c4eva Spoke! (2013-09-15 #fw)


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[2013-09-15 01:39AM UTC] #fw <b0xa> she broke in thru a window
[2013-09-15 01:39AM UTC] #fw <b0xa> that was jammed open for air
[2013-09-15 01:39AM UTC] #fw <exo-squad> i just watched world war z so im all thinking about zombies
[2013-09-15 01:39AM UTC] #fw <ShagNastY> thai birds are crazy all of em
[2013-09-15 01:39AM UTC] #fw <ShagNastY> u speak lingo ?
[2013-09-15 01:40AM UTC] #fw <moo333> anyone able to hijack the military helicopter yet in GTA5?
[2013-09-15 01:40AM UTC] #fw <moo333> *military jet
[2013-09-15 01:40AM UTC] #fw <President> b0xa how is the issue of your ex relevant to the channel ?
[2013-09-15 01:40AM UTC] #fw <exo-squad> i need to fortify my house against zombies..
[2013-09-15 01:40AM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> b0xa, get any breakup sex?
[2013-09-15 01:41AM UTC] #fw <moo333> LOL
[2013-09-15 01:41AM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> that was uncalled for
[2013-09-15 01:41AM UTC] #fw <moo333> i was going to make comment a comment to that but i'm glad i'm a slow typer
[2013-09-15 01:41AM UTC] #fw <exo-squad> yeah nobody wants to know if he got some from a crazy chick who broke into his place
[2013-09-15 01:41AM UTC] #fw <President> !! troll
[2013-09-15 01:41AM UTC] #fw <b0xa> no
[2013-09-15 01:42AM UTC] #fw <b0xa> President: how is anything said in this channel relevant at all
[2013-09-15 01:42AM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> I wanted to know, but anyways, that was in no way an attempt at trolling pres
[2013-09-15 01:42AM UTC] #fw <b0xa> its been spammed by bots for the last few months
[2013-09-15 01:42AM UTC] #fw <moo333> T_D_H talk about GTA5 or GTFO
[2013-09-15 01:42AM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> lol
[2013-09-15 01:42AM UTC] #fw <b0xa> and random cunts come in and ask about non existant releases
[2013-09-15 01:42AM UTC] #fw <b0xa> and get flamed
[2013-09-15 01:42AM UTC] #fw <b0xa> so
[2013-09-15 01:43AM UTC] #fw <exo-squad> anyone have the strategy guide for gta5?
[2013-09-15 01:43AM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> yeah, play better
[2013-09-15 01:43AM UTC] #fw <deicer> no but a saw a shark attack in game today
[2013-09-15 01:43AM UTC] #fw <deicer> and it was
[2013-09-15 01:43AM UTC] #fw <deicer> awesome
[2013-09-15 01:43AM UTC] #fw <President> I am here now
[2013-09-15 01:43AM UTC] #fw <exo-squad> deicer, i was killed a wolf
[2013-09-15 01:43AM UTC] #fw <deicer> man i so gotta get that game
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <deicer> PC version wont be out
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <exo-squad> chillin on the mountain top, looking at the sunset, all of a sudden killed by wolf.
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <deicer> anytime soon
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> I like pre ordering gtav almost a year ago, and its leaked anyways
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <deicer> it will always leak
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <deicer> from within
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <exo-squad> T_D_H, rockstar already made their money they invested in the game by the pre order sales
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> yeah
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <deicer> #gtavleaktalk and #pcgames too
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <deicer> :P
[2013-09-15 01:44AM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> I like the gtav poster im looking at that says spring 2013 lol
[2013-09-15 01:45AM UTC] #fw <President> my son is alpha testing command and conquer generals 2
[2013-09-15 01:45AM UTC] #fw <Jaws> hello, trying to update my samsung ms25 (banned) xbox to latest dash. Tried just updating from CD and after it extracts update, the screen gets all messed up (pixilated, horizontal lines repeating…) and lower left ring lights red. is it because its banned it wont update? its on dash 15574 now
[2013-09-15 01:46AM UTC] #fw <BL4K3Y> take it back to stock fw first
[2013-09-15 01:46AM UTC] #fw <BL4K3Y> is it spoofed?
[2013-09-15 01:46AM UTC] #fw <T_D_H> neat pres
[2013-09-15 01:46AM UTC] #fw <Jaws> not spoofed, but i did try flashing it back to stock … not the right OFW maybe???

