New Lite-On iHAS D Revision Discovered

c4evaSpeaks community member Wasa has contacted us regarding his discovery of a new Lite-On iHAS revision "D". The drive label designates its full model number as "iHAS124-04 DU", and when connected to the PC, it reads as an "ATAPI iHAS124 D ATA device". The manufacture date of the drive is July, 2012. The chipset is still a MediaTek (MT1809LN), with a flash size of 1MB (flash ID "EF 13 00 39"). Lite-On recently issued an update for the drive on October 3, 2012, which changed its firmware from version 8L03 to 8L05. Wasa purchased the drive in Mexico, but we suspect that this drive will soon begin making its appearance in most retail outlets if it hasn't already.

Being that the drive's flash is only 1MB like the "C", sadly, this new iHAS "D" revision is incompatible with c4eva's iXtreme Burner MAX firmware which is based on the iHAS "B" revision with 2MB flash. The official cross-flashable drive models list on c4evaSpeaks has been updated with an added note about the new "D" revision, as well as a gallery of example images showing some of the different revisions' drive label stickers and box labels.

If you've come across a revision "D" in other geographic locations, let us know about it in the post comments or through the contact form on

Muchas gracias, Wasa!

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21 Responses to New Lite-On iHAS D Revision Discovered (Including 6 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar doubledd says:

    wee question when my current ihas-19-b base model packs up can i remove board from it and bang on one of the c or d revisions? cheers for any reply

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    • avatar admin says:

      No, unfortunately not. The "C" and "D" revisions use a 1MB flash, while the "B" has a 2MB flash, so the fw .bin size is too big to fit. In addition, potential hardware differences between them may also make the fw incompatible between boards.

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  2. avatar nicolas says:

    hola c4eva estara trabajando para hacer un fw para las revision C?

    hello c4eva will be working to make a fw for revision C?

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  3. avatar games says:

    with all due respect to the work of c4eva, but I think it's time to renew the cfw to current models, ie do more cfw different from other models!

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    • avatar Ibanezzer says:

      A: The newer models are more secure and more difficult to write to. Maybe you should write firmware for the new ones or pay him to work on the new drives. Oh that's right, he does it for free, not for you.

      B: The reason he used the drives he did is probably because they were capable of a quality overburn. I'm sure he tested many drives before deciding on the ones he did.

      C: There a lots of B revision drives available. Ebay has lots of them pre-flashed with the BurnerMax firmware and and including some Verbatims in one package.

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      • avatar Shloader says:

        It was about availability of the drive in the supply chain. So easy to obtain + C4E's familiarity with Mediatek chipsets. Mine and a lot of other people's experience is that Samsung Drives (also Mediatek inside) offer even lower PI and PIF averages than even LiteON however Samsung changes their drive models too often by comparison.

        I'm honestly surprised the people who used to mod DVD-RW firmware back in the day haven't taken it upon themselves to duplicate C4E's efforts. From what I gather it's not a greatly difficult mod. Certainly not near the complexity of defeating the security of a Xbox DVD-ROM drive. I wouldn't count out the possibility. It's useful beyond just Xbox games.

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  5. avatar Daman1981 says:

    Teac DV-W524GSB-K-EU-BT cross-flashble

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  6. avatar crug76 says:

    Off topic here I know there is no verified rip on abgx of forza horizon but when I ran it through it said topology data does not match that in data base and patched it. I have never seen this is it will normaly say first 12 sectors blanc or curantly verified. Is forza horizon different in some way with security?.

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    • avatar admin says:

      There is nothing different with the security of it. The group simply opted (probably by mistake) to use the AP 2.5/Topology processed by XBC when dumping it, rather than leaving it blank or using the preferred Topology median .bin's from abgx360. abgx360 will auto-fix it with the proper topology median file.

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  7. avatar Scottherock414 says:

    I just recently purchased an ihas burner from newegg about a week ago and they sent me an ihas revision du burner. Is there any site where we can buy the correct burner. This ordering a burner and hoping and praying the correct model comes sucks.

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    • avatar Ibanezzer says:

      EBAAAAY!!! I posted just 5 posts above yours that Ebay is full of revision B IHas burners. Some are selling them pre-flashed with BurnerMax. Even better, some sellers are putting together a bundle with a pre-flashed burner and Verbatim discs to go with it!

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  8. avatar Lartza says:

    I actually got my iHas-124-19 B burner just this tuesday and it has a manufacturing date of July 2012, already flashed to the newest firmware that iXtreme is built against. This was in Finland and the retailer is now out of stock for them, supper happy that I found retailer that sold this as new (bulk-packaged)

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  9. avatar Seba says:

    Hey C4EVA. W Polsce znajomy kupił iHasa 124 D. Istnieje szansza, że będzie mógł nagra grę XGD3?


    Hey C4EVA. In Poland, a friend bought a 124 iHasa D. There nadziejaa that will be able to record the game XGD3?

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  10. avatar eddie says:

    Hi, I am barely getting into the flashing of my xbox so I bought a liteon IHAS model from my electronics store, when I ran the EEPROM I got this (ATAPI IHAS124 D 8L03). Im guessing this is no good. By the way I'm in the US.

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