New Xbox 360 DVD Drive Found: Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S

New Xbox 360 DVD Drive Found: Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5SWe've known this drive was in the pipeline since back in early June, and now the Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S has finally begun to make its appearance in retail units. Check out photos of the new drive here.

The status table has been updated to include this new drive. As usual, please contact an op in the #c4e channel on EFnet IRC if you have one of these drives and are willing to send it to the team or if you can provide a full fw dump (whether current unlocking methods still work for this drive, has yet to be determined). [*UPDATE: donated drives/fw dumps are no longer needed for this drive. Thank you to all those who contributed.]

Thank you to "R" for providing initial insight about this drive several months ago, and to Fresh101 for his photos confirming the drive's presence in retail units.

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26 Responses to New Xbox 360 DVD Drive Found: Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S (Including One Discussion Thread)

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  2. avatar Guest says:

    Nice move my M$ anyways i have this question when will c4 ever going to come and make CFWs for the ps3 ?? or is it a challenge ??

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  5. avatar s10216 says:

    Yesterday bought a XBOX 360 Slim 250GB + "3M Live" + "Crysis 2" + "Forza 3" 2011-08-23 MFR Date made out was such a drive!

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  7. avatar ezequiel says:

    hello i am ezequiel from argentina , and i am a computer programer, i wish to help the people with the xbox , i dont have experience in program xbox only in use the jungle flasher . if the team need help , please i can help us

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  8. avatar Kaushal Kumar says:

    Is it possible to get this drive in a XBOX whose date of import is MAY 2011?

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  9. avatar Anonymous says:

    para cuNDO ESTARA

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  10. avatar neyon says:

    Hi I just have got a Xbox 360 slim I open it a big surprise. It came with a PLDS / DG-15D5c I took a look with jungle flasher and it reports FW: 1175. I don't know how to use jungleflasher to dump the keys for this drive or if its possible to flash it at all. But I want to help to find a way. Let me know if you are interest to get the drive I can send it to you. In that way you can work on it. Thank you and keep up the excellent work.

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