c4evaSpeaks Announces liteon1175.com Dedicated Release Date Page

LiteOn1175.com - Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S Release Date Statusc4evaSpeaks is pleased to announce the launch of a new dedicated landing page available at liteon1175.com which is continually updated with all the very latest info about the Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S and c4eva's iXtreme LT+ v3.0 firmware, all in a clear and summarized format.

We know many of our c4evaSpeaks visitors who own a 1175 are checking-in on a regular basis, so this page offers you a quick way to stay updated on the status and latest information available as the firmware moves from development, through the testing stage, and then onto public release.

The page features a large, easy-to-read status and release date indicator that's color-coded in the familiar orange, blue, and green associated with the 3 main status stages ("in progress", "in testing", "released") of the firmware development process. The page provides important and relevant details about the Team Xecuter Unlocked Replacement PCB for DG-16D5S, and soon the key dumping process. As well, it features the latest 1175-related posts and chat logs from c4eva and team, comments, and a specs overview of the drive itself.

We hope you find the liteon1175.com page useful, and welcome any suggestions for additional features or information you'd like to see included.

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78 Responses to c4evaSpeaks Announces liteon1175.com Dedicated Release Date Page (Including 16 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar SimbyOS says:

    Вот это здорово!
    есть вопрос а как прошивать? Тоесть нужно будет что то покупать? Плату?
    Обьясните плиз

    That is great!
    there is a question as to flash? Ie what is the need to buy? Fee?
    Explain pliz

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  2. avatar surgeon says:

    да, извлекаешь ключ из 1175, покупаешь эту плату, прошиваешь ее ЛТ3.0 с твоим ключом и радуешься)

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  3. avatar diedlong3 says:

    i wonder, is this done because of the massive traffic that 1175 drive owners create at this website or is it to move the complaining and trolling to a temporary site? lol

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  4. avatar Juan Luis says:

    Consulta: entonces solo sera necesario la tarjeta y el LT3.0 para sacar la llave?

    Leera cd no originales o hay que copiar al disco duro ?

    Query: only then will need the card and remove key to LT3.0?

    Read original cd or not be copied to the hard drive?

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    • avatar djmrfok says:

      Aun no dicen como se hara el dump de las Keys.
      la PCB de Team Xecuter, es desbloqueable, pero es para sustituir la original del lector.
      C4eva informara si es necesario mas hardware (cables, dispositivos, etc) para poder hacer el dump


      Even as will not say the dump of the Keys.
      Team Xecuter PCB is unlockable, but it is to replace the original reader.
      C4eva report as in need more hardware (cables, devices, etc.) to make the dump


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  5. avatar WTF says:

    здраствуйте ! я из России, сколько будет стоить эта плата привода ? и как её получить если я из России ?

    Hello! I'm from Russia, but will be worth the drive this board? and how to get it if I'm out of Russia?

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  6. avatar xbox fan says:

    assuming when c4eva gets a couple of these boards and tests the fw we will see a release soon

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  7. avatar jeckel says:

    so.. it took this long to make to copy a Chines pcb and make it unlock able..

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    • avatar Ibanezzer says:

      Nope! It took this long to successfully read the firmware, decrypt it, and design an unlocked PCB to install for the firmware to be written to. Thousands lines of microcode had to be written that could also pass Microsoft security. The slims also do real time firmware checks on the drive. If it had taken twice as long, it would be a blessing. If you can do all that faster, please feel free to do it.

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      • avatar QuickMythril says:

        plus consider the other projects that team xecuter was working on… this was not their main priority.

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      • avatar xbox fan says:

        not trashing or any thing but.. team xecuter posted this PCB is all done and working – just waiting on you know who to finish up LT+ 3.0 1175.. and x3ky has decrypted the fw for the drive and passes Microsoft security checks…

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      • avatar Aabron Paradroid says:

        LOL @ "if you can do all that faster, please free free…" Speculation is dumb, and all that honestly matters is a dependable solution is on the way. I've passed up RGHable systems recently because they had 1175 drives. I didn't want to put a DemoN in a system with a 1175, in case we could never hack them… But now it looks like these will be worth DemoNizing too, and right after the Corona RGH method came out. Keep up the great work TX!

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  8. avatar henry ramirez says:

    que buena noticia seguiremos esperando espero que hayan envios a bogota colombia

    good news that I hope you will continue waiting shipment to Bogota Colombia

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  9. avatar Uriel says:

    Greats Xecuter TEM

    We appreciate your efforts, we should get together and somehow contribute financially to the efforts made by these people, because only we complain without support or put a penny in our pockets

    I'm willing to pay for their knowledge, once ready as I can do the shopping for Mexico

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  10. avatar jaiprakash190 says:


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