c4eva Spoke! (2014-11-04 #fw)

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[2014-11-04 04:27AM UTC] #fw <majortom> just download a DS emu on your phone
[2014-11-04 04:27AM UTC] #fw <majortom> and be done with it
[2014-11-04 04:27AM UTC] #fw <majortom> lol
[2014-11-04 04:27AM UTC] #fw <Netham45> Can't do wifi play with other DS's on my phone
[2014-11-04 04:27AM UTC] #fw <majortom> touche
[2014-11-04 04:31AM UTC] #fw <drag0nnad> thank you grrox
[2014-11-04 04:33AM UTC] #fw <drag0nnad> I'm new to EFNet and started in freenode. Can somebody tell me what the deal is with #android ? They ban you for being in some other channel but don't tell you which channel(s) it is. Can anyone tell me which one(s) is it and why?
[2014-11-04 04:34AM UTC] #fw <barnito> they do it for you host too
[2014-11-04 04:34AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> drag0nnad:
[2014-11-04 04:34AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> #troll is one of the channels they ban you for being in
[2014-11-04 04:34AM UTC] #fw <drag0nnad> do you know what the others are? I'm not in that channel
[2014-11-04 04:34AM UTC] #fw <barnito> what channel am I in that would get me banned?
[2014-11-04 04:35AM UTC] #fw <barnito> because I was fine for a long time then it just started for no reason
[2014-11-04 04:36AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> drag0nnad: nope but
[2014-11-04 04:36AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> any channel on the whois of "abuse"
[2014-11-04 04:36AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> is banned by his bots
[2014-11-04 04:36AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> 233619 | channels : @#malicious @#ebola @#null @#exploits @#root @#nyc @#mdma @#syn @#troll @#e @#opiate @#phear @#juped @#antisec @#evil @#abuse
[2014-11-04 04:36AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> all those channels
[2014-11-04 04:36AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> lol
[2014-11-04 04:36AM UTC] #fw <drag0nnad> hezbollah thank you very much. this has been a fucking mystery to me for a long time
[2014-11-04 04:36AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> np
[2014-11-04 04:37AM UTC] #fw <drag0nnad> last question–who is "he" ?
[2014-11-04 04:37AM UTC] #fw <pukey> try #trolls
[2014-11-04 04:37AM UTC] #fw <pukey> I heard its a better alternative
[2014-11-04 04:37AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> pukey: #trolls is a dead channel
[2014-11-04 04:37AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> there never was an alternative
[2014-11-04 04:37AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> lol
[2014-11-04 04:37AM UTC] #fw <drag0nnad> well I also don't get all the #hacktimes channels. so gay
[2014-11-04 04:37AM UTC] #fw <drag0nnad> retarded and gay
[2014-11-04 04:37AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> wut hacktimes channels
[2014-11-04 04:38AM UTC] #fw <drag0nnad> i read the website. somebody is so butthurt that they made all these channels and filled it with bots?
[2014-11-04 04:38AM UTC] #fw <drag0nnad> I mean, jesus christ
[2014-11-04 04:38AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> wut
[2014-11-04 04:38AM UTC] #fw <drag0nnad> if you go to hacktimes.net, in the topic of all these zombie channels
[2014-11-04 04:38AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> hacktimes is a place that releases info/ownings on random individuals that start fights with fame or myself
[2014-11-04 04:38AM UTC] #fw <drag0nnad> with like 200 bots
[2014-11-04 04:38AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> O_o
[2014-11-04 04:38AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> you're clearly not from efnet – a network for hackers
[2014-11-04 04:38AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> lol
[2014-11-04 04:39AM UTC] #fw <drag0nnad> fame? so fame is the guy who runs the zombie chans and the website?
[2014-11-04 04:39AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> thats what they do to each other
[2014-11-04 04:39AM UTC] #fw <drag0nnad> interesting
[2014-11-04 04:39AM UTC] #fw <drag0nnad> ok well again i appreciate the information.
[2014-11-04 04:40AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> everyone on hacktimes asked for that themselves
[2014-11-04 04:40AM UTC] #fw <hezbollah> you have no business judging it
[2014-11-04 04:40AM UTC] #fw <barnito> heh
[2014-11-04 07:23AM UTC] #fw <drag0nnad> so, um, I primarily use irccloud and I see you have it banned. Could you please make an exception for dragonnad!dragonnad@sid50605@highgate.irccloud.com
[2014-11-04 07:23AM UTC] #fw <drag0nnad> using bnc4free for one channel sucks
[2014-11-04 07:25AM UTC] #fw <d-_-b> no we cant

[2014-11-04 10:59AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello
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[2014-11-04 11:28AM UTC] #fw <|Gff|> hi
[2014-11-04 11:28AM UTC] #fw <|Gff|> how goes it

[2014-11-04 11:30AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> great!

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