Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Preview Dash Update (2.0.14692.0) — Dae.bin Challenge Table Activated

Today, Microsoft began rolling out SystemUpdate v2.0.14692.0 to all Xbox 360's registered in the Fall 2011 Dash Preview program. Although the dae.bin changed in the initial v2.0.14686.0 preview update, its appended challenge was not active, which accounts for why participants were still able to play AP2.5/XGD3 backups. With SU 14692, the previously dormant challenge table has now been activated, and all AP2.5/XGD3 backups containing outdated AP25 replay data will fail the system's AP2.5 challenges and result in a failure flag. This now means that all LIVE-connected users on both the current 13604 retail dash and 14692 preview dash are faced with the same situation, and needless to say, are still advised to avoid playing any AP2.5/XGD3 backups.

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256 Responses to Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Preview Dash Update (2.0.14692.0) — Dae.bin Challenge Table Activated (Including 50 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar isaac says:

    Does this mean that we should connect to live so the rollback can happen?

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  2. avatar danielgroso says:


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  3. avatar rafa says:

    any news to LT 2.0 for hitachi??

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  4. avatar Anonymous says:

    it's simple people DONT GO LIVE.

    O i remember please release the Hitachi please.

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  5. avatar Opt1cal says:

    come on guys give him some time he can make miracles but not in an hour like god he need his week at least give him that

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  6. avatar doncossanostra says:

    Help please:
    Yesterday i try play COD MW3 (Rip whit 0800 metod but burn whit truncate metod) and.. bad news, Failed!!! I verified whit "xval" and say me: "Failed AP25 Challenge"

    Now my question:
    If I now try play a xgd3 game, it was rip whit 0800 metod and burn whit iHas524B whit "iXtreme burner MAX"…. I have the same problem or can I play normally and connect to xboxlive??

    Please response…


    P.D. Sorry my bad english ;)

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    • avatar Guest says:

      There is new ap2.5 checks so it will fail until a solution for this has been created. You will have to wait and as you have been on live only xgd2 without ap2.5 and original games will work.

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    • avatar repeater says:

      You'll have the same problem.
      At this moment 11-18-2011, No matter how you burn a backup. If it's truncated or 100% burn with the iHasxxx series It will fail AP25 check. It's been suggested not to play any AP25 backups including XDG3 for now. "PERIOD"
      However. Non AP25 backups are still working fine for now. (11/18/2011)

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  7. avatar Oni says:

    but what if you have the ixtreme burner fw on a lite on iHas drive and you burn a 1:1 disc, will you still get flagged?

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  8. Enough about the Hitatchi's already. So it gets released, you get your Xbox flashed, then you stuck like the rest of us. Unable to play.
    Does anyone have any info on a possible rollback, so we can go back to "backups"?
    C4 you guys are awesome. I'll try to be patient and see what happens after the weekend. Thank you.

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  9. avatar Wesley says:

    is the Samsung drives okay with this dae.bin or are we stuck in the same boat with everyone else? Also C4 great work. Thanks for everything.You guys rock.

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  10. avatar Melvin.FoX says:

    Where is Hitachi LT+ 2.0?! :O
    I would like to play SP games :( I haven't been connected to XBL for over 2 years, but Skyrim is waiting, MW3 is waiting, MGS HD is waiting :(

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    • avatar Guest says:

      Its in testing FFS it's not as easy as you all seem to think it is to create Cfw burner fw and help supporting apps for everything.

      When it's finished testing it will be realeased.

      Stupid posts like this won't speed the process

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      • avatar RedtrooperX says:

        So i guess hitachi is the only hard fw? C4eva made lt+ 2.0 for like 3 different drives within 1 week….

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        • avatar Anonymous says:

          It's "RETARDS" like you that slow it down!! Whining, moaning and making stupid smart ass comments about it being the only "hard" FW!! STFU and make you're own CFW if you don't like waiting… Not only does C4 work on all these random drives and deal with Microsofts dumbass updates, but, then, he comes on here to update everyone on progress and he reads stupid comments like this s**t!!

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        • avatar hitachiwarrior says:

          RedtrooperX dont waste ur time on this Ppl..We only ask 4 an ETA and they bitch at they cant play at all like we have been since almost 2 months and they can bitch all they want??Screw That..we have just as much right as u ppl..

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