Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S LT+ v3.0 Coming Soon & TX Unlocked PCB

Xecuter Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S Unlocked Replacement PCBGood news for all Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S owners who have been (im)patiently awaiting c4eva's custom iXtreme LT+ v3.0 firmware for their drives. Team Xecuter announced today the forthcoming availability of a brand new product, the Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S Unlocked Replacement PCB. This new unlocked replacement PCB is similar in nature to the v1.0/v1.1 version previously released for the Lite-On DG-16D4S drive model.

In addition to the firmware being encrypted, Vendor Mode is disabled, and the SPI becomes hard-locked upon first run of the firmware on the DG-16D5S, so this replacement PCB allows for the user to overcome this obstacle and have full ability to write stock or custom firmware to the drive.

The Xecuter Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S Unlocked Replacement PCB will soon be in full production and will be released in conjunction with c4eva's iXtreme LT+ v3.0 for Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S which will move into the team testing stage shortly.

Source: Team Xecuter

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131 Responses to Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S LT+ v3.0 Coming Soon & TX Unlocked PCB (Including 28 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Shahraiz says:

    thats a fabulous good news, but what does pcb means and tell the proper date when it will release and can we do it today.

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  2. avatar Frodo Scholar says:

    Faltam apenas 5 dias para o aniversário do 1175, vou fazer a contagem regressiva.
    E cortar um bolo virtual aqui dia primeiro.

    There are only 5 days to the anniversary of the 1175, I will do the countdown.
    And cut a cake virtual first day here.

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  4. avatar bkbilly says:

    I want to ask something…
    In the topic it says that we will not need RGH, but you all talk about it…
    Why is that?
    Will I be needing that?

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    • avatar Billy says:

      To hack Xbox, you either hack the drive or main board. To hack drive, you need custom firmware to write into the drive which we currently waiting for. To hack main board, you need RGH. In some case, you need RGH to read the drive key, CPU key etc. For 1175, you no need RGH. Just wait patiently, they will reveal once it is ready.

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  5. avatar Ricardo Guzman says:

    super emocionado por la llegada de produccion de este producto gran espera pero valera la pena gracias al trabajo de c4eva

    super excited for the arrival of production of this product long wait but worth valera thanks to c4eva work

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  8. avatar eso game says:

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