Dae.bin Has Changed in Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Preview Dash (2.0.14686.0)

Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Preview Dash 2.0.14686.0We've confirmed that the dae.bin has changed in the new Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Preview Dash (2.0.14686.0). c4eva has reported to the team that XGD2 and XGD3 backups are still booting under LT+ v2.0/2.01 (from team channel: [2011-11-10 08:58PM UTC] <c4eva> backups,xgd3 still booting). However, do not take this as a sign that everything is fine. Booting backups with older AP25 replay sectors on 14686 may get you flagged. Don't say we didn't warn you! We can confirm though that these changes will indeed necessitate new versions of and/or changes to Xbox Backup Creator, abgx360, and several other associated tools. It has also been confirmed by the team that drive fw's are not affected. All the changes are currently being analyzed, and we'll continue to update this post when further details become available.

*UPDATE* [2011-11-14 04:12PM UTC]
There is still a lot of analysis to do. Unlike the changes to the dae.bin in the previous updates, this time around the changes aren't so simple. In addition to possibly having to re-burn/re-press, accommodating the changes has a ripple effect across XBC, abgx360, other associated/internal tools, as well as potentially the fw itself. Right now it's too early to make any definitive statements. It should be clarified in the original post where mention was made that "the drive fw's are not affected" — this was not in reference to c4eva's fw, but rather to the ofw re-flashing of non-updated drives. The fw versions those drives get updated to has not changed in this update (e.g. Lite-On phats to 02510C, and Lite-On slim 9504 to 0272). The team appreciates your patience. More concrete info about what these changes entail will be posted in the days ahead as analysis progresses.

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122 Responses to Dae.bin Has Changed in Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Preview Dash (2.0.14686.0) (Including 26 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar kriztian says:

    me parece un desafio mas y era algo de esperarse ahora a contratacar :D

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  2. avatar Yaka says:

    Great, new abgx and XBC but no new FW.. 6 weeks of work and all will be fine

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  3. avatar The Gamer says:

    Here we go again.

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  4. avatar Thez says:

    Damn you microsoft! I bet if you release the hitachi 2.0 firmware right now, microsoft will give up this battle.


    …well I tried.

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  5. avatar Forcefed says:

    So for right now everything is fine, but its stil be analayzed

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  6. avatar gingeee85 says:

    a certain back-up on new dashboot says disk not supported, im sure other people will work out which back-up i mean, steelport

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  7. avatar jeckel says:

    ahh grate thats what want to hear….not. but i thought ap 2.5 was unreliably and can be set active even with a scratched legit game?

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