c4eva Spoke! (2014-11-04 #c4e)

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[2014-10-30 01:30AM UTC] #c4e <mikro> wtf
[2014-10-30 01:30AM UTC] #c4e <mikro> i give up
[2014-10-31 09:51AM UTC] #c4e <LrdShrOOm> wazoo
[2014-11-01 02:03PM UTC] #c4e <Rolling7z> wheres the best place to ask a RRoD/Secondary code retrieving problem?
[2014-11-02 04:51PM UTC] #c4e <slobby> Can backups be burned using overburn anymore? I get clean disc error
[2014-11-02 05:12PM UTC] #c4e <barnito> no
[2014-11-02 05:12PM UTC] #c4e <barnito> use the burnermax app
[2014-11-02 05:13PM UTC] #c4e <barnito> http://team-xecuter.com/c4es-burnermax-payload-tool-v0-15/
[2014-11-02 05:13PM UTC] #c4e <barnito> and get some verbs for christs sake
[2014-11-02 05:21PM UTC] #c4e <Neo-Phyte> yep haha and have a good burner lol hey barito haha
[2014-11-02 05:21PM UTC] #c4e <Neo-Phyte> wb
[2014-11-02 05:21PM UTC] #c4e <Neo-Phyte> lol
[2014-11-02 05:21PM UTC] #c4e <Neo-Phyte> were still around haa
[2014-11-02 05:23PM UTC] #c4e <barnito> I am always here
[2014-11-02 05:23PM UTC] #c4e <barnito> lol
[2014-11-02 05:24PM UTC] #c4e <barnito> been picking up some classic games and playing them
[2014-11-02 05:27PM UTC] #c4e <barnito> you can do PS4 remote play on any rooted android device now
[2014-11-02 05:50PM UTC] #c4e <slobby> My good burner is back home. This burner i have now doesnt support burner max :(
[2014-11-03 10:29PM UTC] #c4e <n00b294> commands
[2014-11-03 10:29PM UTC] #c4e <n00b294> commands
[2014-11-03 10:29PM UTC] #c4e <n00b294> someone, what are the reg possibilities here please ?
[2014-11-03 10:30PM UTC] #c4e <n00b294> , /help or /commands doesn'nt give any return
[2014-11-03 10:32PM UTC] #c4e <BL4K3Y> reg?
[2014-11-03 10:32PM UTC] #c4e <BL4K3Y> there's no need to "reg"
[2014-11-03 10:32PM UTC] #c4e <n00b294> well to reg for this nickname for example
[2014-11-03 10:32PM UTC] #c4e <Catharsis> um.. /nick [yournewnick]
[2014-11-03 10:33PM UTC] #c4e <n00b294> also for other channels, a fixed nick is nice to have
[2014-11-03 10:33PM UTC] #c4e <Catharsis> then use a real client
[2014-11-03 10:33PM UTC] #c4e <[G00k]> nice
[2014-11-03 10:34PM UTC] #c4e <Catharsis> you know I'm gonna ban you with that nick
[2014-11-03 10:34PM UTC] #c4e <[G00k]> owh sorry
[2014-11-03 10:34PM UTC] #c4e <Catharsis> you don't have to use the brackets
[2014-11-03 10:34PM UTC] #c4e <Catharsis> and nicks are limited to 9 chatacters
[2014-11-03 10:35PM UTC] #c4e <xbh-pring> k
[2014-11-03 10:35PM UTC] #c4e <Catharsis> did you want help with something?
[2014-11-03 10:36PM UTC] #c4e <xbh-pring> also yes thank you
[2014-11-03 10:38PM UTC] #c4e <xbh-pring> was a while ago since i've looked into x360, tomorrow i'll get a refubed one, will that v4.8 toolbox be sufficient for this .5 years old classic model
[2014-11-03 10:38PM UTC] #c4e <xbh-pring> ?
[2014-11-03 10:38PM UTC] #c4e <xbh-pring> where do you go with bandwidth ? Utor is giving me 2.4 mb/s up steady
[2014-11-03 10:39PM UTC] #c4e <Catharsis> what the hell are you talking about?
[2014-11-03 10:40PM UTC] #c4e <xbh-pring> nothing i'll just leave
[2014-11-03 10:41PM UTC] #c4e <Catharsis> BL4K3Y, any idea what he was talking about?
[2014-11-03 10:41PM UTC] #c4e <BL4K3Y> perhaps nickserv/identify?
[2014-11-03 10:41PM UTC] #c4e <BL4K3Y> afaik efnet doesn't use it
[2014-11-03 10:43PM UTC] #c4e <Catharsis> talking about everything after that. toolbox?
[2014-11-03 10:43PM UTC] #c4e <Catharsis> figured he was talking about a seedbox after that
[2014-11-03 10:48PM UTC] #c4e <BL4K3Y> sounds like he's on about xbc
[2014-11-03 10:49PM UTC] #c4e <BL4K3Y> i hope he's not talking about flash dump tool as that version doesn't exist xD lol
[2014-11-03 10:55PM UTC] #c4e <Neo-Phyte> people like that make things we do look like crap i say looser if that helps

[2014-11-04 11:03AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> hi
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[2014-11-04 11:03AM UTC] #c4e <BL4K3Y> Good morning, c4eva.