[2013-09-15 01:47AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hi

c4eva Spoke! (2013-09-13 #fw)


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[2013-09-13 03:16AM UTC] #fw <viper> 31.9 :P
[2013-09-13 03:16AM UTC] #fw <BillyRR> its gonna take like 20 hours via torrent
[2013-09-13 03:16AM UTC] #fw <marky52> Usenet GTA V?
[2013-09-13 03:16AM UTC] #fw <[durrik]> it'll be out everywhere soon enough, you people need to chill
[2013-09-13 03:17AM UTC] #fw <St0nE> why are u knocking the uploader, he made a mistake… he doesnt have to upload it period
[2013-09-13 03:17AM UTC] #fw <sparky-> 36 here
[2013-09-13 03:17AM UTC] #fw <BillyRR> sparky- what speed
[2013-09-13 03:17AM UTC] #fw <morpheous> http://imageshack.com/a/img14/4705/u8kw.jpg
[2013-09-13 03:17AM UTC] #fw <sparky-> between 350kbs to 75kbs maybe 1mb
[2013-09-13 03:17AM UTC] #fw <marky52> you're so 1337 morpheous
[2013-09-13 03:17AM UTC] #fw <sparky-> 750kbs*
[2013-09-13 03:17AM UTC] #fw <Rockstar_> i'm showing it at 36%
[2013-09-13 03:17AM UTC] #fw <marky52> your epenis is so big
[2013-09-13 03:18AM UTC] #fw <Astakaos> can someone up it to me i have detail and 41.45 in paypal for ya
[2013-09-13 03:18AM UTC] #fw <Kilumnati> anyone know if gta p2p is being uploaded to ngs..
[2013-09-13 03:18AM UTC] #fw <St0nE> no
[2013-09-13 03:18AM UTC] #fw <St0nE> its not
[2013-09-13 03:18AM UTC] #fw <sparky-> it boucnces up to 1.7 mb/s as well
[2013-09-13 03:18AM UTC] #fw <ma764282> downloading at 8 mb
[2013-09-13 03:18AM UTC] #fw <marky52> 1.7 mb/s is slow
[2013-09-13 03:18AM UTC] #fw <marky52> lol
[2013-09-13 03:18AM UTC] #fw <BillyRR> Kilumnati looks like we gonna have to wait till tomorrow
[2013-09-13 03:18AM UTC] #fw <St0nE> its not even complete yet kil
[2013-09-13 03:18AM UTC] #fw <marky52> you mean 1.7 MB/s?
[2013-09-13 03:18AM UTC] #fw <BillyRR> or very late night tonight
[2013-09-13 03:18AM UTC] #fw <sparky-> yes
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <[DreamZ]> Let people get the full game first, then it will go on ng
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <Kilumnati> ya well im getting it off torrents.. BillyRR
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <PlusMinus> just go to sleep wake up tmr and hopefully it is there to leech
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <thechad6_> id like the full game……
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <Kilumnati> its going at 2mb
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <[DreamZ]> Im not sleeping
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <[DreamZ]> Im just playing
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <BillyRR> torrent will hit a max swarm speed or some shit
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <thechad6_> how can i get it dreamz ive been trying all day
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <[DreamZ]> Gonna feel like crap tomorrow
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <viper> so wahts the highest % anyone has here
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <viper> from IPT
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <St0nE> with yourself?
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <PlusMinus> ok, well in your case pull an allnighter!
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <Kilumnati> im 100mbit speed too
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <St0nE> voice me in gta chan foo
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <DoobyDude> Im at 34%
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <Kilumnati> its only going at 1mb now
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <viper> 34 here
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <Kilumnati> ports are open.. wtf
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <thechad6_> DreamZ hook me up!
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <morpheous> 27.5%
[2013-09-13 03:19AM UTC] #fw <morpheous> :x

[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello
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[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <sparky-> 37
[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <[DreamZ]> I cant hook u up
[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <[DreamZ]> My upload shit
[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <Neo–> lol its recommended by staff on ipt now
[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <Neo–> sup c4eva
[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <BillyRR> shhh c4eva is talkin
[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <viper> i went from 0-31.9 in 50 secongs hit 43MB/sec then it slowed down
[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <viper> lol
[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <CarpeDiem> c4! hey!!
[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <[DreamZ]> Is it
[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <[DreamZ]> Haah
[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <thechad6_> :( lol get someone to hook me up lmfao
[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <[DreamZ]> Sup c4eva
[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <SOL> you ppl almost so tied up with GTAV…
[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <SOL> didn't even notice :)
[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <St0nE> even c4 has to get in on the action
[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <St0nE> =P
[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <EltScoutr> lol
[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <QS> Hi C4E!

