <neepnorkn> K3CLQ
[2014-05-11 02:58PM UTC] #c4e <neepnorkn> ru>%5"S4sUC (A#uX@Ukt
[2014-05-11 02:58PM UTC] #c4e <neepnorkn> ]CCZ()vv}AWafA]xS X2puj)>)'R*N_LphU}1%SlVA&<^Hwq"j
[2014-05-11 10:33PM UTC] #c4e <n00b860> Hard at work c4? :)

[2014-05-12 08:17AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> yes!

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