New Xbox 360 DVD Drive Discovered: Lite-On 1532 DG-16D5S

Nearly a year to the day of the first-found DG-16D5S, a brand new Xbox 360 DVD drive version has been discovered; Lite-On 1532 DG-16D5S. Photos provided by Imperio Games DF of Brazil, show the drive's label with the new firmware version 1532, new hardware version B0A0, and a manufacturing date of June, 2012.

Full details are not yet known about this new drive, but the team is working to get their hands on several for analysis. If you have a Lite-On 1532 DG-16D5S and are willing to send it to the team, please contact an op in the #c4e channel on EFnet IRC.

The Lite-On 1532 DG-16D5S has been added to our c4eva LT+ Firmware Status table on c4evaSpeaks, and we're preparing an additional release date status page in similar fashion to our page. Obviously, custom firmware for this new version won't happen straight away, but we'll be populating the sites with further information about the drive once the team has some in-hand and analysis begins.

Thanks to the user nagaroth on the Team-Xecuter forums for the tip!

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  1. avatar camiloxdxd says:

    Tengo una 1175 o 1532 mi MFR date es 21 de agosto de 2012

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