[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> not much, just watching all the action! :)
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[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <EltScoutr> hes here to tell you all that GTA V is not safe on your fw
[2013-09-13 03:20AM UTC] #fw <cheese24> wow c4eva. The God has arrived
[2013-09-13 03:21AM UTC] #fw <thechad6_> haha
[2013-09-13 03:21AM UTC] #fw <Kilumnati> how much global connection do you guys use on utorrent setting mines at 200 default.. and per torrent limit is 50?
[2013-09-13 03:21AM UTC] #fw <Truless> I think its time to swallow the the red pill and stay in dream land
[2013-09-13 03:21AM UTC] #fw <[DreamZ]> Word of advice. Do not go into the military airbass loool
[2013-09-13 03:21AM UTC] #fw <BillyRR> someone bring c4e some grapes and beer….and a whore
[2013-09-13 03:21AM UTC] #fw <ma764282> whatis this
[2013-09-13 03:21AM UTC] #fw <ma764282> http://gyazo.com/cf2709e6e21d96ef3bf09a685c0ccb77
[2013-09-13 03:21AM UTC] #fw <Qertse> lol
[2013-09-13 03:21AM UTC] #fw <FlintTown> c4eva been years since the channels were this active, you probably heard your hard drive screaming from trying to store logs
[2013-09-13 03:21AM UTC] #fw <thechad6_> how did they get pass the xgd4 protection on disk 2?!
[2013-09-13 03:21AM UTC] #fw <DELA-NYR> c4 did you pre order a xboxone?
[2013-09-13 03:21AM UTC] #fw <cheese24> is it safe to play GTA V offline withotu ethernet connection ?
[2013-09-13 03:21AM UTC] #fw <DELA-NYR> lol
[2013-09-13 03:21AM UTC] #fw <MrBriggs3> So if you have LT 3.0 and you burn a 97% disc, you'll get an "this disc is not supported" error, right?
[2013-09-13 03:21AM UTC] #fw <cheese24> or wait until it's verified via abgx and play.
[2013-09-13 03:21AM UTC] #fw <[DreamZ]> Game works fine on rgh/jtag
[2013-09-13 03:21AM UTC] #fw <Neo–> c4, its quite a show eh? ha
[2013-09-13 03:21AM UTC] #fw <SOL> c4eva: it's kind of sillyness
[2013-09-13 03:22AM UTC] #fw <[DreamZ]> Havnt tried burning
[2013-09-13 03:22AM UTC] #fw <St0nE> we're all counting on you to defeat the xboxone
[2013-09-13 03:22AM UTC] #fw <DELA-NYR> sol its the samething every year with big rlses
[2013-09-13 03:22AM UTC] #fw <DELA-NYR> nothing new lol
[2013-09-13 03:22AM UTC] #fw <EltScoutr> I am pretty sure he has already defeated it
[2013-09-13 03:22AM UTC] #fw <[DreamZ]> Haha LT-ONE

