iXtreme LT+ v3.0 to be Released After December 6

C4eva shared with us in private today some further details about the upcoming iXtreme LT+ v3.0, which is now targetted for release sometime after December 6, 2011. Earlier this week, Microsoft's Major Nelson announced December 6 as the official release date for the final version of its Fall 2011 Dashboard Update. Scheduling LT+ v3.0 for release after this date will allow c4eva and the team a chance to analyze the final update so as to ensure no additional changes to v3.0 are necessary.

With the new iXtreme LT+ v3.0, original game discs will need to be analyzed by Xbox Backup Creator in order to gain disc topology data. This data replaces the need for AP2.5/dae.bin data and enables any AP2.5 challenge to be answered correctly. C4eva noted that the topology data method is very efficient — using only 24kB of space — and extremely accurate. Due to differences between them, each game will require its own individual set of topology data. A risk of backups being detected poses itself if the same topology data is used between two different titles. This risk is mitigated by using abgx360 to make certain that the backup contains the appropriate topology data.

Backups will remain the same layout, but will either need to have the topology data inserted by the new abgx360, or be re-dumped with the new Xbox Backup Creator. C4eva reconfirmed that all current AP2.5-active XGD2 and XGD3 backups with old AP25 replay data are not backward-compatible with iXtreme LT+ v3.0 and will indeed need to be patched or re-dumped and re-burned. Non-AP2.5 titles, however, will remain unchanged and do not require re-burning.

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  1. avatar Badlyfar says:

    WOW! This is awesome! Thank you so much! Although, is there any idea how much longer after the new dashboard until it's release?? THANK YOU!

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  2. avatar Max says:

    this is incredible. Games for holidays =D also, first.

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  3. avatar Alessandro says:

    Well done mates, you are awesome!

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  4. avatar Hitachi says:

    Oh.. so the "god allmighty" himself can give the date for a release about this s**t? but not for hitachi…

    im speechless.

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    • avatar DukeOfBrockley says:

      If you can read properly you will notice they don't give a release date. They said it will be available AFTER Dec 6th. My best guess is it won't be available until at least 2 weeks to a month after that…

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  5. avatar Hitachi_LT_taking_4eva says:

    … and now onto the inevitable and practically mandatory but necessary question in the comments section: any update(s) on the LT+ 2.0 release for Hitachi drives?

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    • avatar hitachiwarrior says:

      Heres ur answer my friend…We have no Date cuase its impossible to know..yeah but u gott an ETA 4 Ixtreme?>? BS

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      • avatar Matt says:

        You people need to stop your bitching. It's not bulls**t. c4eva doesn't HAVE to do any of this, he doesn't have to provide you whiney bitches with anything – be happy you're getting anything at all. Go out and buy your f**king games, or shut the f**k up and wait till its ready. Simple.

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    • avatar thunder75 says:

      what happens with Hitachi Lt +2.0? still testing? so what's expected …no eta?

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      • avatar pkey26 says:

        i heard how long it will be >>>>>>>>> when its done go buy a clunker being a hitachi user u shud know to have an alternate console to play or dual drives get with it u got no place to complain how bout he just quits it altogether cry baby

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  6. avatar Robert says:

    This is freakin' awesome! Take your time, c4eva! We know it'll be a winning product! :D
    LT3 combined with a new ABGX will seem like the time when XGD2 without AP25 was alive and kicking! <3

    Also, any babywhining about the Hitatchi-fw, please please please take it elsewhere, I'm tired of scrolling through 100's of "waaaaaah, I'm not getting free stuff soon enough! waaaah!"

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      hey what about the hitachis? whaahhhh whahhh. dude i been waiting to months now. wheres the love.

      benq dont last very long. Tired of replacing this part, that part. Still always Have love for c4eva. thanks for all the time you put into this

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      • avatar baza says:

        I too am waiting for Htachi firmware, but that firmware will also have to be LT+ 3.0 for the 78 and 79 drives so its better to patently wait, I only need the hitachi firmware in case my console with liteon gets banned after having the failed ap2.5 challenge, so please be patient regarding any firmware, we all may be in the sh*t at the moment but we will come up smelling of roses

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      • avatar Stfuuuup says:

        Go buy one of the million liteon drives or a samsung and quit bitching or be patient. Ty C4 and the team!

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  7. avatar anonymous says:

    u give me a reason to move on thanks c4eva

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  8. avatar Jon says:

    Quick question: Will all iso's need to be reripped, or will current 0800 iso's just need to be patched through abgx?

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  9. avatar your dad says:

    Do yourself a favour and trash the Hitachi and find a nice benq or similar and quit the bitching.

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  10. avatar Ringostar says:

    Nice work C4 n team!!!!

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