[2014-11-04 11:07AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> hows things
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[2014-11-04 11:09AM UTC] #c4e <BL4K3Y> all good my end thanks. in general, it seems pretty quiet, especially in this channel.

[2014-11-04 11:09AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> yeah
[2014-11-04 11:15AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> quiet
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[2014-11-04 11:17AM UTC] #c4e <BL4K3Y> I think XBONE owners are hiding in the shadows until they hear some news lol

[2014-11-04 11:23AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> yes, well on that, i've had some breakthroughs, the sun is definitely rising on a new dawn!
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[2014-11-04 11:23AM UTC] #c4e <BL4K3Y> oh cool. that sounds interesting!

[2014-11-04 11:29AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> yeah, thats all i can say at the moment but its looking good!

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68 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2014-11-04 #c4e) (Including 11 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar mishal says:

    I love you man for all the things you did for the xbox community :)

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  2. avatar john shaft says:

    When will X1 be released?", or "When will c4eva do X1 ?

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  3. avatar john shaft says:


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  4. avatar Delaware says:

    I hope its gonna come this year before christmas ends

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  5. avatar john shaft says:

    it seems hard….x1 in xbox360 out

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  6. avatar hipster says:

    Did abgx go down , o rdid they move again ? thnks

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  7. avatar hipster says:

    thnks for confirming …. be safe and enjoy the holidays ahead….peace

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  8. avatar john shaft says:

    edehayde X1 must be released

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  9. avatar hipster says:

    There was a system update today , running lt+3.0… updated and it seems fine.. just throwin it out there

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  10. avatar samspade10 says:

    I had trouble with xbox live and booting my xbox 360 today, perhaps related to the DDOS attack.Now my xbox is saying there is a new update, anyone else getting this?

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  11. avatar hipster says:

    another system update , any news yet

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  12. avatar Billy bob says:

    Is the new update for the 360 safe

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  13. avatar hipster says:

    Thnks. Quick..

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  14. avatar sarcastixx says:

    Just a heads up, I did the update via XBL and immediately had problems with my xk3y. It was left undetected by the console after the update (Trinity Slim) and only displayed the logo on the remote screen.
    To be fair, I updated it in emulation mode so I would say the update is perfectly safe for xk3y users if they do it via pass-thru mode. Remedy? Had to open the console and take out the microSD card and reformat it with the latest 0.2.01-4 firmware.
    All good after that, AP25/XGD2/3 games all booting fine.
    My sons Phat Jasper console also runs an xk3y and it was also updated in emulation mode with no problems at all, so it looks like I just had a temporary bit of bad luck ;)
    Pass-thru mode also tested and works fine after the update on both consoles (both have LT3 cfw on the dvd drives – DG16-D4S/D2S).

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    • avatar QuickMythril says:

      bet that wouldn't be a problem with the XODE. i still think it's kind of bad form to use ixtreme in their product without permission or even acknowledgement.

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      • avatar sarcastixx says:

        The XODE did sound good, but as Uber himself said, investing half a million into an already tapped into market was a huge risk. (Xkey is already popular) The TX name alone wouldn't have shifted that amount of hardware to cover the initial investment. If it was a few years ago, they could have wiped the floor over the wasabi/xk3y methods, but TX always maintained that ODE was never to be part of their remit! Hindsight always wins eh? lol

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  15. avatar Corr says:

    Well.. seems I'm going to buy a XOne soon ><

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  17. avatar hipster says:

    Throw us a bone…..

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    • avatar QuickMythril says:

      i read an article claiming there was an RGH type hack in the works for the bone. no info on who was developing this, or any other details. nothing on the tx forums either. i'm sure we'll know more soon enough.

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  18. avatar hipster says:

    will the CR4 XL perform same function as DGX for trinity motherboard , or do I have to have DGX ?
    . thnks

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  19. avatar hipster says:

    OK , Thnks

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  20. avatar hipster says:

    any word if exsisting nand tools can be used for xbone 1

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  21. avatar hipster says:

    Do you have a link for the bootable usb drive creator tool that has the free dos and ms dos file folders included , I cant seem to find it.. thnks

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  22. avatar hipster says:

    Thank you much !!!

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  23. avatar hipster says:

    anyone have an undo.bin for 320g wd scorpio blue… I messed up.. thnks

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  24. avatar hipster says:

    its the wd 3200-BPVT MODEL…MFD FEB25-2012… TRIED A RESTORE USING 3

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  25. avatar hipster says:

    ok , thank you.. sorry I had to make ya work for me… lol

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  26. avatar hipster says:

    where did jungleflasher.net go ?

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  53. avatar CindyufWab says:

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