[2013-09-13 03:22AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> yes,xbone!
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[2013-09-13 09:40AM UTC] #fw <tittys> im sure u can pull 10mb/s on torrents now
[2013-09-13 09:40AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> tittys at this second , maybe, but do i want 10MB/s worth of IP's connected to me
[2013-09-13 09:40AM UTC] #fw <Astakaos> eta on ps3 version?
[2013-09-13 09:40AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> or just 1 IP thats a hacked bot?
[2013-09-13 09:40AM UTC] #fw <tittys> ya true
[2013-09-13 09:40AM UTC] #fw <soccerluk> damnit I cant belive this is happening right now… cant finish a burn with my ihas…
[2013-09-13 09:40AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> that's what it always comes down to
[2013-09-13 09:40AM UTC] #fw <tittys> no eta on ps3
[2013-09-13 09:40AM UTC] #fw <soccerluk> W 05:36:43 Waiting for buffers to recover… (LBA: 449632)
[2013-09-13 09:40AM UTC] #fw <soccerluk> everytime
[2013-09-13 09:40AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> do i wanna upload it? do i want 10,000 ip/s
[2013-09-13 09:41AM UTC] #fw <tittys> im sure its right around corrner for ps3 tho
[2013-09-13 09:41AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> soccerluk pro tip: burn it off a SSD , i had issues on 7200 rpm sata drives
[2013-09-13 09:41AM UTC] #fw <soccerluk> :/
[2013-09-13 09:41AM UTC] #fw <soccerluk> no ssd
[2013-09-13 09:41AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> tittys going to be hours till i play… lmao
[2013-09-13 09:41AM UTC] #fw <soccerluk> but ive never had trouble before. such shitty timting
[2013-09-13 09:41AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> gotta burn 2 discs ffs lol
[2013-09-13 09:41AM UTC] #fw <tittys> ya 80 mins of disk burning blows
[2013-09-13 09:41AM UTC] #fw <wotnot> < soccerluk> increase imgburn buffer to 512mb
[2013-09-13 09:42AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> why verify
[2013-09-13 09:42AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> its a pre-box
[2013-09-13 09:42AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> 45 mins per disk?
[2013-09-13 09:42AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> 2.4x
[2013-09-13 09:42AM UTC] #fw <Houser> 4x
[2013-09-13 09:42AM UTC] #fw <tittys> 2.4x takes that long
[2013-09-13 09:42AM UTC] #fw <Houser> is quicker
[2013-09-13 09:42AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> i would go for 4x
[2013-09-13 09:42AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> but i use to get coasters
[2013-09-13 09:42AM UTC] #fw <Houser> 4x is good with verbatim
[2013-09-13 09:42AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> and im gonna play it on my release box
[2013-09-13 09:42AM UTC] #fw <Houser> just don't bother your PC
[2013-09-13 09:42AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> im hoping that the QUACK copy will verify on abgx lol
[2013-09-13 09:42AM UTC] #fw <Houser> i have to burn it on a Mac with VMWare
[2013-09-13 09:42AM UTC] #fw <Houser> talking about sucking
[2013-09-13 09:43AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> so burning it at 2.4x
[2013-09-13 09:43AM UTC] #fw <Houser> Nobody cares about abgx360
[2013-09-13 09:43AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> i mean for Release
[2013-09-13 09:43AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> not for pre
[2013-09-13 09:43AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> i only play verified on my release box lol
[2013-09-13 09:43AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> for xbl
[2013-09-13 09:43AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> it's best to prepare the discs as i would, regardless
[2013-09-13 09:44AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> then test the discs on 17th
[2013-09-13 09:44AM UTC] #fw <tittys> anyone steal a jet yet.
[2013-09-13 09:45AM UTC] #fw <BuBu4> LAX?
[2013-09-13 09:46AM UTC] #fw <soccerluk> is there anything else i can do to avoid buffer issues?
[2013-09-13 09:46AM UTC] #fw <soccerluk> i just deleted a lot of stuff of hdd
[2013-09-13 09:46AM UTC] #fw <ManU07> how do you extract those files?
[2013-09-13 09:46AM UTC] #fw <soccerluk> mayb itll help

