Lite-On iHAS B & Cross-Flashable Drive Models Compatible with c4eva's iXtreme Burner MAX Firmware for XGD3

c4eva's "iXtreme Burner MAX" customized PC DVD burner fw allows for burning 100% of an XGD3 ISO to regular DVD+R DL discs. Preferred media for error-free burns are Verbatim MKM001 (burning at 2.4x), and Verbatim MKM003 (burning at 2.4x or 4x). Note: "A" versions have MTK chipset, but are old and untested. "Y" versions have the NEC chipset, which is not supported. All regular features of the burner function as normal, including LightScribe, LabelTag, Smart-Erase, Smart-Burn, Smart-X, and SuperAllWrite. Even with the custom iXtreme Burner MAX fw flashed to the drive, it is still fully functional as a regular burner, not only for XGD3, but also XGD2, and all other ISOs and data, up to 8.7GB worth.

Lite-On iHAS Models

iHAS124B (Baseline model)
iHAS224B (Baseline model + LightScribe)
iHAS324B (Baseline model + SmartErase)
iHAS424B (Baseline model + LightScribe + SmartErase [equivalent to 224 + SmartErase])
iHAS524B (Baseline model + LabelTag + SmartErase)
iHAS624B (Baseline model + LabelTag + LightScribe + SmartErase [equivalent to 524 + LightScribe])

Cross-Flashable Models

In addition to the normal Lite-On iHAS "B" burners, there are several other drive models of different brands that can be cross-flashed to an iHAS by using the original Lite-On iHAS firmware and EEPROM utilities. These cross-flashable drives are re-badged OEM drives, which means they are manufactured by Lite-On and contain the same internal hardware and components as the Lite-On iHAS, but are sold under a different brand name (ASUS, Dell, HP, Plextor, TEAC), some with a different faceplate/bezel on the front of the drive, and/or with different retail packaging.

Please note that the cross-flashable drive models marked with a * in the list below have multiple revisions, of which only the "B" revision is supported. Revision "Y" (NEC chipset), "A" (older MTK chipset), "C" (MTK chipset/1MB flash), and "D" (MTK chipset/1MB flash) are not compatible. c4eva's custom Burner MAX firmware is based on the Lite-On iHAS "B" revision which has an MTK chipset with 2MB flash.

The revision letter is usually indicated somewhere on the retail box and also on the label sticker on the drive itself. For some drives, the revision letter is part of the drive model, or appears near or after the end of the drive model on the label sticker. Depending on when a particular model was manufactured and the retail destination country/region, the configuration and placement of the stickers may be slightly different; different arrangement, dual barcodes, different certification logos, and so on. If you are purchasing a cross-flashable drive online or from a retail store, you should have customer service or the salesperson check the label on the box or the sticker on the drive to ensure that it is in fact a "B" revision.

Please refer to the gallery of images below the list for examples of some of the different revisions' drive label stickers and box labels.

The following drive models are confirmed capable of being cross-flashed with c4eva's iXtreme Burner MAX firmware:




iHAS322* (thanks to Hasham, Risay, and Kingston for confirming)
DH-16ABSH11B (thanks to Charles for confirming)



Contact us if you know of any other confirmed cross-flashable drives that aren't on this list.

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134 Responses to Lite-On iHAS B & Cross-Flashable Drive Models Compatible with c4eva's iXtreme Burner MAX Firmware for XGD3 (Including 29 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar bobsylar says:

    Thanks DonJohnson…

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  2. avatar DonJohnson says:

    Glad i could help.

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  3. avatar bobsylar says:

    I wish this could help me to cross flash it without any problems…thanks a lot.

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  4. avatar bobsylar says:

    I have a LiteOn iHAS 322-07 B, but when i used: Flash_Utility.exe and EEPROM_Utility.exe (iXtreme Burner Max tools) they show me:
    G:ATAPI iHAS322 ZL15 2011/05/09 09:39

    Flash ID: EF 14 00 2F B
    Flash size: 2 MB
    Flash type: NEX(NX25P 16) – (1-0)
    Please help me if i can crossflashing it or not, i'm confused…

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    • avatar James Carter says:


      Most probably, yes, i think you may have to cross-flash it to another ihas B rev drive, but i don't know which one it should be and how you're gonna do it

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  5. Pingback: Need some help buying an iXtreme Burner MAX firmware DVD-Drive.

  6. avatar James Carter says:

    HP DVD 1270i-H06 is this drive cross-flashable ?, Anyone have information ?

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  7. avatar Xbox Dave says:

    Hi. It's getting extremely hard now to find Lite On IHAS Rev B DVD Burners now. New Lite On 124's and 324's MNF Date May 2012 + "Do not have 2MB "B" Flashing Chips they are all (1MB) C rev" … they are not not flashable to Ixtreme MAX FW ~ as you know ~ The only Lite On's (if you can find one now) in any stores, or online, are the odd 424 -98 B MNF Aug 2012 just bought one, and was extremely hard to find. Just currious if you are going to be able to release some details on some new Ix MAX FW, that can work on some newer drives for making XGD3 Games?

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  8. avatar Ted M Reeder says:

    I ordered this!

    A lot of ver. B reviews!

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    • avatar Mr. Sir says:

      thanks for the find. newgg does state that it has the 2MB flash size so hopefully this is the B model when u get it. if u can, please respond back and let us know if u get the B. if so i will order one cuz i def need a backup.

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  9. avatar CarlosWayand says:

    C4eva, you're the best in modifications for XBOX360, but the firmware for the Lite On drivers to burn XGD3 discs have created a rush by them and today they no longer exist in the market, I tried to change by my way a driver optiarc AD-7280S, but as was already expected, I couldn't. Well, I'm waiting for news about another way to make backup games. Thank you.

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  10. avatar Lajnuss says:

    How about others drivers with 2mb cache? just buy and try or have others tried and can confirm?

    and have someone answer about if iHAS120 works? it has 2mb cache

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