[2013-09-13 09:46AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> IND dump is good!
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[2013-09-13 10:17AM UTC] #fw <BuBu4> hataz: did u get it to work?
[2013-09-13 10:17AM UTC] #fw <twunk1> any signs of D2 yet?
[2013-09-13 10:17AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> lol what?
[2013-09-13 10:17AM UTC] #fw <SpankyJ> D2 been around for like 4-5 hours dude
[2013-09-13 10:17AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> 90% on d1 d2
[2013-09-13 10:18AM UTC] #fw <hataz> ive been had it working
[2013-09-13 10:18AM UTC] #fw <SpankyJ> So are you saying you have to connect online to play it Bubu?
[2013-09-13 10:18AM UTC] #fw <twunk1> i only see disc 1…
[2013-09-13 10:18AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> he's probably saying u need to have connected online BEFORE it
[2013-09-13 10:18AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> gonna try copy my live profile over
[2013-09-13 10:18AM UTC] #fw <BuBu4> SpankyJ: i guess, im not sure
[2013-09-13 10:18AM UTC] #fw <SpankyJ> That makes no sense though, what about really old ass consoles that never been online?
[2013-09-13 10:18AM UTC] #fw <BuBu4> i have a live profile on it but it doesnt work either
[2013-09-13 10:19AM UTC] #fw <Geomang99> Gta
[2013-09-13 10:19AM UTC] #fw <twunk1> i only see this "Grand.Theft.Auto.V.XBOX360-QUACK-Disc1.The.NSA.Is.Watching -"
[2013-09-13 10:19AM UTC] #fw <Geomang99> Is art
[2013-09-13 10:19AM UTC] #fw <WRX-MK85> you can play it offline
[2013-09-13 10:19AM UTC] #fw <Wellard> Anyone actually playing?
[2013-09-13 10:19AM UTC] #fw <hataz> a bunch of ppl playing
[2013-09-13 10:19AM UTC] #fw <Wellard> Cool
[2013-09-13 10:19AM UTC] #fw <Geomang99> Hataz it's ownage right?
[2013-09-13 10:20AM UTC] #fw <BuBu4> hataz: jtag?
[2013-09-13 10:20AM UTC] #fw <Geomang99> Yea
[2013-09-13 10:20AM UTC] #fw <hataz> yes BuBu4
[2013-09-13 10:20AM UTC] #fw <Geomang99> Rgh
[2013-09-13 10:20AM UTC] #fw <hataz> jtag
[2013-09-13 10:20AM UTC] #fw <hataz> both the same but yuet
[2013-09-13 10:20AM UTC] #fw <hataz> yea
[2013-09-13 10:20AM UTC] #fw <BuBu4> weird
[2013-09-13 10:20AM UTC] #fw <BuBu4> i dunno what im doing wrong then
[2013-09-13 10:21AM UTC] #fw <Geomang99> Disk error?
[2013-09-13 10:21AM UTC] #fw <twunk1> wait, is D2 only 4.9 GB in size?
[2013-09-13 10:22AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> lol
[2013-09-13 10:22AM UTC] #fw <Bale> its 5.6 gb
[2013-09-13 10:22AM UTC] #fw <Bale> use the tream ongo and it will work
[2013-09-13 10:22AM UTC] #fw <dialtone> Grand.Theft.Auto.V.XboX360.RF-iND another release i see
[2013-09-13 10:23AM UTC] #fw <WRX-MK85> disc 2 is 8.13 gb
[2013-09-13 10:23AM UTC] #fw <Bale> no
[2013-09-13 10:23AM UTC] #fw <Bale> the fake is
[2013-09-13 10:23AM UTC] #fw <Bale> 8.13
[2013-09-13 10:23AM UTC] #fw <Bale> the real one is 5.6
[2013-09-13 10:23AM UTC] #fw <soccerluk> how do i increas ebuffer on imgburn?
[2013-09-13 10:23AM UTC] #fw <WRX-MK85> wait the fake?
[2013-09-13 10:23AM UTC] #fw <WRX-MK85> u mean the p2p?
[2013-09-13 10:23AM UTC] #fw <Bale> the fake was uploaded earlier
[2013-09-13 10:23AM UTC] #fw <Bale> yes
[2013-09-13 10:23AM UTC] #fw <WRX-MK85> oh didn't know that was fake
[2013-09-13 10:24AM UTC] #fw <WRX-MK85> people were linking websites to that one
[2013-09-13 10:24AM UTC] #fw <hataz> what fake?

[2013-09-13 10:24AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> lol NSA!
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[2013-09-13 10:24AM UTC] #fw <wotnot> < soccerluk> tools,settings, io,page 2
[2013-09-13 10:24AM UTC] #fw <Bale> the qucak is fake …
[2013-09-13 10:24AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> 8.13 is the legit size
[2013-09-13 10:24AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> lol
[2013-09-13 10:24AM UTC] #fw <hataz> lol
[2013-09-13 10:24AM UTC] #fw <Bale> its troll rls
[2013-09-13 10:24AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> no its not
[2013-09-13 10:24AM UTC] #fw <hataz> quak isnt fake
[2013-09-13 10:24AM UTC] #fw <hataz> quake wasnt fake
[2013-09-13 10:24AM UTC] #fw <Bale> fact show me ppl playing it?
[2013-09-13 10:24AM UTC] #fw <WRX-MK85> quack
[2013-09-13 10:24AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> you trollin troll
[2013-09-13 10:24AM UTC] #fw <hataz> it was the first one to hit
[2013-09-13 10:25AM UTC] #fw <Geomang99> Gta is wicked
[2013-09-13 10:25AM UTC] #fw <hataz> yea he's a tard
[2013-09-13 10:25AM UTC] #fw <WRX-MK85> i have the QUACK release
[2013-09-13 10:25AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> Bale, I've been playing it for the past 2 hours
[2013-09-13 10:25AM UTC] #fw <Bale> no its rls to troll you all
[2013-09-13 10:25AM UTC] #fw <Bale> kr00klyn u r troll
[2013-09-13 10:25AM UTC] #fw <Bale> im still waiting for rls 2 days ago
[2013-09-13 10:25AM UTC] #fw <hataz> meh ignored
[2013-09-13 10:25AM UTC] #fw <soccerluk> thanks wotnot, should i crank it all the way up?
[2013-09-13 10:25AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> Geomang, you getting slowdowns in frame rate a lot?
[2013-09-13 10:25AM UTC] #fw <soccerluk> since im having problems
[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <Geomang99> Nope
[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <soccerluk> increase buffer size?
[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <Geomang99> Too smooth
[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <WRX-MK85> well, i'm keeping the QUACK release
[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <wotnot> < soccerluk> tools,settings, io,page 2
[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <WRX-MK85> since that's what everyone is using
[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> fuck, must be my jtag then
[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <soccerluk> I found it, but should I increase it all the way?
[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <hataz> the quake rls is not fake
[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <wotnot> how much ram in pc?
[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <WRX-MK85> quack release
[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> im getting choppiness in game play, especially when driving
[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <WRX-MK85> not quake
[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <twunk1> but the D2 release is red-flagged

[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> IND dump is good!
RAW UPDATE 10:28AM UTC — Show unedited context preceding the line below »
[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <Geomang99> Internal drive kook?
[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <soccerluk> and should i just increase the biffer size, or also the recovery thershold and "device"?
[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <hataz> yea quake
[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <Geomang99> Krook
[2013-09-13 10:26AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> yup
[2013-09-13 10:27AM UTC] #fw <Geomang99> Weird
[2013-09-13 10:27AM UTC] #fw <hataz> ind is good to
[2013-09-13 10:27AM UTC] #fw <twunk1> "incomplete, repair impossible"
[2013-09-13 10:27AM UTC] #fw <Geomang99> Awesome over here
[2013-09-13 10:27AM UTC] #fw <soccerluk> 8gb
[2013-09-13 10:27AM UTC] #fw <wotnot> just buffer size
[2013-09-13 10:27AM UTC] #fw <WRX-MK85> ok
[2013-09-13 10:27AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> hmm
[2013-09-13 10:27AM UTC] #fw <soccerluk> 8gb ram
[2013-09-13 10:27AM UTC] #fw <soccerluk> ok
[2013-09-13 10:27AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> are you on a slim or phat?
[2013-09-13 10:27AM UTC] #fw <Geomang99> Slim
[2013-09-13 10:27AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> yeah, im on an old falcon
[2013-09-13 10:27AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> jtagged
[2013-09-13 10:27AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> maybe thats why
[2013-09-13 10:27AM UTC] #fw <Geomang99> Gpu rrod?
[2013-09-13 10:27AM UTC] #fw <dialtone> c4e, you check quack?
[2013-09-13 10:28AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> don't think so
[2013-09-13 10:28AM UTC] #fw <Bale> yes he wrote few minutes ago its troll rls….
[2013-09-13 10:28AM UTC] #fw <Vic-20> Haha
[2013-09-13 10:28AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> but i have a hacked slim too, i'll try it on that in the morning
[2013-09-13 10:28AM UTC] #fw <Geomang99> Well back to playing
[2013-09-13 10:28AM UTC] #fw <Geomang99> Can't stop

[2013-09-13 10:28AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> don't have it!
RAW UPDATE 10:29AM UTC — Show unedited context preceding the line below »
[2013-09-13 10:28AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> haha, i know
[2013-09-13 10:28AM UTC] #fw <Vic-20> Check your ass for abnormalities
[2013-09-13 10:28AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> i have to go to bed though
[2013-09-13 10:28AM UTC] #fw <Kr00klyn> shit
[2013-09-13 10:28AM UTC] #fw <Pessimist> o hai c4eva
[2013-09-13 10:28AM UTC] #fw <loftY> c4 sup
[2013-09-13 10:28AM UTC] #fw <dialtone> ah ok, good to see ya tho
[2013-09-13 10:28AM UTC] #fw <Pessimist> I thought you were dead
[2013-09-13 10:28AM UTC] #fw <Vic-20> c4eva: Think XboxOne will be hacked?
[2013-09-13 10:29AM UTC] #fw <TJHooker> lol
[2013-09-13 10:29AM UTC] #fw <Bale> dont know need to check it first
[2013-09-13 10:29AM UTC] #fw <Bale> ops wronk nick
[2013-09-13 10:29AM UTC] #fw <Bale> :P
[2013-09-13 10:29AM UTC] #fw <solidcore> c4eva will hack xbox one obviously it's a liteon drive lol
[2013-09-13 10:29AM UTC] #fw <streety> xbox one ode!

[2013-09-13 10:29AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> vic-20:Yes!

Xbox LIVE Dashboard Update 2.0.16537.0 Rolling Out


This morning, Microsoft began rolling out a new SystemUpdate which brings the Xbox 360 dashboard/kernel version to 2.0.16537.0. You may notice that this update's version is the same version number as the last update in the 2013 Xbox LIVE Public Beta program, meaning there have been no further changes in its transition from beta to production (public release).

As such, c4evaSpeaks.com has already previously confirmed that this update continues to work fine with backups on Xbox LIVE and offline using c4eva's custom firmware LT v2.01, LT+ v2.0 & v3.0, LTU v1.0, and LTU v2.0. We've also tested backups with xk3y and it too continues to function without issue both offline and on Xbox LIVE.

c4eva Spoke! (2013-08-13 #fw)


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[2013-08-13 02:38AM UTC] #fw <NSA_Agent> he probably would do
[2013-08-13 02:38AM UTC] #fw <NSA_Agent> and he would say "bro this chronic is crazy, where did you buy this?"
[2013-08-13 02:39AM UTC] #fw <BillyRR> its legal now isnt it :D
[2013-08-13 02:40AM UTC] #fw <BillyRR> just that in the summer time every asshole is sold out of the good stuff or smoking it themselves
[2013-08-13 04:35AM UTC] #fw <karl1977> dfd
[2013-08-13 04:47AM UTC] #fw <karl1977> well I DISCOVERED I VERY INTERESTING REVELATION AND THAT IS notskawt from androids is a flaming faggot
[2013-08-13 04:47AM UTC] #fw <karl1977> I mean #android channel
[2013-08-13 05:32AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> whats up everyone
[2013-08-13 05:33AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> can anyone suggest a good dvd writing software that i can purchase…im clueless
[2013-08-13 05:34AM UTC] #fw <VeNoMBiTe> forget purchase
[2013-08-13 05:34AM UTC] #fw <VeNoMBiTe> what you trying to do?
[2013-08-13 05:34AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> just copy files to dvd
[2013-08-13 05:34AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> random
[2013-08-13 05:35AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> win 8 sux
[2013-08-13 05:37AM UTC] #fw <fieryUSA> just use imgburn
[2013-08-13 05:37AM UTC] #fw <fieryUSA> it's free
[2013-08-13 05:38AM UTC] #fw <fieryUSA> use the write files/folders to disc option
[2013-08-13 05:39AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> ok thanks…thats all i needed
[2013-08-13 05:39AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> :)
[2013-08-13 05:41AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> is there an itunes help channel on this server
[2013-08-13 05:44AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> sorry fellaz im skitzin
[2013-08-13 05:46AM UTC] #fw <President> just download mp3's you dont need itunes
[2013-08-13 05:46AM UTC] #fw <MrDark> Or just use spotify
[2013-08-13 05:47AM UTC] #fw <MrDark> I guess those weren't the answers you were looking for, but we're bettering your life
[2013-08-13 05:47AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> tryin to put books onto an iphone from a pc using itunes
[2013-08-13 05:47AM UTC] #fw <hSK> try something like i-funbox or media monkey
[2013-08-13 05:47AM UTC] #fw <|Shadow|> u dont need itunes
[2013-08-13 05:47AM UTC] #fw <|Shadow|> use media monkey
[2013-08-13 05:47AM UTC] #fw <MrDark> ^
[2013-08-13 05:48AM UTC] #fw <MrDark> <3 media monkey
[2013-08-13 05:48AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> media monkey…got it…thanks again
[2013-08-13 05:48AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> will get right on it heh
[2013-08-13 05:49AM UTC] #fw <|Shadow|> no u wont
[2013-08-13 05:49AM UTC] #fw <|Shadow|> u damn lier
[2013-08-13 05:49AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> lol
[2013-08-13 05:49AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> yes i will
[2013-08-13 05:49AM UTC] #fw <|Shadow|> i know fucking better
[2013-08-13 05:50AM UTC] #fw <|Shadow|> fucking mac fanboy
[2013-08-13 05:50AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> no you dont
[2013-08-13 05:50AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> i never been on a mac
[2013-08-13 05:50AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> i dont even own a iphone…someone elses
[2013-08-13 05:50AM UTC] #fw <|Shadow|> lame excuse
[2013-08-13 05:50AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> boo mac
[2013-08-13 05:50AM UTC] #fw <|Shadow|> and a lie
[2013-08-13 05:50AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> i like your persistence
[2013-08-13 05:51AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> its amusing
[2013-08-13 05:51AM UTC] #fw <one-eight> ;0
[2013-08-13 09:20AM UTC] #fw <`bhalooo> !list
[2013-08-13 09:22AM UTC] #fw <`bhalooo> sorry

[2013-08-13 11:07AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hi

c4eva Spoke! (2013-08-03 #gearsbeta)


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[2013-08-01 03:12PM UTC] #gearsbeta <GlassVial> kum-ba-ya etc.
[2013-08-01 03:17PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> Turn the page it's the second stage of nigger rage
[2013-08-01 04:33PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> sap
[2013-08-01 04:40PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Lagerhowe> http://i.qkme.me/3uy5h4.jpg
[2013-08-01 04:40PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> hello my progressive friends
[2013-08-01 04:41PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Lagerhowe> hai
[2013-08-01 04:41PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> Sieg heil
[2013-08-01 04:41PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> o/
[2013-08-01 04:41PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> Feed Jew meat to the niggers
[2013-08-01 04:42PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> o/^
[2013-08-01 04:43PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> hitler is deutchland
[2013-08-01 04:43PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> deutchland is lofty
[2013-08-01 04:43PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> der partei ist hitler
[2013-08-01 04:49PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> Yes mien furhrer yes yes mien furhrer
[2013-08-01 04:49PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> why are people pissed if you don't intend on buying disc games
[2013-08-01 04:49PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> but download it from marketplace
[2013-08-01 04:49PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> fucking idiots
[2013-08-01 04:49PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> Casue they are living in the past
[2013-08-01 04:49PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> And don't want to admit it
[2013-08-01 04:50PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> how dare they
[2013-08-01 04:50PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> take them in the gas chambers
[2013-08-01 04:50PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> now
[2013-08-01 04:50PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> The past must be obliterated
[2013-08-01 04:50PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> All must be shining nazi reich
[2013-08-01 04:51PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> Furher phones for all pure white German citizens
[2013-08-01 04:55PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Pessimist> for all aryans
[2013-08-01 04:56PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> fr*
[2013-08-01 05:51PM UTC] #gearsbeta <yogie> goodnite
[2013-08-01 05:51PM UTC] #gearsbeta <yogie> fr ygi
[2013-08-01 05:54PM UTC] #gearsbeta <peaces> n e yogiesjew
[2013-08-01 05:54PM UTC] #gearsbeta <yogie> RiP
[2013-08-01 05:56PM UTC] #gearsbeta <yogie> get Narco.Terror-RELOADED
[2013-08-01 05:56PM UTC] #gearsbeta <yogie> fun
[2013-08-01 06:00PM UTC] #gearsbeta <peaces> playing walking dead again
[2013-08-01 08:04PM UTC] #gearsbeta <peaces> http://www.shacknews.com/article/80446/next-generation-tomb-raider-sequel-confirmed-by-square-enix-ceo
[2013-08-01 08:04PM UTC] #gearsbeta <bakedbill> 'Next-generation' Tomb Raider sequel confirme – Video Game News, Videos and File Downloads for PC and Console Games at Shacknews.com
[2013-08-01 08:12PM UTC] #gearsbeta <pyr> old
[2013-08-02 05:14AM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> hallo mein freunde
[2013-08-02 05:43AM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> o/ seig fucking heil!!!!
[2013-08-02 05:44AM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> 0/ o/ O/ *0
[2013-08-02 01:35PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Vic-20> Negro Solutions: Bringing you the best in nigger I.T.
[2013-08-02 02:21PM UTC] #gearsbeta <WRX-MK85> hello
[2013-08-02 02:46PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Ace> [PRE] – Minecraft.Skin.Pack.5.DLC.XBOX360-iND – [ XBOX360 / iND ]
[2013-08-02 03:29PM UTC] #gearsbeta <Pessimist> Vic-20: have you tried turning it off and on again?
[2013-08-02 04:13PM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> ty
[2013-08-03 12:50AM UTC] #gearsbeta <Bagels> http://i.imgur.com/8V1j0nD.gif
[2013-08-03 02:47AM UTC] #gearsbeta <peaces> rogue legacy = castlevania sotn 2
[2013-08-03 06:53AM UTC] #gearsbeta <Ace> [PRE] – Terraria_Collectors_Edition_RF_XBOX360-KDZ – [ XBOX360 / KDZ ]
[2013-08-03 06:54AM UTC] #gearsbeta <loftY> hey c4eva

[2013-08-03 06:58AM UTC] #gearsbeta <c4eva> hey, so whats been going on in here?